What to do on Graduation day?

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Samir Badawy

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06 February, 2023

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We all know how challenging studies can be and how rewarding it can be to see the results of your hard work. That's why you should have nothing less than a big celebration on your graduation day to commemorate your study journey. Success always comes with willpower, perseverance, and a healthy state of mind. Undoubtedly, graduation day should require some preparation to make it as memorable as possible. This blog will provide ideas for those asking, "what to do on graduation day?". 

Before The Ceremony

Before the ceremony, it is essential to know all the details regarding timing, seating plan, getting your invitation tickets, collecting your gown, and knowing the location. Once that's out of the way comes the fun part of "what to do on your graduation day?". For that, you'll need to see what will make this day memorable with yourself, your family, and your friends. Some plans can also be communicated to your university along with your peers.

Graduation day

Fun Outdoor Ideas

There are many fun ideas for outdoor activities to create fun and memorable gatherings before and after your graduation ceremony, here are some of them! 

Have a Picnic Party

If the weather's nice, make use of that and get some bites, napkins, clothes, and an icebox and remember to gather your loved ones; this can be a fantastic start to the day or the cherry on top after graduation. Picnics are usually laid back and fun, not to mention being surrounded by nature. Starting your day surrounded by friends or family and nature and sharing a laugh and a good bite will no doubt lift your spirits and ease your nerves for the graduation ceremony. 

Play Outdoor Games

You can arrange and play a wide range of games with friends to set the mood for graduation and create multiple memorable experiences; this can involve musical chairs, checkers, or any other game you like to play. Outdoor games will break off the stress, boost your energy, and help you create unique memories. You can also take multiple photos and videos to keep this day's memory alive.

What to do as a graduate

Capturing The Moment

If you're wondering what to do on graduation day, then the first thing you should think about is creating lots of memories and capturing this unique moment of joy with your friends and family; this can be done through various unique ways that can add extra excitement to capturing the moment. Some ideas include the following: 

Setting Up a Photobooth

Setting up a photobooth independently or through the university provides many fun and memorable pictures. You can create lots of funny and quirky graduation photos with some props and fun effects. Not to mention that many photobooths print out the pictures on the spot and sometimes even print out the pictures with unique designs and templates.

Make a Graduation Video

Taking graduation videos is a unique way of capturing the moment. This graduation video can be prepared by a skilled peer, a friend, or a family member who can edit; you can create an amazing and unique graduation video that stands out from the crowd.


As graduation ceremony invitations are limited or due to distance, many family members and friends can't attend your ceremony, make sure to get them involved through a live video, allowing them to share the moment in real-time with you.

Graduation day activities

Commemorate Your Journey

There's nothing better than highlighting your journey, and graduation day is a fantastic opportunity to share your story and show your friends, family, and peers how far you've come. Here are some unique ideas to commemorate your journey on graduation day!

Create a Slideshow

A slideshow doesn't have to be boring like the slideshows we know, it can instead be used for special occasions. You can add some pictures of yourself showcasing your progress and how far you've come with unique and fun background music. Now that is something worth seeing! Not to mention including your journey through university and pictures with your university peers, and don't forget to include quirky and funny pictures.

Collage Poster

Another way to commemorate your graduation and how far you've come is by doing a pic-collage poster. Collage posters are similar to slideshows but in a poster which can be later kept in your room to keep this day's memory alive and to keep it for inspiration to empower you for your next milestone.


In the last part of your graduation day is the party! Remember, there is no celebration without a proper party; make sure to cook up fantastic food, pick what to wear on this memorable day, create your perfect playlist, decorate, and invite all of your loved ones or maybe join in with your friends on a unique hangout. And of course, remember to take lots of pictures!

And lastly, remember to thank your loved ones and those who supported you throughout your journey and maybe exchange gifts. This is your sign to make the most of your graduation day and enjoy this milestone to the fullest. From all of us at Casita, have a wonderful graduation day!


What are some graduation party activities?

You can do many activities at your graduation party; these include games like charades, musical chairs, guess who, and many more. You can also take the time to connect with friends, play your favourite music and take lots of pictures.

What are some things to do before your graduation ceremony?

Check out all the details regarding the date, time, and seating plan and get the invitations. Then start by making a graduation day checklist of everything you’d like to do.

What are some unique graduation ceremony ideas?

Some unique ideas include throwing a picnic, playing outdoor and indoor games, and setting up a photo booth; you can also gather with your friends for a nice meal or a fun hangout. Alternatively, you could also host a house party to celebrate the occasion.


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