Autumn Activities in Australia

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Amal Ahmed

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04 April, 2019

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Autumn in Australia is arguably one of the best seasons in the country. Autumn months in Australia span from March to May and it truly brings very diverse weather to different regions. From taking in beautiful flora in Australia to enjoying iconic water activities and famous one-of-a-kind festivals, it’s the perfect time of the year to try out whatever activities that come to mind.

Before the cold takes over starting the first of June, try as many activities as possible. If you’re still not familiar with the weather in Australia, we totally understand how confusing it is. When does spring start in Australia?  Winter ends in September and is directly followed by spring. The hottest months then arrive in December for 3 months to be called summer. Yes, Christmas is in summer in Australia!

To know more about what happens in autumn in Australia we have recommended this list of autumn activities to try:

Go to Europa Night Market 

Autumn  in Melbourne is incomplete without this one! An exciting new addition this year to the renowned festival scene in Australia, to satisfy your longing for Europe. Taking place at the famous Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, the highly-anticipated event will celebrate European street food. Starting April 10, expect to see as many as 20 vendors selling your favourite street food from Spain, Portugal, Germany, and many others. There will also be many cultural activities at the festival for a great time with your friends.

The best part? The event is totally free to attend. The event will take place every Wednesday until May 8.

Hit the Gold Coast Beach

Who wouldn’t want to go to one of the best places to visit in Australia and the world? The popular coastal city boasts beautiful sunny beaches during the day as well as warm nights, which makes Autumn in Queensland perfect for you. Autumn in Brisbane, where the Gold Coast is located, is fantastic and where you’ll definitely find the best beaches in Australia. Water activities are quite popular there, so get ready to surf, sail, parasail, kite surf, snorkel, or Jet Ski to your heart’s content! Whatever you do, surfing has to be in your plans as it’s simply the best place to start. The Gold Coast is home to the famous Surfers Paradise.

Gold Coast Beach

Enjoy Canberra Autumn Colours

One of the best things about Australia is its landscapes, but nothing is compared to Canberra’s autumn. In autumn, Canberra blooms in warm autumn colours that make you awe from their beauty. You can go to Claret Ash, Atherton Street and Burn Street, Downer; Red Oaks, La Perouse Street, Red Hill and Archer Street, Dickson; Chinese Pistachio, Garran Shops; Ornamental Pear, South side of Lake Burley Griffin near the National Library; English Elms, Glebe Park; and Pin Oaks, Fawkner and Torrens Streets, Braddon.

Try the Great Barrier Reef

One of the best places to visit in Australia! If you enjoy scuba diving, you might as well do it in the greatest coral reef network on the planet. During autumn, the waters there are crystal clear and quite warm. This one is not to be missed; you will witness some of the most breathtaking sights of marine life. The reef is situated in the Coral Sea, just off the coast of Queensland. The nearest coastal city to the reef is called Cairns.

Go to Perth Attractions in Autumn

Autumn in Perth has its own spectacular feel! Try going to Rottnest Island with Bike Hire from Perth or Fremantle with your Australia student accommodation flatmates. You can also go for the Rottnest Island Tour from Perth or Fremantle or the Pinnacles Sunset Stargazing Tour.

So, what are your favourite places to visit in Australia?


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