7 Things Parents Should Know About Casita

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Reem Mohamed

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22 November, 2022

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Student Housing

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As parents, you constantly find yourself wanting to protect your children and know who they’re dealing with. As a student accommodation service provider, students deal with Casita on a daily basis. So, as a parent, you might be curious about the workings of Casita and who is providing your child’s student accommodation. So, here are the seven things parents should know about Casita! 

1. What is Casita?

Casita is a student accommodation service provider that helps students find good and affordable student accommodation in different parts of the world. Our website is designed to cater to students’ needs when it comes to finding their ideal accommodation worldwide. We help students secure the perfect place in the location they desire, within their price range, and with the amenities they need to have a fruitful experience and an enjoyable stay. 


2. We Are Worldwide

Casita’s services aim to help your children find their student accommodation in different countries of the world. Wherever your child is headed off to start their study abroad experience, chances are there are properties offered by Casita in the area. We have student homes in over 60 countries and 700 cities worldwide. Casita’s student houses put your children close to over 3000 different universities and institutions across the globe. 

3. Free Services! 

Casita’s unique services are completely free of charge. Yes, you read that right, no cost whatsoever! When your children utilise Casita’s services, they can access all of our services and perks at absolutely no cost. Casita aims to make its stellar and quality services accessible to students everywhere!


4. Multilingual Team

A cool perk your children get when dealing with Casita is the chance to make this experience a personal one. Our team of hand-picked, carefully selected, and well-trained accommodation experts are there to guide students through their entire booking process. 

Our team members are multilingual and available 24/7 to provide support and guidance. You can reach out to them through Webchat, WhatsApp, E-mail, or even call them directly and tell them your accommodation needs and requirements, and they'll find something that fits your bill.

5. Safety First Always

As a parent, safety is always a concern of yours, which is totally understandable! Casita always puts safety first. When booking with Casita, your children will have access to safe and secure rooms in different parts of the world. That's another reason why parents trust Casita. Most of our options for student accommodation are CCTV monitored and come with on-site security teams that help keep the students safe at all times. Additionally, our student accommodation providers are thoroughly and carefully vetted to ensure maximum safety. 


6. Wide Selection of Rooms

Casita has a wide selection of rooms spanning different types, sizes, and price ranges to fit the needs of your child, whatever they may be. We offer a vast range of room types that are either located in co-living spaces or PBSAs (Purpose Built Student Accommodation), including en-suite rooms, single rooms, and double rooms for those who like to live in shared apartments, as well as more private options like self-contained studios, one-bedroom apartments, and penthouses. 

The rooms provided by Casita often come with essential and useful amenities and features to make sure students are well taken care of. These amenities mainly include security, parking, laundry, Wi-Fi, all-inclusive utility bills, fully-furnished rooms, maintenance support, and communal spaces among others. 

7. Casita-X

Casita has a unique service that aims to help students not only secure their ideal student accommodation but also support them through their study abroad experience. Whether your child needs a student loan, travel insurance, or airport pick-up service, Casita-X is a service that provides students with all of that and more! This one-of-a-kind service has managed to help students from the UK, the EU, China, India, and over 90 other countries and facilitated their stay abroad.

These are the main things that you, as a parent, need to know about Casita! So, whatever your child needs in terms of student accommodation abroad, you know who to ask now! 


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