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Ultimate Student Guide to Transport in the UK

Ultimate Student Guide to Transport in the UK
Created By: Ola ElWassifyon 16 March, 2017

For the new students who recently moved to the UK, adjusting to the local culture may be daunting. They will find it hard to move from one point to another since they are relatively unaware of the transportation of the city. Fortunately, understanding the local transportation system is fairly easy. Though you will often hear the locals complaining about the services, it is surprisingly reliable and efficient compared to the other systems in other cities. In addition, with a small amount of planning, it can also be affordable. Here are the various transportation choices that the students may use during their accommodation in the UK.

1. The Railway Network

The railway system across the UK is very efficient. Students with a full-time study will be qualified to enjoy the benefits of the 16-25 railcard. This will shave at least 1/3 of the train's cost, which will make it ideal even if you are just taking the train for a casual journey. It is also recommended to go for early-booking choices since tickets that are bought earlier are normally discounted. You may visit the official site of that will help you find better deals when it comes to train transportation. You may also avoid the booking fee if you choose to make a reservation directly from the operator line.

2. Travelling By Bus

Taking the bus offers students great value. It offers various discounts that will help you save a hefty amount of money yearly. As a student in London, you will need the Oyster Card in order to register your bus fare and enjoy the discounts. In the remaining parts of the UK, tickets can be bought directly on the bus. There are also QR codes located on the bus stops that will give you access to the timetable of the buses.

3. Coaches

When it comes to long-distance journeys, students should take advantage of the coaches. It may be slower compared to the trains, but it is a lot cheaper compared to the other forms of transportation in the UK. Megabus and National Express are the two leading providers of coaches, as they provide very comfortable seating and free internet access. They also offer student discounts which can also save you a fraction of your overall transportation expenses.

4. Bikes

Apart from being environment-friendly, bikes are super fast and super cheap when it comes to transportation. As a student, you might want to rent a bike to reach desired destinations easily while enjoying the views of the city. Different cities across the UK are offering bikes rentals services, such as Bath, Belfast, Edinburgh, Exeterand Glasgow. You might want to go for companies that are specialized in renting bikes for long periods. Cycle paths are paved and found across the UK, yet their quality and quantity might differ. It is also agreeable to share the pavement with pedestrians, as bikes are the greenest method of getting around the streets of the city.

5. Plane

The UK has at least 24 commercial airports which make it comparatively easy for students to take short flights. For long trips, flight tickets can be more expensive compared to the other mode of transportation. However, they are faster compared to trains; the 5-hour train ride from London to Edinburgh can only take less than an hour if you choose to go by plane.

In case you are a foreign student, your chosen university in the UK will provide you with a guide about the local transportation system. There are also times that the university will organise the transports for their students.

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