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Adapting to University Live as Junior

Adapting to University Live as  Junior
Created By: Casita Teamon 23 March, 2017

You have just completed your high school education, passed with great grades, you got admitted to the UK University of your dreams, and you think that the worst is over. Well, that is true, but to an extent, it is not. Adapting to university student life, especially when you are studying abroad or far from home, can be quite a journey filled with hurdles that you have to overcome. It means that you have to get all your senses active; otherwise, you may get lost within the very first few days of admission. However, with a few guiding tips, you may just manage to hack this and get in line with the rest of the students.

1. Time Management

There is very little to no supervision on whether you attend your classes or not in most universities, which means that you will have to learn how to fully manage your time. However, time management does not only mean to find time for class only. It also involves finding time for yourself, studies, and assignments. The best way is to have a schedule that is strictly followed as much as possible.

2. Accommodation

There is the question of staying within or out of campus. The answer solely lies with you if there are no stipulated rules on them. Getting accommodation in a campus in your freshman year is the best, as you will be able to get acquainted with everything easier. This includes knowing where your lectures are and getting there on time. If you prefer living outside the school, ensure that you know where to get the bus or train easily.

3. Self-Care

This basically means taking care of you, which includes eating right, maintaining personal hygiene, socializing, and relaxing. Student life at university can get very hectic real quick and you may find that you do not have any time to yourself. That can be dangerous to your health and your personal well-being which is why you should find opportunities to relax by yourself or with some friends.

4. Socialization

This will form a large part of your campus life. You need to be wise about the social circles that you engage in to avoid getting absorbed into bad crowds that may affect your education.

5. Finances

This is one of the toughest things to manage at the university as you have so many needs. You may have to get a job if you are not from a really well-off family so as to meet the deficit in your finances. Ensure that you always take care of the necessary and basic needs first before anything else so that you do not find yourself in funny situations.

Always remember that your main reason for being at the university is to get an education, and that should be your primary goal. Everything else just comes with the life of a student so learn to embrace it wisely.

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