Where to Buy Cheap Halloween Costumes in the UK

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Wael Hossam

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20 October, 2022

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So, first of all, if you don’t know what Halloween is, we are here to tell you all about it. Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31, the night before the Western Christian holiday of All Hallows' Day. It marks the start of Allhallowtide, the season of the liturgical year in which saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the departed are commemorated.

Trick-or-treating, going to Halloween costume parties, making jack-o'-lanterns out of pumpkins, lighting bonfires, playing apple bobbing, divination games, pulling practical jokes, going to haunted places, telling spooky stories, and watching horror or Halloween-themed movies are all everyday Halloween activities. 

Now that you know all about Halloween, celebrating it will be more fun. It is time to restock your wardrobe with the latest costumes. So, can you find the perfect cheap Halloween costume without breaking your bank account this year? Our answer is yes; you can find the ideal cheap outfit without breaking your bank account. Here is a guide to some of the UK's most affordable Halloween costume retailers. 

Cheap Halloween Costumes

1. Cheapest Fancy Dress

This one offers costumes for Halloween, Day of the Dead, Voodoo, skeletons, witches, and wizards, as well as wigs and accessories. Feel free to purchase their 60s and 70s clothing if it makes you nostalgic. Students may simply get inexpensive Halloween costumes thanks to the website's current sales. So grab your roommates' Halloween outfit purchases and have fun!

2. Amazon

This store doesn't need to be spoken about, does it? It's no secret that Amazon has a wide range of items, including plus-size Halloween costumes, ghost and monster costumes for schoolchildren, and even outfits for well-known heroes and villains. If you enjoy wearing makeup, you may get inexpensive face paints and heavy makeup kits on Amazon.

3. Escapade

Do you enjoy Game of Thrones? You may get a Game of Thrones costume from this store to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween ensemble. A variety of masks, eyewear, and vampire costumes are available. You may also get their Star Wars, Disney, and Marvel outfits. They also provide zombie costumes. There, you can find the best options for Halloween costumes.


pumpkin costumes

4. The Maxx

The Halloween collection at TK Maxx is quite unique since four-legged pals can participate in the dress-up fun as well, though they might not be as excited about it as we are. For your dog, there are skeleton and pumpkin costumes, as well as bat and spider-themed clothing, a lobster costume, and a tonne of scary-themed toys for them to play with.

 Now, you can start planning for your Halloween parties in the UK. If you are a student who wants to start your life in London, you can always check Casita website to book your perfect student accommodation in London. Contact us now to get your perfect accommodation in the UK and prepare for the fun Halloween parties waiting for you there. What are you waiting for? Buy your costume now, get ready to book your room in the UK and start your early celebration now!

5. Mega Fancy Dress

They are offering discounts of up to 75%! You may get inexpensive Halloween accessories like Harry Potter Halloween costumes, celebrity costumes, and work uniforms, as well as Disney costumes, Avengers costumes, and other costumes. The Joker's Halloween outfit, which is well-liked this year, is their strongest suit.

6. Party Superstores

They have the best Halloween masks. Halloween decorations for rooms are available at Party Superstores. Their clearance on fancy female and male student Halloween costumes makes them stand out this year. They have discounts now! You should check it out.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

7. HalloweenCustomes.com.uk

If you're looking for ideas for this year's Halloween costumes, you should go to Halloweencustomes.com. They have a wider selection of costumes than any other Halloween store in the industry, so you can choose the perfect look for your upcoming murder mystery party or a costume for Halloween. When you're getting ready for Halloween with decorations, accessories, and different choices of costume clothes, their ultimate goal is to provide you with a fun buying experience. They provide top-notch costumes and accessories, such as wigs, hats, masks, and costume boots, at costs that meet even the tightest budgets. You may find the ultimate Halloween attire with only a few clicks!

8. Aldi

Where do you go to get your sweets and costumes? Please, yes! The low-cost store often dazzles with its exceptional purchases, and its Halloween selection is no exception. There are just a few superhero costumes available for adults, but there are many possibilities for kids, including a Cinderella dress and a (very specialised) werewolf zombie costume.

If you, too, have a tendency to go all out with decorations, you undoubtedly already know that Aldi carries a wide selection of scary puppets, inflatable pumpkins, and other decorations in that category.

9. H&M

If you're buying anything for a kid, this high-street mainstay has it all: from princess costumes and skeleton suits to Harry Potter capes; there are lots of truly amazing alternatives for trick-or-treating. For those looking for even more Harry Potter dress-up possibilities, we recommend the fancy dress white owl poncho, which will enable your child to seem like Hedwig. However, there is just a kids' collection now available, which is bad news for all adults; if you want to join in the fun, you'll need to go elsewhere.


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