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Allaa Ashraf

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25 January, 2023

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When you have too much on your plate, time can be tricky, so you need to manage it competently. Have you ever missed a deadline for an assignment because you were busy with other assignments? Have you ever been late in submitting a project, resulting in a lower grade than you deserved? Most likely, you have, and we all have.

As a student, you probably notice that colleague who is always sitting in that front row, and you wonder, "When did they manage to finish all this?" Their day, just like yours, has 24 hours in it; they just happen to know how to manage it efficiently. We live in a hectic world where life is a series of deadlines and meetings, and as an international student, time management can be daunting when you consider the many different facets that need to be managed throughout the day. Whether you're on a strict time budget or need to balance your schedule with multiple projects, this article will help you squeeze every second out of your day. Follow these tips and tricks to boost your time management skills and study better at university. So, shall we?

Time Management Tips and Tricks

1. Set Proper Goals

You can maintain concentration on your college work by setting goals. The problem is that since your goals are merely results, you are unable to accomplish them. Therefore, focus on the actions that must be made, such as making continuous development and forming improved habits, to achieve that goal. For example, if you need to produce a 5,000-word essay in a month, set a daily aim of 500 words. If you continue doing this, you might finish your essay in a week.

2. Make a Weekly Plan

Use a weekly planner for students or a mobile app to regularly add all of your classes, free time, assignment due dates, etc. Keep working on a single task until you finish it, and colour-code your calendar according to the importance of each task. Make sure to assume that everything must proceed as expected. Your entire timetable could be ruined if you forget to complete even one duty. A rigid plan shouldn't be used; instead, it should be dynamic and flexible. By designating some chores as priorities, you can reschedule those that aren't urgent right now.

Trello is a good app for planning that you could use. It has great features that may assist you in better managing your time. Harvest is another app that offers a free trial to test out all of its features.

3. Say “No”

Overcommitting can be one of the difficulties you encounter in college. Learn when to say "no" if you have trouble rejecting offerings. Refuse what you can't handle, and just embrace what you can. Avoid engaging in too many activities or volunteering without appropriate planning. Student activities provide an enjoyable experience, but going too far with them can be distracting. Do whatever you want with your time; just remember to set priorities.

Time Management Tips

4. Use Time Management Techniques

Different people require various time management techniques. If you're a college student, you might decide to use a different time management strategy than a working individual. If you're a visual person, a colour-coded calendar might appeal more to you than a printed to-do list. Let’s discuss two of the most significant time management techniques.

  • Combine Similar Tasks Together

A good time-management technique combines similar tasks. Let’s say you have a report on two book chapters, each with a different deadline. It is better to just work on the two together. Your brain is already accustomed to the task and knows the steps to follow to finish it faster. This way, you get extra time to take a break and maybe do something you love.

  • Use Time Blocking

“Give every minute a job." 

With the time-blocking technique, you divide your days into time blocks and allocate particular tasks to each block. For instance, you might spend the first hour or so working on a strategy memo; then, after a studying session from 10:00 to 10:30, you set aside thirty minutes to check your email; then, from 11:00 to 12:30, you might try to finish a project report that is due shortly; and so on. Every minute is assigned a task. What if an unanticipated problem or work that takes longer than anticipated throws you off your schedule? Not an issue. You just create an updated time block schedule for the rest of the day the next time you get the opportunity. The secret is always to use your time with intention.

5. Form Useful Habits

You might not be aware of it, but your habits significantly affect your time. If you are a night owl or a Netflix addict who doesn’t observe time, it’ll usually be wasted on useless activities. Try to form the habit of always waking up early and going to bed early enough. This way, you maintain your concentration throughout the day and focus more on your assignments. Also, try adding a deadline even to your breaks; that way, time never passes you by. Exercise is also a good habit to develop, as it helps you focus more. Try Yoga or meditation when you lose focus to retrieve it back

6. Give Yourself a Break

If you believe that giving yourself a break is wrong when the work is not finished yet, change that belief. Research has already proven that getting back to a task after two hours or a day is the best method to revise it effectively. Your brain usually cannot focus fully for more than 90 minutes, so you need a break for a couple of minutes every 90 minutes. Plan enjoyable breaks. If you love drawing, for example, draw during your break. Breaks can also be used as motivation for you to work more efficiently. There are a lot of things that we need to do on a daily basis, so it is important to set aside time for a little self-care.

So yeah, these tips should do the trick! We know you need to organise your life as a student. It’s important that you learn how to prioritise tasks, stay on top of deadlines, and avoid burnout with these time management tips that can help you stay on track. What other techniques do you use to clear your mind and manage your time?


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