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Top Online Part-Time Jobs For Students

Top Online Part-Time Jobs For Students
Created By: Hadeel Hossamon 14 April, 2020

COVID-19 is the reason many students had to quit or leave their part-time jobs and stay home. If you had a part-time job that has been affected by this, you are probably searching for alternatives as you attend your online lectures and juggle the rest of your responsibilities. There is no need to worry though, think of the current situation as a good chance to learn how to make the most out of any situation and earn extra money, all from the comfort of your home. 

Getting an online part-time job is now a popular way of earning extra income, as it saves money and time spent commuting. Money and flexibility are the decisive factors in choosing your online job. You can also try to find a part-time job that is related to your field of study that will add to your resume and teach you new information about the field. Tools you’ll need for this type of job include a steady internet connection, a PC or laptop, and a headset (in case you get interviewed via Skype or Zoom). Afterward, you have to decide on the job type you need. Wondering what the available jobs are? Here are the top online part-time jobs for students that you could choose from. 

1. Freelance Writing and Translation Jobs

Freelance work is one of the most popular ways to earn money while you’re in college. There are freelance jobs in many different fields; you just have to figure out what your talent is or what you’re good at. Most companies and websites require having a portfolio when applying for a freelance position. To be able to create one, it would be a good idea to make use of any work you did for friends or colleagues for free or create your own platform where you can showcase your skills. If you’d ever volunteered in a university project, that could count as an experience in your field as well. Start applying after collecting a good amount of your previous work. 

If you’re a good writer with your own blog or if you ever wrote as a guest writer on other blogs, present that work to the websites looking for talented writers to get an online job. Some websites that hire freelance writers are ProbloggerHubpages, and Contena.

If you always notice grammatical mistakes in other people’s writings and just feel an urgent need to correct them, you would make a great freelance editor. It’s a broad field where you could be editing anything from small articles or blogs to entire books. It helps to focus on one topic that you’re knowledgeable about to edit its material. Some great freelance editing sites are UpworkFreelancer, and PureContent.

If you’re fluent in more than one language, you could work in freelance translating and transcribing on websites like RevMTurkTranscribeMeGengo or Unbabel. It’s a high-demand service that pays either by word, page, or minute, a very good online job for students.

2. Online Teaching

If you excel in a particular subject and have the ability to deliver information to others, then you should look into online teaching. It can be for multiple students at once, but it pays more to do private tutoring. It’s a great way not just to make money but also to help others and learn new things. You can find online tutoring on sites like, and Yup

One of the highly demanded subjects for online teaching is English, and you don’t need any professional experience to be teaching it, you just have to be fluent. VIPKID is a site where you can teach English to Chinese students. Qkids is also an excellent website for US citizens and native speakers who wish to teach English online. It pays around $16 - $20 an hour.

3. Online Surveys And Paid Reviews

Taking online surveys is a popular way for college students to earn money. It’s simple, doesn’t take a lot of time, and pays well. All you have to do is take a survey related to a business, a product or something similar, and you will be paid per survey. Companies usually need specific information for their reports and research, and this is the best way to get what they need in exchange for money. Some great websites for survey taking are Survey JunkieSwagbucks, and MyPoints, where there are plenty of things besides surveys offered for money like playing games or watching videos.

When it comes to having an online part-time job, there are plenty of other websites that pay for doing various things. For example, Wonder is a website where you get paid to be a researcher,  Humanatic pays you to review calls and categorize them, and Slice the Pie is a great website if you’re a fan of music where you get paid to listen and write reviews about music from upcoming artists. Whatever you choose, you just have to make sure it does not affect or interfere with your studies.

 You could also earn vouchers by referring your friends to a student accommodation in Casita. This is not an online job for students though, simply a way to help friends. 

Refer a friend

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the fastest-growing fields nowadays and therefore, the easiest to find jobs in. All businesses now need to maintain a social media presence across multiple platforms to bring attention to their brand and promote engagement with their customers. As a social media marketer, you will use your knowledge of social media platforms to get the results that your employers want. You’ll just need a basic knowledge of marketing strategies as well as an understanding of all the business features of social platforms which are both easily attained online. There is also the position of social media manager where you would be responsible for writing posts about the business or products, answering inquiries and messages, and replying to comments. Offer your services and some samples of your own social media on Upwork or Fiverr to get started in this field.

Finally, be sure to understand and read about your visa rights before starting any online or part-time job. Different countries have different rules regarding the number of hours you can work, the type of work you can do and even the wages you should be paid. If you would like to know about the Australian rules regarding part-time jobs, read our How to Find Work on a Student Visa in Australia

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