Your 2020 Guide to Hosting an Online Christmas Party

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Noha Hatata

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16 December, 2020

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Hosting a Christmas party in 2020 may sound challenging while everyone is staying at home to keep themselves safe. Good news, you can still have an exciting, fun and warm Christmas by hosting an unforgettable virtual Christmas party that will surprise your family and friends! Here is a guide on how to prepare the best online Christmas party.

1.Send Virtual Invitations

Design simple Christmas party invitations with stunning animations to send to your guests; use tools like Canvas or Evite to ease the process. Canvas is full of templates you can customise for almost every occasion throughout the year. Make sure to mention the exact time of your party on your invitation. Ask your guests to dress up for this festive event, and make sure they mark their calendars.

2. Schedule Food Delivery

Cook your speciality Christmas dish and send your guests their meals. Schedule an order for a delicious dish from your local restaurant, or opt for something simpler like homemade Christmas cookies, candy jars, or packs of delicious hot chocolate. If you live in a different country, simply send your guest a recipe for a dish you can enjoy together. Christmas is all about warmth and traditions, so food is essential!

3. Plan an Online Entertainment Program

Create an agenda for the day and find engaging activities for your guests, make sure your guests participate in your activities and set a friend to act as the MC asking the questions and moving the event along.

Your online entertainment program could include one or more of the following: 

Talent Showtime

Ask your guests to prepare a 10-minute show each, presenting their talent; maybe some know how to play the piano, sing a beautiful song, dance, or even do stand up comedy. They don't need to be professional, just let everyone enjoy the show and have a good laugh at the silly moments.

Online Games

Maybe a game of online hangman where everyone has to guess a word according to the category, a fun trivia card game, truth or dare, or the millionaire game; the options are limitless! If your friends are gamers, you could even go for a game of Call of Duty, Minecraft, League of Legends, etc. Check out our 8 Fun online games blog for a list of fun games you could play. 

Christmas Karaoke 

Prepare instrumental versions of your favourite Christmas songs and ask your guests to sing. That's a great way to feel the Christmas vibe.

4. Create Memories Video Show for Your Family or Friends

Living away from home doesn't mean you can't relive beautiful memories that you shared with your guests. Create a fun video or a slideshow with all the beautiful pictures and clips you have. Share your screen with everyone and watch their heartwarming reactions. An easy video editing software you can use for such videos is Filmora Video Editor, and if you wish for an even easier program, simply open Windows Movie Maker and start editing. 

5. Send Christmas Presents:

Whether you plan on sending expensive gifts or budget-friendly souvenirs, sending out physical items for your guests helps everyone enjoy a warm Christmas vibe. You can include simple souvenirs of chocolates, ornaments, greeting cards and Christmas decorations. Check out our Art of Choosing Christmas Gifts blog for the best tips on how to choose gifts.  

If your guests are in a different country, you can opt for sending them virtual gifts like printable cards, printable puzzles, and gift cards from their favourite store.

6. Time for Christmas Presents Reveal:

Make sure to ask your guests to save their presents for the final activity of the day, the present opening event. By the end of the party, everyone can take a turn to guess their present, unwrap it, and share the joy.

Finally, always enjoy the process of planning your party, ask others to help you host the event, and enjoy your day to the fullest. Don’t forget to take pictures and screenshots and share them with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!


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