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DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Student Home

DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Student Home

25 October, 2020

Halloween is on its way! Decorating your student accommodation with scary decorations and adding a spooky atmosphere and design to your room is something to look forward to, especially with the current climate. Here are some ideas to help you decorate your room using cheap and simple stuff.

1. Pumpkin Balloons

Using black and orange balloons, you can make pumpkin balloons to decorate your student accommodation. Pin the tied part of the inflated balloons to your black notice board shaped  like a pumpkin. To make it more interesting, you can put candy inside some of the balloons and get your flatmate to throw darts with you. The winner is the one who pops the balloon with the candy inside!

2.Paper-chain Ghost

A paper chain is an easy, simple and cheap festive decoration, ghosts are key elements in any Halloween party. So let’s see how to create a spooky ghost using some white paper. 

1. Gather white cardboard  and cut out even rectangular strips.

2. Make the first link “paper ring” by matching the two sides of the strip.

3. Thread the second strip onto the first ring and keep adding rings.

4. Create a lot of different-length chains and pass a rope through the final rings. 

5. To make the eyes and the mouth, cut two black oval shapes and one circle and stick them on the ghost body.

6. Finally, hang the ghost to the ceiling. You can hang a big one in the entrance and other small ones all over your accommodation! But take care when you enter the room at night because they will be really scary!

3. Galaxy Pumpkin Lantern

If you are bored with the orange and black colours, this is the Halloween decoration for you. Get a foam pumpkin and paint it with a sponge using blue, purple, pink and black colours. To create stars, use a stiff toothbrush to flick white paint on your pumpkin. Afterwards, make a big hole at the bottom of the pumpkin and put Christmas lights inside. Make small holes all over the pumpkin to make Jack-o'-lantern. To add some excitement, you may pierce the holes in a way forming the letters of your name!

4. Mummy Pen Stand 

Decorate your desk using a spooky-mummy pen stand. Bring a plastic cup, a jar or half a plastic bottle and wrap a masking tape or strips of toilet paper around it. Then, cut black and white cardboard  into circles to make the eyes and use hot glue to stick them on securely. Put your pens and pencils inside. Now, your desk is spooky! 

5. Pumpkin Witch

This DIY Halloween decoration requires no carving. Just add a hat to the top of your pumpkin. Then, to make the eyes, draw two oval shapes using a black marker and a circle inside each one of them using a white correction pen. Also, you can use the duct tape to make the witch's hair by cutting two black ovals, two white circles and two smaller black circles. To make the mouth, draw it with the black marker. Use wool or duct tape to make the nose or simply stick a carrot in. 

Now, you have made your own scary DIY Halloween decorations! Tell us about your favourite.

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