Language Courses in Australia for International Students

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22 November, 2023

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Many students from all over the world are looking for ways to improve their English language. Some try on their own, some take language courses, and some do both while also immersing themselves in a new culture to learn the language. According to various sources, more than 200,000 students learn English in Australia each year. If you’re looking for some of the best English language courses in Australia for international students and some things to know or prepare for before applying, keep reading!


Before Starting Your English Language Course

Before starting your English language course, various preparations and considerations must be made. These range from determining your current level and determining your requirements and goals to checking the necessary paperwork and prerequisites.

Before enrolling in a course, you should ask yourself a couple of questions, the first being: What is my current English level? Luckily, many centres have free online tests, which can give you an initial view of your English level.

If you have obtained a clear overview of your current English level, you can start setting up personal goals by analysing your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, you can ask yourself whether your listening or comprehension need improvement.

You could also ask yourself the best course certificate types and which would benefit you the most. Some of the most notable certificates include IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English Certificate, and PTE. All of which will be further discussed in detail.

You could also get a head start by taking advantage of online resources such as quizzes and games and watching videos.

If you have decided to study English abroad and immerse yourself in a new culture, it is important to research your desired study destination and learn more about your desired city. Other preparations also include checking different institutions and their requirements, which include English language requirements, if they have any, as well as how much it will cost.

It is also important to check which visa you will need. If you’re solely travelling for an English language course, your English language school will generally provide this information.

If you have decided which institution to study at, you will need to check the class size, as some may prefer to learn in smaller groups. You can also check the different study outcomes (certificates) or the lesson plans.


Australian English Language Courses

If you have decided to study in Australia, you can check out our blog, Why Should You Study in Australia?

Different English-language courses offered in Australia typically include the following:

General English Courses

These courses are widely available and are usually there to enhance your communication, especially regarding reading and listening. It can have various purposes. Some of its uses include everyday life, work, travel, and more. This is unlike more specific courses, which will later be discussed.

Specific Language Courses

These courses are more specific and practical and cover a wide range of subjects, which include English, teaching, law, tourism, and more. These courses are set to prepare students for a specific career or field of study, have subject-related terminologies, and cover subject-related topics. These courses do not only have to be used for work-related purposes but can be useful if you study these subjects.

Exam Preparation

Exam preparation programmes are there to prepare students for English proficiency exams that demonstrate their English proficiency level. The most notable of these certificates are the previously mentioned TEFL, TOEFL, Cambridge Exams, and TOEIC, among others. Higher education institutions often require these exams as part of their admission requirements.

English for Academic Purposes

These English for Academic Purposes programmes prepare students to study at Australian VET and TAFE institutions and Australian schools. These institutions often require EAP certificates as part of their admission requirements.


Other Course Types

Teaching English

If you already have a good command of the English language, you can take various courses to help you become an English teacher. Various programmes are designed with this outcome in mind, providing teaching certifications; however, their outcomes slightly differ. These courses are TELF, TESOL, Eftc, and Cambridge CELTA or DELTA.

Study Tours

These blend tourism and education together. These programmes have their portion of education along with their portion of activities, such as tours, professional training, sporting activities, and much more. The English programme structure is comparable to the General English Language Structure.

Popular English Language Courses in Australia for International Students

The most popular language courses in Australia are offered by the following institutions:

Hawthorn-Melbourne English Language Centre

This English language centre provides various courses to international students; these include pathway programmes, general English courses, business English courses, IELTS preparation courses, and much more. One of its most popular courses based on popularity is the University of Melbourne English Language Bridging Programme (UMELBP).


RMIT is another popular English language provider for those looking to take English language courses. Its most popular English language courses include its English for Academic Purposes courses, which have varying difficulty levels, as well as general English courses.


Monash University English Language Centre (MUELC)

Monash University is known for its scientific study programmes, including pharmacy, medicine, health sciences, and more. It also has an English Language Centre, which provides various programmes, including the Monash English Bridging programme.

La Trobe College

La Trobe College is best known for its nursing, education, agricultural, health, and engineering programmes. They also offer some of Australia’s most popular English language courses, most notably their English for further studies courses.

Victoria University

Victoria University is located in Melbourne, providing its students with multiple study options, including vocational programmes. Some of the courses offered by this university include their English for Academic Purposes programme.

Melbourne Language Centre

The Melbourne Language Centre is a course provider that offers a wide range of courses, including general language courses, exam preparation, English for Academic Languages, and many more. Based on popularity search results, it is one of Australia’s most popular language centres.


Learning English, especially by immersing yourself in a new culture, is a great way to learn the language. Learning the language inside the classroom is one thing and something completely different to practise in everyday life.

As an English-speaking country, Australia is a great destination for international students. The country is a melting pot of cultures, with cities like Melbourne having more than 140 different cultures. It is also a great way to make lifelong friends and meet different people from different cultures. 

If you require more information regarding education in Australia and where to stay, you can make use of our resources, which include Cost of Living in Australia vs UK: A Comprehensive Guide and Scholarships in Australia: All You Need to Know. We can also provide you with assistance if you’re looking for student accommodation near your language centre. If so, feel free to contact us. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which language course is best for Australia?

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General English courses are generally the most popular option for international students.

What languages are in demand in Australia?

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In-demand languages in Australia after English include Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and Italian.

What is the #1 language in Australia?

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English is the official language in Australia and the most widely spoken.

Are language studies worth it?

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Yes, studying a new language is worth it as it helps you acquire great communication skills, which makes it extremely desirable for future employers.