Best Study Websites for Students You Shouldn’t Miss

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Aiten Nadeem

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06 November, 2023

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Many students struggle with their academic courses and studying in general. Believe us, we know such a struggle ourselves. However, things have changed today with technology and artificial intelligence; the pace is rapid, and everything has become easier and more accessible. Nowadays, there are hundreds of helpful study websites for students, even mobile applications!

All of these websites and tools were created for you! It’s not shocking, we know, but here’s why you should have access to them. These sites for studying are there to aid you and turn such a draining and tedious task into a vibrant, smooth, and energetic one.

So we dove deep to gather all the best websites for students that you could effortlessly get your hands on, motivating you to grab that course material with enthusiasm and eagerness and to learn more about your field of study or any other field that you’re interested in. Without further ado, let’s get right down to business!



Starting with the most popular one, edX. The website is an online educational platform owned by 2U, the most famous American educational technology company. The website was founded in 2012 by the prestigious universities of Harvard and MIT. edX allows students to have certified courses in plenty of fields.

This is one of the best sites for students to study, with more than 4300 online programmes. Also, 250 leading universities and institutions provide it with certificates, like Berkeley, Google, and Boston University, and more than 78 million learners. edX is the best site for studying, where students, like yourself, can get the highest quality education.


This website is one of the most famous among students. It’s their go-to website whenever the idea of courses comes to mind. Coursera is filled with endless online courses, specialisations, hands-on projects, and degrees from top universities and academic institutions. 

In partnership with more than 275 leading universities and companies, this website offers a selection of courses, from computer science, business, and data science to social sciences and more than 150 courses in language learning.

Additionally, the website offers both free and cheap, paid courses, which is a bonus for you as a student on a tight budget who needs a certification. Hurray!


While establishing the website, the goal was to make learning more equitable and inclusive. This goal was achieved, as it has more than 16.9 million users from more than 240 countries. 

Udacity is a website for undergraduates or postgraduates, as it’s way more popular among those who are technical and career-focused, in addition to those who want to upgrade their abilities. There are 73% of graduates who reported a favourable career change by taking Udacity courses. 

This website is filled with efficient ways of teaching that will ease your learning experience. By subscribing to Udacity, you get mentorship and career services and get involved in real-world projects. Wild, right? 

Saving the best for last, Udacity also delivers nano-degree certificates; it’s a certificate obtained only online and helps students acquire specialised skills in fields related to computer science. It could be a little costly, but it’s definitely worth the additional benefit to your career.



You might think this website gives out the same thing as the previous one, but we’re here to tell you that that’s not true. Although Udemy is an online platform that has a variety of courses for students to choose from, it’s also very cost-effective. 

The website covers a broad range of courses, with more than 210,000 categories and dozens of subcategories, from marketing, Python, and programming to even personal development. 

The price of the courses could range from $19.99 up to $199.99, depending on whether you want to obtain a certificate or not. Udemy could be your plan B for online learning; you get what you pay, right?

Future Learn

This website is a British digital education platform that offers unlimited access to 1000+ high-quality, short videos from top universities and academic institutions in the United Kingdom.

The website consists of pre-recorded videos that you can access at any given suitable time. Some courses have quizzes, exercises, and assignments. On the other hand, if you want to gain full, unlimited access to exams and earn a certificate, you’d have to pay for an upgrade. 

You can fully benefit from the course and finish it at your own pace, without having to pay a penny. That way, you can learn without breaking the bank. Two birds with one stone, if you ask us!



Out of all websites, Quizlet is the best site for studying. It’s a tool that aids you with your studies, not just a basic, dull one. In fact, it’s an enjoyable tool that you can use with your friends.

This website will be your study buddy after you try it. Quizlet takes information and converts it into flashcards featuring games, quizzes, and group studying. It’s both informative and entertaining.

It also has what’s called “Spaced Repetition,” a smart way to empower your memory and recall information easily by tracking your progress in memory scores, which is another feature on the website. Then, it identifies the best time for you to recall what you’re studying in the future.

The website is a magnificent tool for students with ADHD; they’ll just ace that exam.


Khan Academy

For starters, the website is a non-profit educational organisation created in 2006 by Sal Khan. The website offers free online courses and resources to all students of all ages. Moreover, it allows the students to learn at their own pace with a personalised learning dashboard, so say goodbye to worrying about a deadline to finish your course! 

The website’s resources and courses are translated into over 36 languages, including French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Brazilian. The portal also offers practical exercises and instructional videos. So, you should take advantage of such a website that believes education is a human right.


Photomath is one of the most helpful study websites for students. We mean, this website is like a superhero. The website solves all those complicated mathematical problems that could take you all day to solve and give you a headache. 

The website gives you step-by-step guidance on how to solve any mathematical problem by scanning it using the Photomath app on your phone, and then the website will give you an instant answer on how to solve it.

If you feel that math is a devil dressed in a subject, Photomath will be your wingman and save the day.

Academic Earth

This website was launched in 2009. It’s one of the best sites for studying. It offers students an online educational system to study for any degree they prefer. As one of the best study websites for students, Academic Earth has partnerships with several top-ranked universities: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of California-Berkeley, and Stanford University. 

The website offers online degree programmes in almost everything: accounting, management, marketing, and psychology. They also offer easy access to academic books. This website is a golden ticket for you, as everything is free. Get up and start studying that course you want!



You might think that the website looks a little outdated compared to the rest of the sites for students to study, but you’d be shocked to the core by the amount of information and courses this website offers.

It was first established in 2006 by two siblings who believe that education ought to be free for everyone around the world. CosmoLearning gathers the highest-quality educational videos. The website’s creators are devoted to gathering as many free videos from the web onto the website as possible to create a friendly and intuitive educational environment for students and teachers.

This is one of the top websites for students with its vast collection of courses and study materials. To top it off, it has free access for everyone. We mean, how could it get any better?

All these study websites for students have one aim, which is to provide online educational access for students all over the world. If you’re a math geek or a history lover, you’ll find your desired course to study, and the tools we mentioned are a bonus for you. So what are you waiting for? Grab that laptop, your favourite pen, and get all comfortable in your studying area. It’s time to ace those exams. Who said learning can't be fun?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which website is best for learning?

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The best site for studying is very subjective for students. It depends on their priorities, needs, and learning styles.

What is the website that helps students study?

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There are various helpful study websites available, but the most commonly used and famous one is Quizlet.

Is online learning better?

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Different studies showed that online learning is way better than traditional classroom learning, especially for introverted students.