Highest Paying Jobs in Melbourne

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12 March, 2023

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Melbourne is known to be one of Australia's best and most famous cities. Being the capital, Melbourne is the second-most populous city in both Australia and Oceania. Many people from all over the world go to Melbourne for a better chance of living, and that is because of the average living costs and affordable lifestyle that the city offers! Melbourne is also very safe, with very low crime rates, which is one more reason why people love this city!

Of course, you have to consider many things before moving to Melbourne, including your career. Every city has its own professions where they excel, and Melbourne is not any different! The problem is that sometimes people don’t conduct enough research before they move, leading to them not funding suitable jobs or even jobs with very low incomes that won’t match their desired lifestyle. 

This is why it is important to see which major prevails in the city you’re moving to! There are several fixed jobs that pay you a lot of money everywhere; they are considered the highest-paying jobs in the world! However, it surely differs from one city to the next in some cases. So, what are the highest-paying jobs in Melbourne? Let’s take a look! 

Top jobs in Melbourne

Highest Paying Jobs in Melbourne

Most jobs will not pay you a huge amount of money overnight; this process needs time and education. However, there are a lot of jobs that pay relatively more compared to the others. This doesn’t mean that you should work jobs you don’t like; you will eventually find something that pays well and is something you love! 

1. Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering ranks among the top-paying jobs in Melbourne! It is the study of aircraft that operates within the earth's atmosphere. If space and its mysteries are interesting to you, you might want to consider a career as an aerospace engineer! You will typically work in an office setting, using a computer. You also must have a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or a related field in engineering to enter the field. 

The average annual salary of aerospace engineers in Melbourne is around $115,000 to $125,000. It can also differ according to the role you’ll be given in the workspace! Of course, not every place will offer the same salary. However, it is more or less the same in most places! The University of Melbourne is a great option if you want to study aerospace engineering! Casita also provides a variety of student accommodation in Melbourne for you to choose from! 

2. Dentistry 

Not only is dentistry great as a field of study, but it is also great for when you graduate! You can definitely earn some good money as soon as you graduate from dental school; it is a field that is always ready for more! It is also important to note that it will take you about six or seven years to become a dentist, so it will pay off well in the end! Of course, if you want to specialise in something specific, that will require additional training and education! 

A dentist in Melbourne makes around $246,790 per year, which is really rewarding! This is 2% higher than the average salary of a dentist in Australia itself. This salary differs from one place to the other and will increase or decrease according to your experience and education! The best option for dentistry in Melbourne is RMIT University. You will be able to find several student accommodation options there through Casita’s website! 

3. Medicine 

In all countries, medicine is the most sought-after degree. Despite being considered one of the hardest degrees, many enjoy studying and learning about medicine! This reputation makes a lot of people join the medical school in hopes of a better future. In order to be licenced, you will have to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and then complete a four-year postgraduate medical programme. Also, you need to complete an intern year. This will give you so many options when you start looking for a job!

The average salary for medicine in Melbourne is around $100,000 per year; we know, crazy! Don’t get too excited just yet; you will need to put in the work and have good experience in order to reach that level. You will start with a good salary, but definitely not that until you’ve reached a certain point! The University of Melbourne ranks among the top universities for medicine in Melbourne and Australia. 

International students jobs in Melbourne.

4. Solicitor 

Another high-paying job, even for fresh graduates! Once qualified, solicitors usually specialise in one legal area, for example, family, litigation, property, or tax. You can also work in commercial law firms to advise large corporate clients on transactions or cases! You will represent and defend clients' legal interests and provide advice in many situations when needed. It’s a very important job, despite not many people knowing about it! A lawyer and a solicitor essentially mean the same thing; both give legal advice.

The average salary for a solicitor is $120,307 per year in Melbourne, which is really high! It can also differ according to the role you’ll be given in the workspace! Of course, not every place will offer the same salary. However, it is more or less the same in most places. The University of Melbourne is ranked first as the best law school in Australia by QS Top Universities Rankings 2022, so if you want to study law in Melbourne, you know where to go! You will easily find several student accommodation for you to choose from through Casita, a student accommodation marketplace. 

5. Construction Management 

So, is a career in construction management worth it in Melbourne? The answer is yes! If you're looking for a career that's both varied and rewarding, it's safe to say that construction management is the place to go! In Australia, 89% of construction managers are working full-time! This is significantly higher than the national average of 66% for full-time employment across all occupations. In order to become a construction manager, you will have to consider completing the Diploma of Building and Construction (Building). This qualification will easily equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in this industry! 

A construction manager makes around $120,000 per year, and it’s always going up! This profession is especially in high demand, and many people are looking for construction managers to hire. You will make more or less money according to the experience and skills you have. The University of Melbourne is also a great choice for you if you want to study to pursue a career in construction management!

You can always earn so much money even if you’re not interested in any of these jobs! Yes, these are the highest in the market, but by working hard, exerting effort, and proving yourself, you can achieve your dream of doing what you love without having to settle! The first step is to choose which degree you want to pursue, and while these are some of the most lucrative and well-known degrees to pursue, they’re definitely not the only ones! 

So, now you’re fully aware of the market! You have all the knowledge you need to make a decision and choose a career that you love, which will get you a high-paying job in Melbourne! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which job has the highest salary in Australia?

There are several jobs that will pay you good money; however, dentists and medical fields, in general, are known to pay the highest in Australia.

Does Melbourne have a lot of job opportunities?

Definitely! Melbourne is actively hiring, and there are plenty of job openings almost monthly. It is also important to point out that some industries are better than others for job seekers looking to get hired as quickly as possible!

Is the cost of living in Melbourne affordable?

Though you can live a good life on an average net salary in Melbourne, it is a fairly expensive city. However, it is a wonderful city that is safe and comfortable, with amenities within reach. The multicultural population in Melbourne has led to diversity in cuisines and attractions, so you will enjoy living in Melbourne. 


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