Best Halloween Candies Around the World for Students

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Reem Mohamed

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19 October, 2022

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Trick or Treat! October is upon us and the spooky season has officially commenced, bringing along the necessary sweet tooth! Whether you are an adult, student, or kid, your candy cravings should be on high alert during the month of October, specifically towards the end of it. 

Halloween is celebrated differently in different parts of the world. In the US, more than 30% of the sweets in stores are sold on Halloween. Australia invents unique shapes and flavours, especially for Halloween; the UK produces special packaging for grown-up candies; and Asian countries have their own unique candies that you should check out. 

Ever since its origin as a religious holiday, Halloween has evolved to include trick-and-treating, family gatherings, spooky costumes, and, of course, lots of candies. Join us in celebrating Halloween and going through the best Halloween candies around the world for students! 

Halloween Candies Around the World

Spooky Halloween Candies in the UK 

The origin of Halloween is highly related to the UK and the Celtic harvest festivals. This is why Halloween celebrations in the UK are often an enjoyable feat. When it comes to Halloween candy, the UK goes all out! With brands releasing special Halloween packaging for already beloved candies during the season, adults and children alike are hurrying to collect their favourites. 

In 2021, the best Halloween candy for adults in the UK was The Boo Box Duo, two chocolate boxes that come in skull, ghost, bat, cat, and finger designs. Another candy you should try this year is Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons. It is vegan, nut-free, and bite-sized. 

The all-time favourite Halloween candy in the UK is definitely Snickers, with it being number one in almost 30 cities, while both Ferrero Rocher and Dairy Milk come in a close second. 

Halloween Candies

Themed Halloween Candies in the US 

Halloween in the US is a special affair. If you happen to be there this year, you’re in for a treat, quite literally! US Halloween celebrations feature festivals, trick-or-treat outings, custom competitions, outdoor showings of scary movies, and much more! 

Candies represent a primary symbol of Halloween in the US, with different candies making the list of top favourites every year. This year, the best candies in the US include Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Twix, Sour Patch Kids, Candy Corn, Starbursts, and Hershey’s Cookies and Cream. 

Some of our favourite Halloween candy creations in the US this year include Kit Kat Breaking Bones, which comes covered in cream and adorned with cute little skulls on the packaging; Haribo Vampire Bats, which is a twist on the classic gummies, except now they’re sour and bat-shaped; and Sour Punch Spooky Straws, for a sour Halloween treat in the season’s colours and flavours.

Other candies to look out for during the upcoming Halloween season include twists on favourite classics like Snickers and Twix Ghoulish Green Bars, Kit Kat Witch’s Brew and Pumpkin Kit Kat, Hershey’s Halloween Props, and Skittles Shriekers. This Halloween in the US sure sounds fun, treat-filled, and just the right amount of spooky! 

Creepy Halloween Candies in Australia

Halloween was not that popular in Australia until a couple of years ago. Reports show that Halloween merchandise has recorded an increase in sales year after year since 2012, so more and more people are celebrating Halloween in Australia. Coles is the best place to check out if you intend to stock up on Halloween candies. 

Despite being late to the Halloween celebrations, Australia still has plenty of special candy treats up its sleeve. Some favourites among children, adults, and students include 3D Gummy Eyeballs, which look as spooky as they sound and taste great; the Australian classic Freddo Frogs; M&M’s Spooky Mix Bag; Halloween Chocolate Coins; Skull Marshmallows; and the OG Chupa Chups. Halloween Candies for studentsWhat about Halloween Candies in Asia?

Halloween celebrations in Asia are not as big as they are in the US or the UK. Trick or treating rarely happens in Asian countries. However, families and friends sometimes hold custom parties together. Some international departments in major universities celebrate Halloween so students can socialise and have fun together.

If you wish to celebrate Halloween in an Asian country, there are several unique candies you should try out. Japan has a unique one called Milk Candy, a milk-flavored candy found only in Japanese markets made from sugar, syrup, milk powder, condensed milk, butter, egg, and soy. Kit Kat Matcha is another Japanese delight worth checking out. It is an exceptional chocolate-flavoured candy made by grinding Japanese tea leaves into the chocolate mix.

China also has a unique candy that is perfect for Halloween. Lightning Bugs Gummy Candy is a bug-shaped candy with LED tongs that make the bugs light up when you grab them. It is spooky, fun, and distinctive, which is what Halloween is all about!

Finally, Singapore has the largest collection of candy stores that you can check out on Halloween. Stores like Candylicious and Candy Empire offer a large variety of Jelly Belly's, Reeses, and M&M's.

Top Halloween Candies of All-Time

No matter where you are in the world, these Halloween treats are favoured by many. So, if you happen to not be in any of the aforementioned countries during Halloween this year, you can still stock up on these tasty treats and celebrate with your friends! 

Reese's, in all its shapes and kinds, remains the reigning champion of Halloween candies everywhere. Classics that follow suit include Kit Kat, Twix, Snickers, Skittles, Haribo, and M&M’s. You can easily find those in stores across the globe, and if your country doesn’t have special Halloween editions, make it a fun activity and DIY it with friends! 

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays after Christmas, especially with children, students, and young adults. This day falls perfectly in the middle of autumn for near-perfect weather and promises loads of fun, sweet treats, scary movies, intricately carved pumpkins, and just the right amount of spookiness for everyone to enjoy! 

Wherever you are in the world during Halloween, there is always the comfort of knowing that others are also celebrating and possibly eating the same candies as you!


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