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Best Halloween Gifts for Students

Best Halloween Gifts for Students

28 October, 2020

Halloween is one of the best and most popular holidays enjoyed by both children and adults alike. It has a great atmosphere with the smell of pumpkins, horror movie nights, eating lots of candy, and dressing up as a scary version of your favourite character. It’s when you can get creative in decorating your house to enter neighbourhood contests of scariest Halloween decorations. If you want to really stand out, check out our DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Student Home blog. There’s no doubt that during this time when everything has changed, Halloween this year might be a little different.

Halloween in the Time of COVID

Usually, Halloween isn’t associated with exchanging presents; it’s more about dressing up, going to parties, and giving out candy. However, we are in a quite unusual time with the ongoing pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we have to cancel celebrations of a great event like Halloween, it just means we’ll do it a bit differently. Since you won’t be able to do the regular celebrations, why not switch it up and send your friends Halloween inspired presents that get them in the spirit. You can even use the ‘trick or treat’ tradition by either sending funny, scary presents, or thoughtful ones that they’ll appreciate. 

Trick Your Friends

Whether you’re the prankster friend in your group or you just want to entertain your friends and make them laugh, there are plenty of funny Halloween gift ideas. A classic trick you can play with the gift you send is prank candy when you get something like onions, sprouts, or potatoes and cover them in candy or chocolate to hide them. Make sure your friend tries them while you’re on a video call to not miss their priceless reaction! If you have a friend that dislikes horror movies, for example, you can get the scariest one in DVD or Bluray and change the cover into a rom-com or any genre they like. Want to trick a neighbour? Sneak into their bedroom window and hang a scary poster that surprises them once they open the blinds! If you have a friend that is also a prankster, you can give them a prank kit to help them prank their family and friends!  

Treat Your Friends

You can also skip the trick part and opt for treating your friends to something nice for Halloween that puts a smile on their face. You can, for example, give them Halloween friendship bracelets that come in Halloween-themed styles. Replace the prank food and actually cook your friend a delicious pumpkin pie or send them their favourite candies. If you have a friend who is a bookworm, you can make them Halloween-themed bookmarks inspired by their favourite horror novels. There are also Halloween-themed bath bombs shaped like skulls or pumpkins that you can send to help your friends unwind and relax after a long day. You can keep it simple and send a nice flower arrangement with the black and orange flowers of the season to keep the Halloween spirit.

Whatever you choose to send your friends and loved ones will go a long way during these times. It will mean a lot to them that you’re thinking of them and trying to get them into the Halloween spirit despite the circumstances. It’s a reminder that there is still joy in the most difficult of times.

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