Best Indian Restaurants in Australia

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Noura Yousef

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06 June, 2019

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Australia is popular for its diversity, and its authentic Indian restaurants prove it. India is known for being very diverse, in terms of beliefs, cultures and even languages. The population of India is more than a billion with more than 13 languages spoken in different districts. Indian food is no different when it comes to diversity. Although it is mostly perceived as a vegetarian country, the truth is Indians don’t stick to a certain dietary recommendation. The Indian cuisine has dishes with meat, duck, chicken and vegan dishes.

Here is a list of the restaurants we think are the best in different cities in Australia.

1. Indian Restaurants in Sydney

Being the capital of New South Wales and the biggest city in Australia, Syndey has a wide range of the best Indian restaurants. Janani is one of the restaurants we recommend. It is on the highway near Strathfield; not in the centre of the city but it is worth a try. If you are ever there, try their uttapam - aka Indian pizza. It is a base with a topping similar to the pizza; however, it is gluten-free. It is made of fermented lentils and rice. It is super good and served with the most delicious six types of curry ever.

Zaaffran is another restaurant you can try. It is a quiet and elegant restaurant with an outdoor dining area. The restaurant is alongside the Darling Harbour which means you can dine-in while enjoying a stunning view. It is a bit expensive but the experience is worth it. Start your dining experience with their Pav Bhaji: a curry-mixture that is served with a tasty and sweet spongy bread. Also, try their Sookhi Bhindi for your main. This dish’s okra will change your definition of okra forever.

Scape Abercrombie Sydney student accommodation is a 30-minute walk from Zaaffran restaurant.


2. Indian Restaurants in Melbourne

For Indian restaurants in Melbourne, try The Spice Pantry. It is cheap, delicious and family friendly. It is directly on Commercial Road in a very lively location. If you wish to try something there try the Idli. It is made of lentils and rice and cooked using small moulds. It is soft like a rice cake and served with sour veggie sambal, chilli sauce and cooling coconut chutney.

Om Vegetarian is a good Indian vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne. It is a small inexpensive eatery that is very close to the business district with a menu of basically bread, curry, and vegetables. Their naan bread is very delicious and they have various branches around the city.

Scape Swanston and UniLodge on Lonsdale Melbourne student accommodation are both a 15-minute drive from The Spice Pantry.

Idli with Sambhar

3. Indian Restaurants in Adelaide

Adelaide is not an exception when it comes to exciting Indian restaurants. Jasmine’s is a famous Indian restaurant for group gatherings and family meetings. When nearby, pay a visit and try their palak paneer: a light cheese spinach dish that is easy on the stomach. You can also try some unique entrees like the tandoori mushroom or the blue cheese naan.

Banana Leaf Indian restaurant is another good place. It is right in the middle of the busy currie street with a shopping district nearby. Suitable for quick bites and new challenges, as it offers a mix of Malaysian-Indian and Singaporean foods. They have Indian-style fried noodles, Indian-style fried rice, etc. They also have the typical Briyani and curry mixture. Definitely worth a try!

Atira Waymouth Street student accommodation in Adelaide is just a 12-minute walk from the Banana Leaf restaurant.

Briyani and curry mixture

4. Indian Restaurants in Brisbane

If you are near the central business district - CBD in Brisbane, try visiting Indian Mehfil, a corner shop with a quiet ambience. It serves a mouthwatering-slow-cooked goat curry. There are also other options, like russet-hued curry, saffron rice and naan bread.

Curryville is another Brisbane authentic Indian restaurant. It is always fully booked, so be sure to reserve your table and call ahead. Chicken tikka masala and vegetable chaat are the best dishes there. All their curries are gluten-free as well, so they are suitable for anyone with allergies.

UniLodge South Bank student accommodation in Brisbane is a 19-minute bus ride from Curryville.

Tell us what is your favourite Indian restaurant in Australia? Did you try any of the ones we mentioned?


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