Students’ Unions Activities in UK Universities

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Ola Elwassify

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24 May, 2017

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University Life

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Students’ Union is a community of students run by them, yet, supervised by the university it undergoes. Across the UK, being a member of a Students’ Union is something to be proud of. Almost all the universities across the UK are supervising Students’ Unions to let the students’ voices be heard through different activities.

One of the major unions in the country is the University of Essex Students’ Union, which is offering advice, support, social activities, and personal development and employments opportunities to its members. Noteworthy to mention offering entertainment, sports clubs, and much more activities to suit almost all interests.

In addition to activities, Newcastle College Students’ Union (NCSU) organizes events to help students integrate into clubs, societies, and campaigns, such as the ‘anti-bullying’ campaign. Volunteering opportunities include becoming a member of leading teams, such as the Student Advice and Support Team or students can collaborate in the running of their Student magazine: ‘The Slant’.

Leeds College of Building operates on five sites in Leeds, and it has an active Students’ Union. Students interested in sports activities are given Wednesday or Thursday afternoons to participate in many sporting events through the enrichment programme. Football, rugby, basketball, swimming, kayaking, and fitness are offered including a running club.

But Students’ Unions did not stop there; the University of Hull, the University of Glasgow, the University of Sussex, the University of  West London, and the University of Bath do have Students' Unions as well. However, it is noteworthy to mention that the University of West London has the ‘Blast Radio’ which is run by students and that the University of Bath is at the heart of the student experience, and beside hosting training courses throughout the year, running the bar and nightclub called the Plug & The Tub which is based on campus hosting various events, and having more than 40 sports clubs and the first to offer sports scholarships, the university has Bath Student’s Union Media, offering the University Radio Bath – which is also run by students.

1. Radios

On mentioning radios, many other Universities than Bath offer their student’s a university radio to let their voices be heard and to give them the chance to acquire speaking skills, as well as self-confidence and consistency. Here is a list of the most popular students’ radios across the UK:

  • Aberdeen Student Radio - University of Aberdeen.
  • Hub Radio - the University of the West of England.
  • Cam FM 97.2 - University of Cambridge.
  • Insanity Radio - Royal Holloway, University of London.
  • Xpression FM - University of Exeter.
  • Radio Caley - Glasgow Caledonian University. 
  • Looprevil Radio - Liverpool John Moores University.
  • IC Radio, Imperial College London.
  • Latitude Radio, University of Greenwich.
  • MUSU Radio, Middlesex University.
  • Quest Radio, Queen Mary's.
  • Rare FM, University College London.
  • Smoke Radio, University of Westminster.
  • Manchester - Fuse FM, University of Manchester.
  • Newcastle Student Radio, Newcastle University.
  • University Radio  Nottingham, University of Nottingham.
  • Junction  11, University of Reading.
  • Forge Radio, University of Sheffield.
  • University Radio York, University of York.

2. Sports

A handful of universities offers students great sports facilities, sports leagues through the Students’ Unions’, and cups as well. Swimming, Olympic sports Athletics, football, and cycling top the list of the most popular sports across the UK, however, in addition to these, UK universities also have rugby, rowing, tennis, volleyball, as well as other gymnastics and trampolining sports.

The best universities to attend if you are an athletic student who is looking for a sports-related future, are among these leading sports universities: The University of Bath, University of Birmingham, Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Loughborough, and Brunel University. Nevertheless, you can look up more universities because we guarantee that they are much much more! Remember, our Spring Mews students’ accommodation offers an on-site swimming pool.

3. Blogs

Other than radios, social activities, events, and campaigns, plenty of universities across the UK offer blogs which are run by students. These blogs could serve well when first-year students are puzzled between choices since they might be a good reference to how student life is like at these universities. Also, if a student is into fictional or non-fictional writing, the blog could be a great opportunity to start practising and get some real feedbacks and criticism. Here is a list of the most popular universities offering blogs:

  • The University of Sheffield
  • The University of Warwick
  • University of Exeter
  • Harvard College
  • University of Dundee
  • University of Leicester
  • Swansea University
  • Durham University

Students can also create their own specified clubs and/or blogs for writing, singing, or coding. It is always great to initiate something new in the university's campus and to lead. Students' Unions are a fruitful platform for students to implement their new ideas and novel initiatives. 


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