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Best On-Campus Halloween Movies to Watch

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Ola Elwassify

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21 October, 2018

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1 mins read

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One of the most exciting things about Halloween is the spooky aura it leaves wherever it is celebrated. This aura spreads not only because of the scary Halloween costumes and decorations but also because of the activities we decide to do. Watching horror movies on Netflix is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of celebrating Halloween. Gather your flatmates and roommates at your student accommodation and get ready to look up these university-related Halloween movies to watch together:

1. The Roommate (2011)

I bet you have seen this one coming! This is one of the most entertaining college-themed horror movies. This scary movie will keep you at your toes the whole time and there is nothing better than watching it with, of course, your student accommodation roommates.

2. Final Exam (1981)

Final exams are scary enough as they are, but what about one of the best horror movies to spice it up? If you and your student accommodation mates are into classics, this one is definitely for you. When a psycho killer shows up on campus and decides to commit murder, we will surely be interested which ones he will pick.

Scary Movies

3. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Let’s all see what students’ projects are there for. These three film students disappear after filming a documentary in Maryland Forest on the Blair Witch legend. The footage is the only thing that they left behind. Its horror and mystery will keep you hooked from the very beginning till the end. The movie is famed for being one of the scariest horror movies ever made, with early internet users thinking it was real when it was first released! Imagine the feeling!

4. Joy Ride (2001)

This is not an on-campus Halloween movie, but it is one of the best mysterious and scary movies on Netflix. It shows how a joke played by young fellows on a road trip could lead to being followed by a psychotic killer.

To have a more frightening experience, choose a student accommodation in the UK and Australia that comes with an on-site cinema room, like our St. James in Glasgow, UK.

Check IMDb for more college horror movies to watch on Halloween 2020.


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