Trendy Halloween Accessories for Students

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Noha Hatata

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26 October, 2020

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Halloween is different this year, especially since everyone is avoiding crowds. Whilst following social distancing measures, you may find that adding a spooky vibe to your surroundings is a bit different this year. Therefore, accessories are a good solution to keep you occupied during Halloween. Enjoy Halloween by wearing spooky accessories throughout October, here are your 2021 Halloween accessories guide. 

2021 Halloween Accessories Guide

1. Halloween Inspired Face Masks:

Masks don’t have to be boring! Keep yourself safe and celebrate by wearing trendy Halloween inspired masks. Enjoy picking designs that have vampires, monsters, spiders, and even pumpkin mouths. You could even use a mask with a mouth to complete your character makeup. Hilarious designs are available on the market; or you can simply make them yourself by decorating a plain mask with coloured markers, sequins or fabric scraps.

2. Halloween T-shirts

You may not be able to go to a party and wear a full costume this year, but you can definitely enjoy rocking Halloween and autumn designed T-shirts every time you go out to get your groceries or run some errands. Halloween T-shirts can have simple designs with a funny statement, a comic; or they can be so interesting with a print featuring your favourite character’s costume or a glowing spooky design. You can also enjoy a fun activity at home painting a spooky pumpkin or a creative design on a plain T-shirt. Get your flatmate onboard and start painting a plain shirt together!

3. Halloween Home Accessories

Not hosting a Halloween party this year doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy decorating your room and home with some spooky decorations. It means you can spend some extra effort to make your place more fun and enjoyable. Use your imagination and start creating your own decor pieces like candy jars with spider holders, pumpkin lanterns, and paper flying bats. You can also set up a feature Halloween wall at home where you can take pictures and post them on social media to impress your friends and family. If you are living in student accommodation, hang some fun posters on your wall for an extra spooky feeling.  Interested in more, find out some DIY Halloween decoration secrets from our blogs. 

4. Halloween Pins:

A pin can be an amazing piece of accessory to decorate a boring bag, pencil case or even a denim jacket. It is a very convenient piece of art that is useful and not permanent. To get into the Halloween mood, you can use printed metal pins with spooky designs and statements, or if you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own pins and enjoy adding them to your bags and jackets. 

Bonus point: pins are so lightweight, so they are so easy to mail to your distant friends and family to surprise them and share the joy!

5. School Supplies:

What’s more fun than spooky notebooks and pens that have bats and spiders? Keep your study space interesting by choosing Halloween inspired supplies and celebrate Halloween even when you’re working on your new assignment.  You can even gift your friend a Halloween-themed gift box for their supplies as well. Don't forget to use spooky labels and clippers decorated with pumpkins to keep your papers organised.

Now that you have a full guide of 2021 Halloween accessories on hand, don't forget to keep your friends and loved ones in mind while celebrating. Make sure you communicate with everyone, send them your love, some treats and, maybe some simple Halloween inspired souvenirs to share the joy! You can also share some accessories ideas from this guide with friends. 

Updated: September 2021


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