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Scholarships for Indian Students at the University of Sydney

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29 August, 2023


9 mins read

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By Hagar Samir

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Scholarships for Indian Students at the University of Sydney

University Life

Travel Preparation

29 August, 2023


9 mins read

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By Hagar Samir

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Australia has been one of the most sought-after countries by students, especially in the past few years. This is mainly because of its opportunities, including the University of Sydney scholarships for Indian students and several jobs. People also go to Australia for a better chance of living due to the average living costs, affordable lifestyle, and excellent healthcare system. In addition, the country is known to be safe, with very low crime rates.

Many international students travel to Australia for higher education because of the country’s world-renowned universities and high-quality educational institutions. There are several cities in Australia that are well-known for having prestigious universities, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. It’s important to note that Sydney is the most famous city for several reasons, one of them being that it is the capital of New South Wales. 

Sydney Scholarships

About Sydney 

Sydney, one of Australia’s largest cities and the capital of New South Wales, is famous for its harbourfront Sydney Opera House, with a distinctive sail-like design. The city is a tourist destination, drawing in tourists from all over the world. It is also best known for being one of the most liveable cities in the world because of its diversity, culture, and artistic scenery. The city is also home to the University of Sydney, making it more attractive for international students looking for the best quality of education.

Sydney Scholarships

University of Sydney 

The University of Sydney, with its progressive thinking and aim to change the world by challenging the status quo, is one of the best universities for international students. The university was founded in 1850 as a public institution of higher education with a vast history that covers many aspects of intellectual, scientific, and socio-political life in Australia. 

Based on two main principles, religious tolerance and the admission of students on academic merit, the university ensures to be inclusive to all students and that they all enter the university by passing a theoretical examination. This way of thinking was unconventional in the mid-nineteenth century and challenged traditional university models, which made the University of Sydney more special. 

As for rankings, the University of Sydney is ranked number 19 globally and number one in Australia for sustainability. It is also ranked number two in Australia overall. The university’s MBA and Management programmes are regularly ranked number one in Australia. 

Sydney Scholarships

Faculties and Schools 

The University of Sydney offers a variety of academic programmes for students to choose from. It unarguably offers the broadest range of programmes of any university in Australia. In addition, there are several teachers, researchers, and leading thinkers paving the way for solutions and helping students become the best version of themselves during their time at the university. The university’s faculties are as follows:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney encourages students to explore diverse interests within arts, humanities, and social sciences, research, and use critical thinking. The schools within the faculty include:

  • School of Economics: It addresses various issues that society faces nowadays.

  • School of Languages and Cultures: It offers a wide range of languages and cultures for students to choose from. 

  • School of Art, Communication, and English: It focuses on the literary, verbal, visual, digital, and performative modes humans use. 

  • School of Humanities: It discusses everything from Ancient Greek to the explorations of genders. 

  • School of Social and Political Sciences: It concentrates on five main things: health, markets, governance, inequality, and environment. 

  • School of Education and Social Work: It focuses on social development and improving teaching methods. 

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering’s main aim is to educate students and help them conduct helpful research for a healthier future and better outcomes in the fields of engineering, computer science, and project management. The schools within the faculty include:

  • School of Aerospace, Mechanical, and Mechatronic Engineering

  • School of Biomedical Engineering

  • School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • School of Civil Engineering

  • School of Computer Science

  • School of Electrical and Information Engineering

  • School of Project Management

Faculty of Medicine and Health

The Faculty of Medicine and Health is committed to leading the significant change happening in Australia and the world. The main aim is to educate and shape future healthcare professionals. The schools within the faculty are as follows:

  • Sydney Dental School

  • Sydney Medical School

  • Sydney School of Medicines and Sciences 

  • Sydney Nursing School

  • Sydney Pharmacy School

  • Sydney School of Public Health 

  • Sydney School of Health and Sciences 

Faculty of Science 

The Faculty of Science tackles worldwide issues to drive innovation in the fields of science. The schools within the faculty are:

  • School of Chemistry 

  • School of Geosciences 

  • School of History and Philosophy of Science 

  • School of Life and Environmental Sciences 

  • School of Mathematics and Statistics 

  • School of Physics

  • School of Psychology

  • School of Veterinary Science

Other faculties and schools the University of Sydney offers are the School of Architecture, Design, and Planning, the University of Sydney Business School, the Conservatorium of Music, and Sydney Law School.

Scholarships for Indian students at Sydney University

There is an array of University of Sydney scholarships for Indian students, whether for undergraduate levels, postgraduate masters, or research degrees. This gives Indian students a chance to develop a well-informed mindset and expand their perspective towards different cultures and people. The University of Sydney scholarships for Indian students are a chance for each and every ambitious student to visit new places and enrich their knowledge even more. The scholarships are as follows:

1. Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship

This is one of the University of Sydney scholarships for Indian students; it is for postgraduate students who want to pursue a degree in Australia. It is an up to $60,000 scholarship to support students coming from India financially. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition fees, living expenses, flights, textbooks, and health coverage. 


There are three conditions for students to be accepted for this scholarship:

  1. Students must be international (not Australian)

  2. Students must have already applied but not yet commenced for a postgraduate degree

  3. Students must be Indian citizens and residents of slum communities in Delhi, India, where the ASHA Society works

  4. Students will need to meet the requirements put by ASHA

How to Apply 

Students do not have to apply using an application. The ASHA Community Health and Development Society (ASHA) is responsible for the nominations. 

2. Sydney International Student Award

This is another example of University of Sydney scholarships for Indian students. Students will receive a 20% contribution to their tuition fees. It is a scholarship that recognises and supports the academic achievements of applicants.


To be eligible for this scholarship, students must:

  1. Be an international student; this scholarship is not only for Indian students

  2. Hold citizenship in one of the countries eligible for the scholarship

  3. Be admitted into a full-time undergraduate coursework or postgraduate coursework degree in their educational year

  4. Not be an Australian or New Zealand citizen 

  5. Not be a permanent resident of Australia 

  6. Not have already started a degree programme at the University of Sydney 

Eligible countries other than India 

  • Bangladesh 

  • Indonesia

  • Malaysia

  • Myanmar

  • Nepal

  • Pakistan

  • Philippines

  • South Korea

  • Sri Lanka

  • Thailand

  • Vietnam

  • Egypt

  • Equatorial Guinea

  • Eritrea

  • Ethiopia

  • Gabon

  • Gambia

  • Ghana

  • Guinea

How to Apply 

  1. Students must start by applying for their chosen degrees 

  2. Students then must submit a personal statement

Personal statements must be in the following format:

  • Tell the university about themselves (maximum 200 words).

  • Tell the university what has inspired them to apply to the University (maximum 200 words).

  • Tell the university what they want to achieve with their studies there or how it will help them to achieve their goals (maximum 200 words).

3. Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships Scheme

This scholarship is also available as a University of Sydney scholarship for Indian students. It offers up to $40,000 to encourage high-achieving international students to pursue their coursework studies at the University of Sydney. 


For students to be eligible for the scholarship, they must:

  • Be an international student 

  • Have applied for but not yet completed a bachelor’s degree or a coursework master’s degree. This degree should be a CRICOS-registered award programme that is usually delivered onshore at the University of Sydney

  • Have an unconditional offer from the university 

How to Apply 

There is no application process; all eligible students will be automatically considered. 

Indian Students in Sydney 

Indian students make up a large percentage of Sydney. For the Q1 2022 period, there were 72,642 international students from India in Sydney. Indians make up nearly 20% of the international student population in Australia, which is why it is essential to ensure that students feel at home while staying in Australia.

It is also essential to ensure the students’ safety, which is why the Australian Government is committed to giving all students full support to become members of the Australian community. Students enjoy a safe and welcoming environment in Sydney, which, in turn, makes them more productive. 

Accommodation Options near the University of Sydney

It is also crucial to find suitable accommodation options after finding University of Sydney scholarships for Indian students. Casita has made it easier for students to search and find suitable accommodation. All they have to do is visit the website and browse through the hundreds of options available. These are the top choices for accommodation near the University of Sydney:

Link2 Sydney

Link2 Sydney is a Sydney student accommodation that provides students with a wide range of en-suite rooms that feature a bed, a wardrobe, a workspace, air conditioning, a private bathroom, and a shared kitchen. The property offers a variety of amenities and features to facilitate the stay of the students, including high-speed Wi-Fi, a communal kitchen and lounge, on-site management, a coin-operated laundry service, arrival packs, secure entry, and air-conditioned rooms. 

The Sydney student accommodation is only seven minutes away on foot from the University of Sydney, which makes it convenient and time-saving. The property is also close to several bus stations that can get students where they need to be in no time. 

Scape Darling Square

Scape Darling Square, another Sydney student accommodation, provides students with housing close to their respective universities. The property offers en-suite rooms and self-contained studios for students to choose from according to their needs, budgets, and preferences. All of the properties are fully furnished and come with a bed, a workspace, a wardrobe, air conditioning/heating, and plenty of storage.

As for the amenities, Scape Darling Square offers secure swipe card access, CCTV, a rooftop terrace with BBQ, a large ground-floor social lounge with comfortable seating, card-operated laundry, secure bike storage, and unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the building. All bills are included in the rent to prevent miscalculations or extra fees. The property is a ten-minute drive away from the University of Sydney. 

Western Sydney UV Parramatta

Western Sydney UV Parramatta is a student accommodation in Sydney that offers studios for students to choose from. These studios have a king bed, a wardrobe, a study area, a lamp, a pinboard, and an en-suite lounge suite with a coffee table, a heater, and an outdoor balcony. There are also twin en-suite rooms in a 5-bedroom apartment that offer two king-size beds, two wardrobes, two workspaces, a desk lamp, and a waste bin in each room. 

The property has several features that make it special, including a student lounge with a pool table, vending machines, couches and bean bags, a lounge with a flat-screen plasma TV, and an e-library with internet access. There is also an outdoor swimming pool with deckchairs and poolside lounges. The building is a short ride away from the University of Sydney. 

What to Look for in Student Accommodation?

Before choosing any Sydney student accommodation, students have to look for certain things to make sure that this is a suitable choice for them, including:

  • All-Inclusive Bills: This amenity will help them not to worry about any miscalculations or extra fees

  • High-speed Wi-Fi: This will facilitate their stay, as they will be able to study better with Wi-Fi and finish all of their assignments on time

  • Flexibility: The accommodation has to be flexible to avoid any problems. Having flexibility will give them a better chance to explore more accommodation options to choose what’s right for them according to what they need

  • Location: While choosing a Sydney student accommodation, choose one close to the places they’ll often visit, like the University of Sydney. This will save them both commuting money and time.

  • Room Type: If they want something specific while choosing an accommodation option, they must research beforehand. There are many accommodation options, including en-suite rooms, non-en-suite rooms, studios, and shared apartments.

  • Pet Friendly: This is important if students have pets. They have to ensure that the accommodation is pet-friendly, so they don’t have to worry about their pets back home.  

How to Book Student Accommodation?

There are specific steps to be taken to book student accommodation in Sydney and make sure that it is a suitable choice. Students also have to choose according to the amenities that will facilitate their stay. Booking is easy because of Casita’s website, which is made to facilitate the booking process. These steps include:

  • Visit Casita’s website and scroll through the options.

  • Use the “filter” feature to see the available Sydney student accommodation.

  • Casita also has a compare feature that students can use if they’re confused or torn between two options. This feature will help them find the advantages and disadvantages of each accommodation near the University of Sydney.

  • After they find suitable accommodation options, they have to click the “Enquire” button to chat with Casita’s accommodation experts; they are multilingual and available 24/7 to help and give all the information needed for an easy booking process.

In order to find suitable University of Sydney scholarships for Indian students, students must do full research to know their potential and understand the requirements of each scholarship. After that, they can start researching for a good accommodation option to help make the process easier and more enjoyable. Best of luck to all of the students searching. 

University Life

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By Hagar Samir

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University Life

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By Hagar Samir

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there scholarships for Indian students?

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Several scholarship options are available for international students, especially Indians. The University of Sydney offers a number of scholarships for them.

Does the University of Sydney offer scholarships for Indian students?

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Yes, the University of Sydney offers a variety of scholarships for Indian students.

How to get a scholarship to study in Australia for Indian students?

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Scholarships in Australia are offered based on merit-based, need-based, student-specific, or course-specific grants.