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Best Halloween Candies Around the World for Students

Best Halloween Candies Around the World for Students
Created By: Noura Yousefon 21 October, 2019

Whether you are an adult, student, or kid, you probably crave candies at the end of October. In the US, more than 30% of the sweets in stores are sold on Halloween. Australia invents unique shapes and flavours, especially for Halloween, and the UK produces unique packaging for grown-up candies. Each country celebrates Halloween differently, and even Asian countries have their own unique candies that you should check out. Halloween started off as a religious day then evolved to include trick and treating, family gatherings, and spooky costumes, and of course, lots of candies.

Spooky Halloween Candies in the UK 

The origin of Halloween is highly related to the UK and as a result, the festivities are related to both adults and children. Many UK brands release special packaging for their famous candies during Halloween, and they are actually more aimed at grown-ups than kids. In 2021, the best Halloween candy for adults is The Boo Box Duo, two chocolate boxes that come in skull, ghost, bat, cats, etc., finger designs. Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons is another candy you should try this year. It is vegan, nut-free, and bite-sized.

Themed Halloween Candies in the US 

Candies represent a primary symbol for Halloween in the US. This year, the best candies in the US include Reese's Spooky Eyeballs, Unreal Milk Chocolate Gems, Milk Duds, and M&M's White Pumpkin Pie. Reese's Halloween-themed chocolate this year is a package of small chocolate and peanut butter bars shaped like spooky eyeballs, perfect for eating while watching dark, creepy movies at night. Unreal Milk Chocolate Gems are an ideal choice for you if you are health-conscious. They're made of natural ingredients with nothing artificial. The candy coatings are made of natural colourings from hibiscus and turmeric.

Theatre delights like Milk Duds and Cute Candy Corns are also in demand this Halloween with famous movies like Joker around to enjoy online. Moreover, classic brands like M&M's updated their outstanding flavours with M&M’s Chocolate Popcorn, a popcorn-flavoured shell with a milk chocolate centre.

Trick or Treat Candies

Creepy Halloween Candies in Australia

Halloween was not that popular in Australia until a couple of years ago. Reports show that Halloween merchandise recorded an increase in sales year after year since 2012, thus more and more people are celebrating Halloween in Australia. Coles is the best place to check out if you intend to stock up on Halloween candies. Order online and browse through the website to keep up with social distancing rules.

 Among the expected top-selling Halloween candies this year is Halloween Gummy Body Parts Candy, a multi-coloured jello candy that stretches when you bite it. Classic Gummy Bears, Skittles Fruits Lollies box, and Chupa Chups Faces Flat Lollipops are few of the other available choices you can check out.

Eye ball candy

Do Asians Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween celebrations in Asia are not as big as they are in the US or the UK. Trick or treating rarely happens in Asian countries; however, families and friends sometimes hold custom parties together. Some international departments in major universities celebrate Halloween so students can socialize and have fun together.

What about Halloween Candies in Asia?

If you wish to celebrate Halloween in an Asian country, there are several unique candies you should try out. Japan has a unique one called Milk Candy, a milk-flavoured candy found only in Japanese markets made from sugar, syrup, milk powder, condensed milk, butter, egg, and soy. Kit Kat Matcha is another Japanese delight worth checking out. It is an exceptional chocolate-flavoured candy made by grinding Japanese tea leaves into the chocolate mix.

China also has a unique candy that is perfect for Halloween. Lightning Bugs Gummy Candy is a candy shaped as bugs with LED tongs that make the bugs light up when you grab them. It is spooky, fun, and distinctive, which is what Halloween is all about!

Finally, Singapore has the largest collection of candy stores that you can check out in Halloween. Stores like Candylicious and Candy Empire offer a large variety of Jelly Belly's, Reeses, and M&M's.

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