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Top In-demand Skills in 2021

Top In-demand Skills in 2021
Created By: Hadeel Hossamon 14 July, 2021

The job market is constantly changing and growing. With this constant change emerges new needs and demands from employers that are taken into consideration in the hiring process. As a university student, you should think about how to prepare yourself for the job market to make the most out of your degree. That means you should always be updated on the top skills required in the market and try to learn or enhance them. This year, the job market witnessed a huge change regarding skills due to the global pandemic; here are the latest in-demand skills in 2021.

Top Practical Skills In-Demand In 2021

1. Healthcare

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, everything related to healthcare has become a number one priority for many countries. Not only is there a major demand for doctors, but other positions as well, including registered nurses, nursing assistants, nurse practitioners, and intensive care nurses. A nursing licence entails having various skills, like CPR, ACLS, and basic life support. Other skills for this profession are clinical research, patient care and advocacy, and time management. Another healthcare profession that has become increasingly in demand is mental health specialists, a mixture of traditional nursing and mental health care. It requires the same skills for nursing along with sufficient professional knowledge in psychiatry and psychology.

2. Digital Marketing

For a while, digital marketing had started to gain immense importance in most companies as a source for online customer conversion. As a result, it’s one of the fastest-growing industries. Even though it’s considered fairly new, digital marketing has already become one of the most in-demand skills in 2021, with new job titles constantly surfacing. This has also increased due to the global pandemic and everything being completely moved to be online. The world of digital marketing is very vast and includes many skillsets for each specific position. The key skills needed for any position are the same and are mainly brand management, digital strategising, and product marketing. Digital Marketing’s main goal is to grow the presence of brands online and you can do that by being either a Social Media Manager, Marketing Representative, Creative Content Creator, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, and much more.

3. UX Design

Speaking of the whole world functioning through the digital world, the user experience for anyone using a certain website or application has increased in importance. This is where the skill of UX design comes into play which is a process that takes into account the person’s attitude and emotion towards a certain product, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness as well as psychological motives. This makes it a perfect skill for all those tech-savvy students who are also interested in psychology. It requires knowledge in web design, design thinking, and testing user experience. Job titles for this skill include User Experience Researcher, Product Design Consultant, User Interface Designer, and User Experience Designer.

4. Programming Languages Skills

It has now become essential in many schools worldwide to learn at least one programming language just like we learn a second foreign language. It’s one of the most important skills to have in the current job market since it’s what’s behind the scenes of all the websites and applications people are using. The top programming languages used that are essential to learning are Java, Javascript, Python, C#, PHP, and C++. To be a highly in-demand employee in this field, you need knowledge of coding in one or two of these languages, mathematical skills as well as problem-solving skills.   

5.Data Analytics

Data analysis has always been one of the most important skills in the job market utilised by all companies and businesses. Now, it has also become an integral part of digital marketing and advertising. In addition, huge companies like Facebook and other social media platforms rely on data in running their business. Having this skill can get you a job as a Data Management Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Science Specialist. To excel in this field, you need to know Statistical Modeling, Data Visualization, and TensorFlow.

6. Sales & Customer Service

Another in-demand skill that will probably never cease from the job market is sales and customer service. Any company or business needs a sales team to market their products or services and a team of customer service professionals to handle any customer inquiries and complaints. 

For this skill, you need to learn the art of persuasion while still giving people what they need. The best salesperson is someone who can help both existing and potential customers without exploiting them. Sales job titles vary between Inbound Sales Specialist, Sales Consultant, Sales Operations Assistant, and more.

As for customer service, frontline workers have proved to be essential workers during the global pandemic, and their importance has dramatically increased. It’s a field that requires being acquainted with customers to be able to serve them efficiently. You can be part of the customer service team in any business or work jobs like Supply Chain Associate, Package Handler, and Personal Shopper.

Top Soft Skills In-Demand In 2021

1. Adaptability

Change is inevitable in any business industry, so all companies look for flexibility. There’s also the fact that new technology is constantly emerging and becomes a requirement for employees to be able to perform the job, and they need to adjust accordingly. There is no bigger proof of the importance of this soft skill than this past year with COVID-19 and the major changes all industries went through, starting with having to function completely online.

2. Communication Skills

When it comes to communication skills, they are essential in any position since you will also have to be working with other people and departments. This includes the ability to communicate with clients, teammates, and management. Don’t think that because communication happens through online platforms and e-mails, that this skill isn’t important. It’s even more integral to be able to deliver information and your point of things without physical interaction. This means it’s time to sign up for the communication skills class at your school or university!

3. Creative Problem Solving

Any job has its challenges, and you will be expected to handle challenges professionally and efficiently as an employee. This past year proved the need for creative problem-solving skills as businesses had to face many changes due to the pandemic. This is why it is now expected in the job market for employees to come up with creative solutions to any issue that faces them or their team and the overall workflow. You should also be able to come up with suggestions for already existing issues to showcase your innovation.

4.Time Management

No matter what position you choose as a career, there will always be time-sensitive tasks. Time management is a skill needed by all jobs nowadays, especially in healthcare. In addition, since the pandemic and moving to a work-from-home environment, it has become essential for employees to be able to organise their time to separate between work and personal life without having the structure of an office. College is the perfect time to work on your time management skills as you balance attending classes, studying, socialising, and maybe having a part-time job.

5.Continuous Growth Mindset

Another top in-demand soft skill is always being willing to learn new things and have a mindset for longevity. This mindset is achieved through always seeking improvement and acquiring new skills to adapt to the changing market. This is a skill that is needed and comes in handy at every job position. It’s the way you can climb the career ladder and reach higher prospects as well as remain up to date with all that is related to your field.

There you have it; these are the top in-demand skills in 2021 in the current job market that will significantly advance your career. Most of these skills you can acquire as you study in university. Try to attend many technical and soft skills courses to get a head start when you apply for jobs after graduation. Remember that these skills are nothing without good work ethics, dedication and hard work.

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