Best Halloween Gifts for Students

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Hadeel Hossam

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28 October, 2020

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Halloween is one of the best and most popular holidays enjoyed by both children and adults alike. It has a great atmosphere with the smell of pumpkins, eating lots of candy, and dressing up as a scary version of your favourite character. It’s when you can get creative in decorating your student home to enter your community contest of the scariest Halloween decorations. Moreover, if you want to watch movies that fit October’s atmosphere, check out our top Halloween movies list. Furthermore, to ensure your friends and family fall in love with Halloween this year, explore our favorite Halloween gift ideas in 2021. 

Halloween in the Time of COVID

Usually, Halloween isn’t associated with exchanging presents; it’s more about dressing up, going to parties, and giving out candy. However, after COVID, many things have changed. Although countries are opening up, many places still won’t allow big parties. If your student home is the same, plan surprises and Halloween gifts for your fellow students and your family and avoid huge interactions.

Halloween Party

Halloween Gift Ideas 2021

1. Halloween Gift Boxes

Have you ever heard about subscription boxes? They are boxes with multiple tools that cover artistic and creative concepts. Before Halloween, most of these subscription boxes set a timeline for a limited edition Halloween themed gift box with tools that fit the theme. For art boxes, all the sketchbooks come with creepy drawings and creepy packaging. Books like The Scream, The Shining, etc., are added for the month for book subscription boxes. Furthermore, boxes for other hobbies could include Halloween-themed stickers, Halloween-inspired yarn colours, etc. If you know your flatmates’ hobbies, stalk a subscription box’s website and buy your friend a Halloween-themed gift.

2. Halloween Gift Bags

If the idea of a subscription box sounds like you are taking the easy way out, plan your own version of a Halloween-themed bag. Take creepy all the way and insert some insect shaped toys inside the bag alongside multiple Halloween candies and a couple of books that you know your friend loves.

3. Halloween Chocolate 

Now that you are a university student, do you feel like you are too old for tricking and treating? While that is not true, it is fine to move forwards with a different plan. Instead of knocking on the door for some treats, prepare a gift exchange with your friends and ensure you set the theme to Halloween-themed chocolate. This way, your friends will visit the market for the latest Halloween-themed additions, and you will get a treat.

4. Prank Candies

Whether you’re the prankster friend in your group or you just want to entertain your friends and make them laugh, there are plenty of funny Halloween gift ideas. A classic trick you can play with the gift you send is prank candy when you get something like onions, sprouts, or potatoes and cover them in candy or chocolate to hide them. Make sure your friend tries them while you’re recording them to not miss their priceless reaction!

Halloween Candies

5. Scary Movies 

Movies can still count as a gift if you are on a budget. Student life is not easy; therefore, sometimes, it is the thought that counts. If you have a friend that likes horror movies, for example, buy or rent the scariest one on DVD or Bluray and set a time to watch it together as a way to spend Halloween cosily inside your student home. 

6. Bath Bombs

Surprise! Bath bombs can count as Halloween gifts. That’s because there are actually Halloween-themed bath bombs shaped like skulls or pumpkins that you can send to help your friends unwind and relax after a long day. Some of them come with tricky smells if you wish to trick your friend. On the other hand, if you wish to go the normal way, a bath bomb that smells like a pumpkin is a very good choice. 

Whatever you choose to buy for your friends and loved ones will go a long way during these times. It will mean a lot to them that you’re thinking of them and trying to get them into the Halloween spirit. If you live where parties are allowed nowadays, don’t forget to cook your friends a delicious dinner and enjoy a nice party with them. 

Updated: September 2021


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