Best Earning Apps for Students

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Reem Mohamed

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05 December, 2022

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Student Finance

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Here’s a scenario, you’re a student and life can be hard, there’s no denying that. Your schedule is packed and you’re almost always on a deadline, and for some reason, you’re also almost always broke. You don’t really have time for a job, not even a part-time one. At this point, you’re desperate, so you turn to the one true solution for everything: the internet! 

There’s an app for literally anything and everything these days. You want food delivered? App! Grocery runs? Someone on this app will do them for you! What shoes should you get? Consult this app! Is this movie even good? Let’s ask a user on this app! So, is the solution to your broke student problem also an app? Well, in this day and age, you bet it is! 

What Are Some Earning Apps for Students?

So, if you’re a student, knee-deep in assignments, slightly behind on deadlines, and a little strapped for cash, we’ve got your back! Here are some of the best earning apps for students that you can use to get that cash rolling!

1. is a passive income app that can help you gain money via sharing your opinions. This can be done through serveys and questionsairs and so on and the more you answer the more you earn. It is a good start if you wish to have a side hustle that is not hard to manage.

If you don’t have the time for a part-time job or might be running low on energy to actually go somewhere and be productive, these earning apps for students can definitely come in handy when you’re strapped for cash and want to treat yourself with a little less effort than usual. So, which app is giving you the next paycheck? 

2. Freecash

Launched back in 2020, Freecash is by far one of the fastest growing websites to make money online. Using Freecash, you’re guaranteed to score the biggest payouts, have rapid cashouts, and low minimum withdrawals. The app prides itself on being simple, modern, and user-friendly with multiple offers and worldwide signups. 

Users on this up have already earned over $19,000,000. You can make money on Freecash through several ways, including performing chores, signing up for offers, completing surveys, and playing games.

You can get paid in so many different ways that are not cash, but do not freak out, cash is also an option! You can instantly withdraw your earned money through PayPal or digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Doge. Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, Spotify, Zalando, Play Station, and Xbox are among the famous retailers you can get gift cards to as payment. Other payment options include purchasing skins for the most well-known titles, including CS: GO, Fortnite, LoL, or Valorant.

3. Canvera

Photography fans would really enjoy making money off of this app! As one of the best earning apps for students, Canvera is an app where photographers can start selling photos that they have taken. Not only that, but it offers a great environment that makes it possible for all aspiring photographers to get jobs and be paid as well as start building their own portfolio and networking with other photographers.

4. Toluna

Complete a survey and earn money, simple, right? Well, that’s basically the concept behind this earning app for students. The way it works is that you answer a survey, and depending on your response to each question, you earn a certain number of points. In significant polls and questions, you can earn up to 2000 points. 

Your earnings can be collected in the form of exchanging points for various gift cards, coupons, and prizes. Payments can also be made PayPal transactions, Starbucks gift cards, and Amazon gift cards. 

5. Fronto

This is one of the easiest apps through which you can make money as a student. What the app does is simply take up space on your lock screen and place advertisements there. You can then receive points every time you watch an advertisement. Fronto takes little storage space on your phone, with this app’s only disadvantage being that you must use it for a year at least in order to make a sizeable amount of money.

6. Notesgen

Are you a dedicated note taker? Well, have you considered making money off of it? Because you can! This app allows you to get paid for your lecture notes, all you have to do is upload or share your notes on a subject that is famous among many other Notesgen users. Others can then download your notes or presentations. The money that you make then depends on the number of people who download your notes. The best part about this app? You can study and make money simultaneously!

Earning Apps for Students

7. Jobspotter

Contrary to its name, Job Spotter doesn’t actually help students directly find jobs. However, what this app does is reward you for helping, the app's founding firm, in finding employment in your area. Helping or doing the job that will actually get you the money is so simple, you just have to document or take pictures of any available job postings you come across in your neighbourhood, these can be found in newspapers or on noticeboards in the area, and post them to the app. 

An algorithm is then tasked with assigning you points for each job listing you upload. A single contribution can be worth between 5 and 150 points, depending on how creative the job posting is. This is an easy way to earn money on the daily as you’re basically keeping an eye out for potential jobs while you go about your day. 

8. Pocket Bounty

Listen, this might be one of the easiest and most entertaining earning apps for students. Who doesn’t fancy a good movie or some videos with interesting content? You can now earn money just for watching that, can you imagine? Abiding by certain terms and conditions, Pocket Bounty can give you coins for watching a movie, downloading apps, or completing surveys. The coins you get can then be used to secure some gift cards for either Amazon or Google Play.

9. Google Opinion Rewards

If you don’t really need cash and would like to have some points to use to download music, applications, books, and other things, then the Google Opinion Rewards app is the one for you. While you can’t buy material products with the money earned on this app, you can instead get Google Play or PayPal credits. All you have to do is just complete some surveys or give google access to certain data, and you’re set, download that album you’ve been waiting for!

10. Survey Junkie

This app makes it so easy to earn money as a student. You can sign up with so much ease and convenience and just get to work! The work in question is simply filling out a bunch of surveys, quick and simple. The app basically lets you earn the most amount of money you possibly can out of answering survey questions on your phone while you perform your day to day activities. It is simply one of the est earning apps for students out there. 

Best Earning Apps for Students

11. Swagbucks

This is yet another app that allows you to earn points by simply doing things you would probably be doing on a daily basis anyways. Whether it’s shopping, taking surveys, or watching videos, Swagbucks actually lets you make money doing those things. Payment, however, only comes in the form of gift cards. You can still use this to your advantage, though, especially if you’re buying gifts for friends or family or if you’re treating yourself to something new. 

12. Receipt Hog

This app lets you take pictures of your or friends’ and family’s receipts and earn points depending on the value of the purchase that was made. This should be an easy way for you to make money, because you already spend money on a daily basis, so might as well get this cash back. You can make around $100 a week just through uploaded pictures of receipts from your trips to the grocery or the beauty and health store.

13. Ibotta

This is another app that helps you make money through spending money. Similar to Receipt Hog, Ibotta asks for pictures of your receipts and searches for rebates on your behalf. There is a predicament threshold of $20, after you reach that, you can cash out and earn yourself a little extra cash. 

14. Bookscouter

This is basically a great way to make quick money using stuff you might already have. This app allows you to sell your books and make money while at home, you basically put the book you no longer need up for sale, compare prices, and sell for the most amount of money. Easy, quick, and beneficial!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app gives fast money? 

Out of all the earning apps for students, Swagbucks helps you get money the fastest. This is because the app pays you for doing simple tasks like taking a survey or watching movies or videos and pay you in a variety of gift card from famous retailers. 

How can I earn daily income as a student?

There are several ways through which you can earn money as a student and they don’t just have to be part-time jobs, although some online part-time jobs can be an option. You can earn money by blogging, posting content to YouTube, online tutoring, data entry, social media, and online sales among many others. This, along with the aforementioned list of apps, can be your ticket to making a living as a student. 

How much can I earn daily using apps?

Depending on the app you choose and the type of work and payment it offers, you can earn a good chunk of money, especially if you use more than one app at a time. An average of around $50 to $250 and even more can be made if you put your mind to it. 


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