Part-Time Jobs in UK for International Students

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Samir Badawy

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15 October, 2023

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International students in the UK are either sponsored by their parents or are self-funded. In both cases, it is beneficial, both financially and career-wise, to get yourself a part-time job as an international student.

In this guide, we’ll be laying down our top picks regarding part-time jobs in the UK for international students based on several factors, such as ease of application, flexibility, and salary. Keep reading to get more insight into the UK's top part-time student jobs!

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Who Can Work in the UK?

Students who hold a valid Tier-4 student visa can study and work in the UK for up to 20 hours per week. If you’re willing to work while studying in the UK, you should also be enrolled in an institution that is registered as a student sponsor.

With that said, you can apply to work on a Tier 4 student visa or a Child Student Visa (16+) if your institution is registered as a sponsor. You should also refer to your immigration document; if it mentions “no work,” then you cannot work in the UK.

While working in the UK, you must know the different terminologies related to your student job in the UK. The first thing to know is that work hours differ between “term-time” and “outside term-time”. During term time (during your study semesters), your working hours are limited to 10–20 hours per week (7 days starting Mondays).

You can also have a part-time job aside from your work placement (work placements are typically part of a course). You can work full-time if you are on vacation (outside of term time). It is highly recommended, however, that you check with your sponsor or your institution about what your status can allow you to do in terms of work.

If you are allowed to work in the UK, you might also need to apply for a national insurance number in order to get started with your paid job in the UK.

 student job uk

The Best Part-Time Job in the UK for International Students

Now that we have the legalities and terminologies out of the way, we can start looking at the best options for part-time jobs in the UK for international students!

Most Flexible Part-Time Jobs in the UK for International Students

We all know how difficult it is to manage your time as a student. Time management can get challenging, especially when you have a part-time job. This is why, to start off our list, we gathered some of the most convenient and flexible jobs for students in the UK.

  • Delivery Driver Jobs

This is a student favourite and can easily be done during your part-time hours. As a delivery driver, all you need to have is a bike, or in some cases, a category B licence, and some free time. Being a delivery driver is often among the first work experiences for many UK students and teaches valuable skills such as how to deal with customers.

Some of the companies offering flexible working hours are Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats, and various other similar websites. According to Indeed, delivery drivers can make £7.34 per hour.

  • Brand Ambassador Jobs

Brand ambassadors represent brands that they typically feel connected to. A brand ambassador can have a wide range of duties, such as distributing samples, brochures, and flyers and applying various marketing techniques. They can also inform customers about the company and reply to their queries. 

Ambassadors are mainly employed during events and can make up to £9.49 per hour. This job also has a lot of flexibility in its employment. You can have full-time, part-time, and temporary employment. An example of brand ambassador postings can be seen on the brand ambassador postings on

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  • Tutor Jobs

Tutors can make an average of £16.88 per hour and can be especially good if you have any strengths in any subject. As a tutor, you can help assist students with their studies, especially with GCSE subjects or A levels. To work as a tutor, you’ll need to undergo a background test as well as be aware of how the UK grading system works

Most students opt for tutoring agencies for employment. Nowadays, with technological advancements, you do not have to be physically there to tutor students; you can also do so online. According to the UK government, you can make anywhere between £15 and £40 per week.

  • Freelance Writer Jobs

Freelance writers are tasked with writing various forms of content, such as blogs, articles, presentations, and more. These can make up to £96.64 a day, according to Indeed.

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  • Babysitter/Nanny Jobs

If you’re good with kids, babysitting is always an option and is also extremely popular among students as a part-time job. According to various sources, in the UK, you can make anywhere from £10.50 an hour to £14.98 per hour, depending on where you are in the UK. Some of your duties may also involve preparing food, light cleaning, and laundry.

  • Dog walker Jobs

Dog walking can be a treat for dog lovers and can help generate some side income while also giving you flexibility. What dog owners will require of you will mainly be reliability as well as trustworthiness. It will also help if you like the outdoors. You must also ensure the safety of the dog and clean up after it. On average, you can make between £10 and £15 per hour by working as a dog walker.

Fixed Part-Time Jobs in the UK for International Students

After discussing the best options for flexible part-time jobs in the UK for international students, we should also consider the best fixed part-time jobs. Keeping a fixed job, however, will require great time management skills and more commitment than temporary work.

  • Retail Assistant Jobs

A retail assistant in the UK makes an average earning of £9.81 per hour. A retail assistant’s task involves aiding customers in finding convenient products, providing information related to a product, processing payments, re-stocking shelves, and maintaining the cleanliness of the store.

  • Personal Shopper/Styling Advisor Jobs

If you have a good eye for colour combinations, types of body silhouettes, and fashion, then this could be your chance to get some side income. Your duty will be to understand the customer’s preferences and shop accordingly. Personal shoppers or styling advisors also recommend items that they think would work best for the client. According to Indeed, personal shoppers can make £9.14 per hour.

  • Receptionist Jobs

A receptionist job is among the most popular part-time jobs for international students. This will require good communication skills as well as time management. You will be responsible for responding to calls and emails, welcoming visitors, and running administrative tasks. A receptionist job in the UK makes an average of £9.12 an hour.

  • Warehouse Worker Jobs

Warehouse workers make an average earning of £10 per hour and are responsible for ensuring that goods are moved efficiently and effectively to reach their intended destinations. Some of the warehouse worker jobs include forklift operators and other manual labour roles, which require having good physical health.

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  • Waitress/Waiter Jobs

We cannot end our list of the top part-time jobs in the UK for international students without mentioning the waiting job, which is extremely popular among students. Many restaurants happily collaborate with international students by providing them with a part-time waiting job. As part of your waiting job, you will have to interact with diners and provide a good and hospitable service. 

Some of the valuable outcomes of this job include gaining experience in the hospitality industry, learning how to interact with customers, and making a good amount of side income. On average, in the UK, waiting on tables can earn you £12.18 per hour.

How to Find Part-Time Jobs in the UK?

There are various ways to find part-time jobs in the UK, some of which require you to be there in person, while others can be done online. In both cases, it will be essential that you learn how to write a captivating CV that will appeal to your future employers. You should ensure that you list any relevant skills and experience that would make you a desirable candidate.

Career Fairs and Industrial Events

Institutions often host career fairs in the UK in order to support their students in finding better job opportunities both while studying and upon graduation. Universities also host various industry events where students can get insight from professionals within various industries. This can also provide a great opportunity to network with these professionals.

Online Job Search Tools

Students nowadays can access a wide range of resources where they can search for jobs by filtering the field of interest, location, minimum experience level required by the employer, and employment type (part-time or full-time). Some of the best websites where students can search for part-time jobs include the following:

Recruitment Agencies

You can also rely on recruitment agencies, which have large databases of jobs and can assist you in your job search by matching you with the most suitable part-time work position.

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University Jobs

You can always check if your university or institution has any part-time vacancies, such as working in the bookstore, cafeteria, library, and more. This can be extremely convenient, as you can simply head to your part-time job before or after your classes.

Social Media

Social media has various other benefits besides simply networking. There, you can find various groups that advertise jobs for students. Using social media for job hunting, however, will require due diligence, as you will need to do your background checks on the jobs advertised unless a verified company directly advertises them.

Walk-in Job Interviews

Walking in is simply showing up at businesses and advertising yourself and your willingness to work. You can always ask if there are any available opportunities. Many businesses, such as cafes, stores, and restaurants, will also advertise their search for a worker by simply advertising “help wanted” or “hiring” on their windows.

There are a variety of types of part-time jobs in the UK for international students, all of which are accessible through the previously mentioned application methods. It is vital, however, that you check with your sponsor what you are allowed to do regarding your work and keep them informed. It is also crucial to keep track of your working hours to make sure that you do not breach your student visa by exceeding the specified limit.

You can also get more career information and tips on working in the UK through our guides such as Student Guide: Studying and Working Simultaneously in the UK,  A Guide on What an Internship Is and Why You Should Do One, Top Online Part-Time Jobs For Students, and Exploring the Highest Paying Career Options in the World, among various other helpful guides.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can an international student earn part-time in UK?

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Part-time jobs in the UK for international students can earn anywhere from £100 to £200 per week or more, depending on the job type and business or industry.

What is the best part-time job for international students in the UK?

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Some of the best part-time jobs in the UK for international students include retail assistant, personal shopper, receptionist, delivery driver, dog walker, and much more.

Can I work 40 hours a week as an international student in UK?

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If you can work in the UK on a student visa, you’ll be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during term time.