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Accommodation Type
Accommodation Type
Student HousingPrivate or shared living in a house or apartment.
Room Type
Room Type
Entire Place
Shared Room
24/7 Security + CCTV
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Communal Games Room
On-Site Gym
On-Site Maintenance
On-Site Management
Secure Bike Storage
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Full Year
50+ Weeks
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30+ Weeks
12 Weeks
Weekly Budget
Weekly Budget
£0 - £1000
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy
COVID-19 Cancellation Policy
No Visa No Pay
No Place No Pay

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Student Accommodation St Andrews

1 Accommodation Options
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Newest listings
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Closest to City Center
Luxury and beautiful two bedroom apartment
Luxury and beautiful two bedroom apartment
Luxury and beautiful two bedroom apartment
Luxury and beautiful two bedroom apartment
Map PinWestburn Lane, KY16 9UU
Entire Place
Map Pin7 mins walk to Central St Andrews
Starting From


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100% Free Service
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100% Low Price Guarantee
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100% Verified Listings

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St Andrews Student Accommodation

Casita has all the information you need if you're looking for student housing in St Andrews. We offer all the information a St. Andrews student could need to select the appropriate room. Contact one of our Casita housing professionals to get the room of your dreams.

Student housing at St. Andrews is available from Casita in various room types, some of which have all facilities you might need. Contact one of our housing consultants, and they will assist you in locating the housing that most closely fits your requirements. We provide our beloved students well-chosen, secure rooms. Additionally, there are no additional expenses for using our service.

About St. Andrews

Scotland's east coast is home to the town of St Andrews, which is located 30 miles (50 kilometres) northeast of Edinburgh and 10 miles (16 kilometres) southeast of Dundee. As of 2011, St Andrews was the fourth-largest community in Fife and the 45th-most populated settlement in all of Scotland, with a registered population of 16,800.

The town is home to the Institution of St Andrews, the oldest university in Scotland and the third-oldest in the English-speaking world. According to the 2022 Good Institution Guide, which is published by The Times and The Sunday Times, it is the finest university in the UK. It is included as one of the top universities in the United Kingdom in several rankings.

The town has Saint Andrew the Apostle's name. The community expanded west of St Andrews Cathedral, bordered by the Kinness Burn to the south and the southern side of the Scores to the north. The town quickly rose to the status of Scotland's ecclesiastical capital, which it retained until the Scottish Reformation. The renowned cathedral, which used to be Scotland's most significant, is now in ruins. The tallest structure in Europe at one time was St. Andrews Cathedral.

Cost of Living

Students may save money by carefully planning and assessing their needs. It is advised to save up £500–1,000 per month, which covers all living and other personal expenditures, for student housing in the region.

Transportation in St. Andrews

In general, the UK's transportation network may be among the world's most efficient networks. St. Andrews is cleverly connected to all main transit networks, and every university is easily accessible within walking distance of the neighbourhood. We have enlisted the critical transportation infrastructure in St. Andrews to assist you.

By walking:

The first choice is to go on foot! St. Andrews is a very pedestrian-friendly town, so walking about is a great way to get some exercise. You can get almost everywhere on foot, and while doing so, you may see the magnificent architecture.

By bus:

The primary bus company in Saint Andrews is called Stagecoach. The 95-bus serves St Andrews and runs a number of different routes. Buses are a practical, enjoyable, and frequently inexpensive way to go about the area.


The closest train station is at Leuchars, which is about 10 kilometres away. There are stops for trains from Edinburgh and Dundee/Aberdeen. Numerous direct trains are available from London Kings Cross. There are combo tickets available for the Leuchars to St. Andrews bus to the rail link.

Best places in St. Andrews

Westburn Lane

This famous street existed in a vibrant neighbourhood, with its ancient buildings, universities, vibrant boutique shops, pubs, and restaurants, not to mention its gorgeous award-winning beaches, the mediaeval town of St Andrews provides a lot more than simply pleasure. The town is a veritable treasure trove of activities for visitors of all ages. Our luxury and beautiful two bedroom apartment gives students a special chance to experience St Andrews in quality and flair.

Student life in St Andrews

St Andrews have a long history that dates back to the Middle Ages, so there is never a shortage of things to do there. There is a wide range of fantastic places to choose from, including historical gems and places that are welcoming to students, as well as a lot of lovely beaches, parks, and wonderful hikes to discover. In the city's centre, astonishingly vibrant social events occur almost daily, adding fine flavours to your routine. Finding cheap apartments to rent in Saint Andrews' city centre that include all of your utilities makes it simple to save a little more cash so you can reward yourself and go out and have fun on the weekends.

City attractions in St. Andrews

St Andrews Cathedral

In St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, there is a destroyed cathedral called the Cathedral of St. Andrew. It was constructed in 1158 and served as the residence of the Bishops and Archbishops of St. Andrews and the Archdiocese of St. Andrews, becoming the focal point of the Medieval Catholic Church in Scotland.

After Catholic mass was made illegal during the Scottish Reformation in the sixteenth century, it fell into disrepair and ruin. Historic Environment Scotland presently has guardianship of the monument. According to the remains, the most prominent church to have been erected in Scotland was roughly 119 m (390 ft) long.

Swilcan Bridge

A little stone bridge on the St Andrews Links golf course in Scotland is called the Swilcan Bridge, Swilken Bridge, or Swilcanth as it was formerly known. The Old Course's Swilcan Burn is crossed by the bridge, symbolising the game of golf.

It is located between the first and eighth fairways. The Golfers' Bridge was the old name for the bridge and had been used for hundreds of years.

British Golf Museum

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club's (R&A) World Golf Museum, formerly known as the British Golf Museum, is situated in St. Andrews, Scotland, just across from the clubhouse. The museum is owned and run by the R&A.

The golf museum, which debuted in 1990, chronicles the game's history from the Middle Ages to the present, covering men's and women's competitions on a national and international level as well as amateur and professional competitions. Historic equipment, memorabilia, artwork, paperwork, the history of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, and the terms and regulations of the sport are all included in the exhibits.

The museum opened its doors in 1989 in a single-story structure that had previously been behind the Clubhouse. Later, the structure underwent renovation and expansion, gaining 6,200 square feet in total, including a rooftop café. Summer 2014 saw the commencement of construction, which was finished in June 2015.

On June 21, 2021, the British Golf Museum, formerly known as the R&A World Golf Museum, the museum was reopened.

Universities in St. Andrews

University of St Andrews

·        Our accommodation is close to the university.

·        You can find several city attractions near the University of St Andrews.

·        Bus stops surround the campus connecting you to the rest of the city.

Cities Nearby St Andrews

Casita now offers dormitories for students in Glasgow, Perth, and Edinburgh, in addition to alternatives for those who live in St Andrews.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out these answers to common questions and go to Help Centre for more details.


When should I start looking for St Andrews student accommodation?

As soon as you can, start looking for affordable student housing in St. Andrews. While Casita will assist you with the majority of the steps—including the kind of accommodation, the facilities offered, the location, and the closeness to your university—careful research is still necessary to guarantee a simple booking experience.


When should I book my accommodation for the September intake?

You can start looking for housing between January and March, or ideally approximately six months before your admission if you are chosen for the September intake.


Are there short-term stays in St Andrews?

Short-term stays in St. Andrews are offered by several providers. It is advised to check the availability of the preferred student housing within the desired time frame. To assist you in locating St Andrews student accommodation that allows short-term stays, you may also consult a Casita housing specialist.


How much rent does a student pay for accommodation in St Andrews?

Private lets comprise most of the options for student housing in St Andrews, with prices beginning at £5,200 per month.


How do I pay for my student room in St Andrews?

You have a variety of transactional options, including using your debit card or net banking, to make the payment. We can help you with the complete payment procedure with our own payment site at Casita.


Can I pay my student accommodation rent in instalments?

Yes, you can make payments over time. Some suppliers, nevertheless, could insist that you have a UK guarantor. For further information on this subject, see your accommodation expert once again.


Are bills included in my rent?

This mostly depends on the supplier; many student housing choices in St Andrews include essential utilities like electricity, water, and gas in the rent, while some even include Wi-Fi and insurance at no additional cost. But once more, it's advised to check the advertising pages or speak with a housing specialist to learn about the precise rent included.


Can I get discounts for student accommodation in St Andrews?

Yes, students may get great deals and pay less rent in St Andrews if they make their reservations in advance. Making a group reservation is another way to save money on rent. Other promotions are frequently accessible, therefore, we advise you to check our website often for the most recent ones.


What is a guarantor, and will I need one?

A guarantor is someone who agrees to pay your rent if you are unable to do so yourself and signs the rental agreement with you. A guarantor can be anyone. However, they are typically family members. If you're relocating to St Andrew’s, you'll likely need to locate a guarantor because most landlords in the UK require it.


How do I complete my booking?

After you make a request on our website, one of our accommodation professionals will get in touch with you to book the room of your choice or to provide you with alternatives if the room is not available during the dates you have selected. Simply select a room, click the "Enquire" button, and then complete the enquiry form that appears in front of you.


What should I look for when booking St Andrews student accommodation?

When looking for student housing in St Andrews, you should seek for locations that provide all-inclusive fees, completely furnished housing alternatives, housing close to your preferred university, and student houses with any necessary facilities.


What are the best areas for students to live in St Andrews?

Several different neighbourhoods in St. Andrews are near the city's various colleges and universities. Students will have little trouble locating high-quality, reasonably priced student housing in places like Westburn Lane in St. Andrews.


What different accommodation types are available for students in St Andrews?

In St Andrews, there are several different kinds of student housing options, including PBSAs (Purpose-Built Student Accommodation), private rentals, and co-living areas.


What are the different available room types?

The several room options in the student housing at St. Andrews include single, double, triple, and en-suite rooms, as well as private halls with flats, studios, and penthouses.


Can I get a furnished student room in St Andrews?

You may quickly locate completely furnished rooms in St Andrews that include a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and chair for a study area, a bathroom, and a fully functional kitchen by using Casita's services.


Can I see the property before moving in?

Almost all of the St Andrews student accommodation choices allow students to inspect the property either through virtual tours or online viewings using Skype or Zoom, allowing you to explore your future home before moving in.


What’s the best mode of transportation in St Andrews?

When reserving student accommodation in St. Andrews, you may travel across the area using the city's numerous transportation options. To go from one point to another, you can either utilise the subway, take the bus, call a taxi, rent a bike, or walk.


What is dual occupancy student accommodation?

Dual occupancy often refers to student accommodation that are typically one- or two-bedroom homes, where additional guests are permitted to stay at either the same price or a slightly higher rate.


What are anti-COVID measures in place at student accommodations in St Andrews?

The majority of companies that provide student housing have recently increased the amount of cleaning and sanitising they do in the units and common spaces; some companies even give free weekly cleanings. For further information on the COVID measures in place in your preferred building, contact your housing specialist.


Is it safe to rent private student accommodation?

Before being listed on our platforms, landlords are carefully and completely verified. Additionally, we only select the most dependable and secure solutions for students regarding St Andrews student housing providers.


Are these accommodations secure?

The majority of our alternatives for student housing at St. Andrews, notably PBSAs (Purpose-Built Student Accommodations), are secure and safe. Additional security measures, such as CCTV and security staff, are also implemented, and the safety of the students is taken into consideration.


Can only students book with Casita?

Yes, Casita mainly accepts student reservations. While students under the age of 18 may also book with us, they will need some help with their options, so get in touch with us for that. Students above 18 can quickly discover a suitable student hall in St Andrews.


Can my parents or guardian stay for the first few days when I arrive?

All student accommodation in St Andrews has its own set of laws and restrictions about hosting visitors, even if some student apartments may let parents or guardians remain with students. To receive all the information you want, we advise you to verify with the supplier or get in touch with an accommodation specialist.


Can I stay with a friend at my student hall in St Andrews?

The exact accommodation you select and the supplier are primarily responsible for this. You may typically rent an apartment with pals. However, you might have to pay a small fee to do so or rent a dual occupancy unit.


What if I don’t like my accommodation after moving in?

We do our best at Casita to locate accommodation that adhere to all of your needs and preferences. Referring back to the provider is advised because cancellation rules differ from one provider to another if you wind up disliking your lodging due to any unanticipated or unacceptable situations.