Weather in Australia at Christmas

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Ola Elwassify

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27 December, 2018

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Relating Christmas to snowy weather, even in decorations, is widespread; however, Australia witnesses Christmas during summer vacation. The usual Christmas day weather forecast in Australia is around 27°C in the daytime and the minimum one never goes below 22°C, based on Sydney weather December 2018. But thanks to sea breezes, the weather is pretty cool.

The weather in Australia in December is known for being summery and the streets become full of LED starfish and umbrellas, unlike other wintery ones in the UK, for example.

Australia weather in December 2018 broke new records with temperatures up to 47°C due to a heatwave that hit most of the country. Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania had some health alerts issued from the Victorian authorities.

The only territory experiencing below-average temperatures is Coastal Queensland. Adelaide and Melbourne have mild forecast and likely, southern and central Australia and New South Wales are witnessing an increase in the temperature.

Weather in Australia in January is fairly good in Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne, but the latter might see some rainy days. In Brisbane, the weather is a bit higher, reaching 30°C in the daytime. Canberra will see a slightly lower temperature, but it is still considered hot with humidity.

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