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Global Student Travel Insurance by HCI

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Global Student Travel Insurance by HCI

At last, an insurance policy designed specifically for international students studying in the United Kingdom.

Student insurance provided by a UK-based company – deal with locals who know how things work around here - in your time zone.

The United Kingdom is a renowned centre for learning, a reputation that has been well earned. Students who come to the UK to study not only get the benefit of a world-leading education, but they also get to experience the unique culture and lifestyle that has made these islands a dream destination for travellers.

But things do sometimes go wrong and when they do, it's comforting to know that a local company is on hand to help.

HCI have been helping expatriates for many years now, they're local, they know how things work and they are on hand 24/ 7.

About Global Student Travel Insurance

Global Student Travel Insurance provides the protection you would expect from a comprehensive travel insurance policy, from medical costs to property loss and travel interruption. But for international students it also offers some special features:

  • Coverage of non-refundable student fees
  • Lost passport cover
  • Tenant's liability
  • Return home benefit
  • Personal property
  • Medical costs including GP visits

To find out more or apply for cover please visit HCI's website.

Please note that you must be an international student studying in the United Kingdom to purchase a Global Student Travel Insurance policy.

Staying in the UK after graduation?

If you are intending to remain in the UK after graduation and need medical insurance, or if you have expatriate family or friends in the UK, HCI can help with that, too.HCI is a leader in this field and offers medical insurance plans specifically designed for expatriates no matter where in the world they are from.