University Student Before-Graduation Bucket List!

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Ola Elwassify

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26 July, 2018

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University Life

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University time is well-known as the best for trying new experiences and doing new things. To make your student life the best it can be, especially if you are a UK international student, you will surely have to try the following college bucket list before graduation:

1. Party for No Reason

Throw a party where you and your new international university friends can socialise and loosen up a bit. Partying might seem ridiculous to some, but it is an amazing way to gather with friends, be spontaneous, and share where you all come from and what partying traditions you have.

2. Decorate Your Accommodation Room

Whether you are staying in a luxury student accommodation or a cheap student accommodation in the UK, decorating and personalizing your room will lift your spirit and will make you feel you are at home away from home.

3. Attend Sports Events

Even if you are not into sports much, attending one in your university days is fun with friends. You will get to know information about the sport that no couch-watcher could have known!

4. Join a Student's Club/Student Union

Setting aside that joining a club and/or student union boosts your career prospects in the future, it will also increase your interpersonal skills and will make you practice anything that you have always wanted to try. It's one of the best things to do before you graduate university.

5. Absorb the Culture

One of the advantages of being an international student in the UK is that you are in a new place that needs exploration. It's guaranteed that you'll find a lot of fun activities for university students. Gather your friends and visit the heritage sites in the city you live in. Take some pictures and send them to your family back home! Let them know you are doing well.

6. Escape During the Weekend

As a university student in the UK, your weekdays are always jammed with assignments and essay writings, let alone the practical parts. Research the UK transport options and plan a weekend away with your friends to have a break.

7. Visit a Library

The new generation is either not into reading real books or more into online journals and books; however, using a library near your student accommodation in the UK is a necessity in university life. You will never be able to find so many free-of-charge books to be read and used as in a real library, so give it a try!


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