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Where to Buy Cheap Halloween Costumes in the UK

Where to Buy Cheap Halloween Costumes in the UK
Created By: Ola Elwassifyon 11 October, 2019

It is almost Halloween and this year after Covid, it is finally time to restock your wardrobe with the latest costumes. Still, the pandemic probably affected your budget quite a bit last year. So, can you actually find the perfect cheap Halloween costume without breaking the bank this year? Our answer is, yes you can! Here is a guide to some of the cheapest Halloween costumes retailers in the UK. 

1. Cheapest Fancy Dress

This one has Day of the Dead costumes, Voodoo, skeletons, witches and wizards costumes, and even wigs and accessories. If you’re feeling nostalgic, feel free to buy their 60s and 70s attire. The website now has ongoing sales so students can buy cheap Halloween costumes easily. Furthermore, there’s free delivery for orders over £30, so gather your student accommodation mates’ Halloween costumes orders and enjoy! 

Write Down Halloween customs ideas

2. Amazon

We don't have to say this one, do we? It's no secret that Amazon has it all, from Halloween ghosts and monsters costumes for students to plus-size Halloween costumes and even costumes for popular heroes and villains. If you are into make-up as well, you can buy face paints and heavy makeup kits for cheap on amazon. 

3. Escapade

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Here you can buy your Game of Thrones costume to get a one-of-a-kind Halloween look. You get to choose from a variety of masks, eyes accessories, and vampire costumes. Plus, you can order their Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars costumes. They have zombies’ costumes too. They might not be your cheapest option, but surely they have the best variety of student Halloween costumes ideas to choose from.

Joker Costume for Halloween

4. Mega Fancy Dress

They have a sale of up to 75% off! You can purchase there cheap Disney costumes, Avengers, and cheap Halloween accessories. Moreover, you can get Harry Potter Halloween costumes, celebrities’ costumes, and occupational uniforms. Their point of strength lies in having various outfits for the Joker’s Halloween costume, which is very popular this year. 

5. Party Superstores

They have Halloween masks for £10 or less! Low-priced Halloween decorations for your student room are easy to locate there. Their clearance on fancy female and male student Halloween costumes makes them stand out this year. They have an online sale ongoing, so make sure you benefit from it.

Finally, don’t forget to try making your own Halloween decorations and enhance your student room. This year’s Halloween should be special to compensate for last year’s online Halloween. 

Updated: October 2021

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