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6 Fitness Apps You Should Try at Your Student Home

6 Fitness Apps You Should Try at Your Student Home

Created At:16 June, 2020
Created By:Ahmed Azzam
Updated At:15 March, 2023
Student Housing
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Staying fit should be one of your top priorities right now. With more and more countries trying to continue their daily lives in the wake of Covid-19 and adapt to the “new normal”, the return of face to face teaching is also expected to happen soon. It is time to show your friends that the extended stay at home did not cause any change to your healthy routine. 

You can do that by either Making use of the on-site gym facility in your student accommodation or using your phone to download a fitness app for your daily fitness routine. In case your student accommodation does not have an on-site gym or working out alone is what you prefer, the second option is the best for you. Start following fitness apps that create and organize an exercise schedule for you in your student room. This will help you organize your time, remind you when it is time to start and even help you stay motivated. As a general rule, to stay fit and motivated, consistency is an essential element; therefore, here is a list of 6 apps you could use to work out in your student room. 

Fitness Apps

30 Day Fitness Challenge - Workout at Home

This app, as the name suggests, has multiple challenges, one for each day of the month. Each challenge begins at the beginner level, and intensity is increased step by step until you reach pro-level fitness. The app is designed by professional fitness trainers who provide users with detailed workouts and guides to achieve the best results in 30 days.

Most of the exercises only take a few minutes and require little to no equipment. You can find designated exercises for any goal you have in mind whether you want to lose weight, stay fit or build muscle. When you use this app, it connects to Google Fit to summarize the calories burned data and calculate accurate outcomes. Additionally, the app sends you a reminder every day of your scheduled workout to maintain consistency.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal presents numerous exercises you can follow at your home to lose weight or gain strength. With time and practice, you can start to organize your own custom-made workout. The app has a huge community where you can find motivation and tips. It also allows you to connect to your other fitness apps for maximum results.

In addition to exercise, this app focuses on a healthy diet. It helps you track your food consumption easily using a food database of more than 11 million food items and cuisines. You can also set a calorie goal for yourself and add the daily calorie intake for each meal to ensure you are consuming what you need. Another way to track your food is through using the barcode scanner to understand the nutritional value of every item. This extra feature might contribute to your fitness goal and help keep you healthy.

Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

This app is designed to be your fitness guide in your home workout. It offers training plans that fit your body and personalized coaching tips instead of the general fitness tips that might not be relevant or useful for you. You can connect the app to your wearables, such as Apple Watch to track your progress. Also, the app offers a detailed description of your required calorie intake each day which makes it a complete guide for better health.


Fitocracy is all about motivation and competition. It turns the idea of a workout into a game with levels and achievements to unlock quests and beat others. It offers exercises that are easily performed at home with little equipment. When you start using the app, you can log your results to score points and level up. Your results will be displayed publicly to your friends and the community, where you can compete for the highest score against other users. 

HIIT & Cardio Workout by Fitify

You can depend on this app if you want to have offline workout exercises available to use at any time without the need for internet. They offer 90 different exercises with no equipment needed. The exercises are divided into 4 unique workout programs. The first workout program is high-intensity interval training for maximum results. The second program is light cardio that helps to burn fat in a 30-minute classic cardio exercise. The third is plyometric jumps if you need more movement and action leading to an effective outcome. Finally, the app offers a novice program for those who are not familiar with the cardio workout and need to start on low impact exercise.

Daily Yoga - Yoga Fitness Plans

It is yoga time now! If you are a beginner who is interested in yoga, this app has the basics of yoga before you are presented with advanced yoga techniques. Basic stretches, poses and important advice are given to beginners while the advanced yoga classes are intended for those who know about yoga and want to pick up from where they left off. There are yoga teachers who offer their expertise for you to follow their plan from your own room at college or university.

The app offers variable plans to suit your daily routine. The plans range from 5 to 70 minutes. It consists of 6 free programs and 13 sessions to try once you download the app. If you want to dive deeper into the app, they offer a special subscription with up to 80% off. Last but not least, the app is available in 7 languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, German, French).

App to track workouts

Finally, if you are interested in other useful apps you could use throughout the current period, check out our Useful Apps for Students Studying Abroad blog for a glimpse of the top learning and chatting Apps. Working out at your own place is a great chance to get fit in a short time without wasting valuable expenses on going to the gym. This is your opportunity to get in shape for when university life is back. Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay fit!

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