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Meet Our Student Accommodation Experts

Meet Our Student Accommodation Experts

15 October, 2018

Globally, students seek overseas studying opportunities not only to obtain a foreign degree but also to experience cultural shocks and learn how to deal with diversity. International students moving from one country to another, and even from one continent to another, will inevitably need experts when it comes to travel expenses, student accommodation advice, places to visit and transportation guide.

1. What is a PBSA?

Parents tend to look for purpose-built student accommodation - PBSA to ensure that their sons and daughters get the best studying environment there is in their university years. Student safety precautions are mostly taken care of when residing in a PBSA, and that’s exactly what Casita provides. Most of them come with secure entry systems, CCTV, secure bike storage, management team, maintenance team, and on-site laundry to avoid going outside of the building at a late hour. 

Affordable student accommodation might lack some luxurious facilities but will absolutely be well-secured and prepared to meet university-life needs.

2. Who are Student Accommodation Experts?

Student accommodation experts’ role is to help international students find their perfect home. Every student comes from a different background, a different country and speaks a different language, literally and metaphorically. Casita’s multilingual accommodation experts in the UK, Ireland, and Australia help students communicate seamlessly to find exactly what they are looking for. Casita has accommodation experts who speak English, Arabic, Thai, Chinese, and Malay to be able to support as many nationalities of foreign students as possible.


3. How to Get Student Accommodation Advice?

Our accommodation experts know all there is about different neighbourhoods and their different lifestyles in the UK and Australia. For example, if a student is into a quiet neighbourhood, preferring extra privacy, our experts will offer the best student residence that meets these needs. So whenever the words ‘I want to find a student room’ pops up in your mind, all you have to do is contact us and we will help you find a house.

Casita will be sharing students’ testimonials so you can learn more about the difficulties that students normally face while booking their student accommodation and how our team of accommodation experts help them through the process.

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