Benefits of Working Part-Time While Studying in the UK

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Marwa Abady

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09 March, 2021

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Have you thought about working part-time while studying in the UK? Balancing your studies and work is not easy since you need to find a flexible job to fit around your university schedule. That’s why many students overlook the idea of working part-time while studying, thinking that it will not affect their future career. In fact, working part-time while studying is beneficial since it increases your income and your chances of getting hired quickly after obtaining your degree. 

Depending on your visa as an international student, you can seek a part-time job in the UK for up to 20 hours per week. There are part-time jobs on campus for students. You can work as a research assistant, library assistant and many more. You can also work part-time outside the university with many possible options like an au pair, a chef, a waiter/waitress, a graphic designer, a tutor, and more.

In this blog, we will provide you with some benefits of working part-time while studying in the UK.

Benefits of Working Part-Time While Studying in the UK

1. Earn While You Learn 

If you are tired of your current financial position, working part-time while studying could be a great solution! A part-time job pays lower than a full-time job; however, it could help you fund a part of your studies and contribute to your living costs.

Tuition fees for international students studying in UK universities can cost up to £38,000 per year and even more for medical degrees. Also, living expenses are not cheap in some cities in the UK. Therefore, working part-time while studying in the UK can help improve your financial situation.

2. Gain Work Experience 

Not only will you make money, but you will also gain professional experience. After graduation, employers will not assess your resume or application by your degree and grades only; they expect you to have work experience as well. Working part-time while studying in the UK gives you relevant experience that will give you a headstart when you start working full-time after graduation. 

3. Sample Your Career Choice

Gaining experience in your field of interest is one of the benefits of working part-time while studying; it will help you to better understand the area of work, the pros and cons of working in the field as well as helping you decide if you really want to work in this area. You can think of it as a test-run!. 

4. Practice What You Have Studied

If you start working in an industry related to your major, you can put the concepts you are learning at university into practice. For example, if you majored in English studies, working as a part-time blogger or English-language tutor requires applying what you have studied during your classes to your work and a real-life situation. 

5. Develop Your Skills

Besides gaining professional experience, you will develop your skills through any part-time job. Even if you are working in a position unrelated to your degree, you will develop your soft skills applicable in any context, like communication, problem-solving, analytical thinking, leadership, adaptability, and more. On the other hand, if you worked in an industry related to your field of study, you will also gain the ‘hard’ skills that will help you land your dream career after graduation. 

6. Improve your English

One of the benefits of working part-time while studying in the UK is improving your English language proficiency. Listening to everyday English and being exposed to a variety of accents will help you advance your listening skills. As time goes on, you will find yourself speaking with a more native-like accent. You will also be able to have a conversation using local language and slang words.

7. Experience Local Culture

Work interactions will not only develop your linguistic skills but also improve your local culture knowledge. You will observe society’s values, relationships, and ways of communication. Immersing yourself in the local culture, you will learn how to embrace cultural differences and gain an open mindset. Consequently, you will see life from a broader view and become a more integrated member of the local community. 

8. Gather Work References

In the workplace, we all know how important references are. So working part-time while studying in the UK can help you gain references you can later use when applying for graduate jobs. Juggling your student and work life, you will have more references than your university colleagues who did not work while studying. Your references would include your professors, your managers at work, and professional team members you are working with. 

9. Stand Out From the Crowd

Part-time jobs allow you to stand out from the crowd, especially if you made positive contributions to the workplace while you were working part-time. Moreover, your resume will not be blank since you will write down the qualifications and the skills you developed while working. This work experience will attract employers to offer you a job of a lifetime over the other candidates.

In a nutshell, earning and learning at the same time allows you to live both a student and professional life. This could be tough since it puts stress on you; however, by scheduling your time carefully and focusing on investing your time and money for your future, you could turn the pressure into motivation and get wonderful results. 

Don’t forget, it is always important to prioritize your studies over work! Good luck!

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