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Should I Take Internship Opportunities?

Should I Take Internship Opportunities?
Created By: Ola Elwassifyon 30 January, 2019

There are many reasons international students in the UK and Australia take internship opportunities. Although the importance of internships is deeply rooted, some students still question the objectives of internships and their benefits.

What is an Internship and Do You Get Paid?

Internships are job opportunities that organisations offer to undergraduates and graduates for a fixed/limited period of time. Depending on your role, you can know if you will get paid or not. Sandwich placement, work shadowing, charity work, or volunteering work are likely to be unpaid; however, if you are a part of the commercial operation of a business, you're likely to receive a payment.

Why Should I Do an Internship?

One of the most critical reasons to do an internship is to test and enhance your interpersonal and technical skills. Students’ expectations from internships vary depending on the field and the organisation; however, students go for internships to boost their skills and work-field experience. Major organisations understand that the purpose of internships is to teach their members new skills for better career prospects in the future.

How to Get an Internship?

Since we are in a fast-paced era, getting an internship for college students has never been easier. Some of the leading internship websites the UK are Milkround, TARGET Jobs, e4s, and Studentjobs. Internship website in Australia are internships, Seek, and GoABROAD.

In order to apply for an internship opportunity, you will need to make yourself a good CV and cover letter. Outline what you can offer to the company you are applying for, mention your best skills and the skills you are willing and looking forward to learning, and show that you match what they are looking for.

Bonus Tip: Befriend your supervisor. They will act as a referee for your future job applications.

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