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University Life: Expectations Vs Reality

University Life: Expectations Vs Reality

Created At:11 November, 2021
Created By:Amira Adel
Updated At:19 March, 2023
University Life

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Going to university, of course, you will have some expectations about how university life is going to be. However, things may not always be as you’d imagined them. University isn’t always fun and games; sometimes you have to write essays, and present to people . But worry not, not every student has the same university experience, that’s for sure. So, just before you get too carried away, we will help you get back to earth. Here are a couple of university life expectations you might wish to reconsider. 

1. I Finally Have My Freedom

Free at last! The idea of university life is the ultimate dream for people who have been waiting to move out. It’s the first thing that students think about when moving away from home and attending university. You think you will only go home on holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and maybe just a couple of days during the summer. 

Here is the deal, you’re going to miss home more than you think. You will find yourself missing the fresh, hot homemade meals, the daily talks with your parents, and even your siblings and their fights. 

Source: Tenor

Source: Tenor

2. I Will Earn My Degree Easily

Just because you are studying something you love doesn’t mean you will get your degree easily. There’s so much more to getting a degree than just studying what you love. 

You will be excited about what you’re learning at university, but you might also find yourself overwhelmed with the workload. Sometimes you will focus so much time and energy on a specific subject, especially during the first semester or the first year. This can be draining and can make you lose your passion. 

Therefore, always remember that you chose this major because you love it. The first semester or the first year doesn’t define how the rest of your university years will be like. 

3. Student Loans and Financial Stability 

Getting the first instalment of your student loan will leave you speechless. It will most probably be the biggest amount of money you have ever seen. You will feel relieved, and you’ll think to yourself: “Wow, am I rich or what!” You might even go out and treat yourself big time. 

Now, hold on a minute! Don’t spend that money now! Relax, and breathe with us! Ask yourself this: “how much does university cost?” Will you have a lot of money left after paying for your tuition, taxes, textbooks and rent? Probably not. So, you have to be very careful with how you spend your money. Prioritise your needs and budget yourself. You can even download an app or create a spreadsheet to help you manage the money you’re spending

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

4. Accommodation

As a student, you can choose between a PBSA and on-campus accommodation. Both require a different budget and a different lifestyle. Lower your expectations, regardless of what you choose, life in a private student accommodation won’t be all fun and parties. Your room will need cleaning, you will have laundry, and you will have to organise a schedule for using the shared area with your flatmate. Sounds like a lot, right? We know that’s why we are telling you to give your accommodation choice throughout choice, Monica won’t be the one cleaning, you will be. 

5. Studying, Assignments, and Workload

As we all know, you always promise yourself that this year will be different and that you’ll study hard and not waste a minute. You promise yourself that you will keep up with all the workload you have and that you’ll never leave any assignment to the last minute. We’ve all been there.

It is not impossible, but remember to give yourself room for mistakes. If, after the first week, your assignments start to pile up, it is ok. You can simply manage your time better in order not to feel overwhelmed. In addition, you can think about studying and doing assignments as an exam prep strategy to motivate you. 



6. Being Healthy

You go to university telling yourself that you’re going to eat healthily and cook for yourself. Maybe you can pull this off for the first week of your university life, or even the first month. But then you’ll find yourself swamped with assignments and projects that you might occasionally eat junk for a meal or two. Don’t be harsh on yourself and maybe exercise afterwards. That’s how you stay healthy.

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