Why Students Care About Room Types?

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Noura Yousef

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26 November, 2019

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Student Housing

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Finding somewhere to live as a student studying abroad can be challenging. Various points are to be considered when choosing your room. What are the student room types available is one of the most basic yet critical questions, and knowing which one suits your personality best is not to be taken lightly either. Deciding on which facilities to share and which ones to remain private is a cornerstone to your university life. Are you fine with sharing your kitchen and bathroom with flatmates, or is it too much to handle? Do you prefer living in a spacious room to stretch out, or you find it cosy to be living in a petite room?

Each room type in a student home usually grants you a different benefit. Weighing the pros and cons of each room type is no crime; on the contrary, it will make it easier for you to decide and not have second thoughts. Thinking this over and over is totally fine, but cancellation might not be an option. If you might be stuck in a room for a year till you can change it, you might want to think twice if not thrice about it. To get to the chase, we might need to evaluate why international students, just studying abroad as you do, care about room types?

1. They are a Good Place to Communicate with Others

When it comes to choosing your student room, social bees search for a place to communicate and bond with other like-minded students rather than a place to study and spend the night at. Luckily, there are two room types suitable for you if you’re one of these social and interactive students: a single room and an en-suite room. They’re both the perfect choice for you if you are into socialising with others. Your communal kitchen will always be full of memories, and funny situations will always be your thing after your long university day. These rooms are typically located within a large flat with two bedrooms or more, and the kitchen and living area are shared in both types. The single room comes with a shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. It is typically booked by a group of friends wanting to share the same flat.

students communicating in their student room

2. They Provide a Chance to Depend on Yourself

Your student room can be a place where you can enjoy your quiet time and learn to depend on yourself. While living abroad alone is enough for you to feel independent, the responsibilities you have to handle in certain room types are definitely more of a challenge than others. If you choose to live a year in a studio or a flat, you will most likely have more opportunities to feel independent. You will have to calculate your home essentials alone, manage your budget, clean, organize, and even cook. Flats and studios are both self-contained and mainly accept single occupancy only. Some might have double occupancy as well; however, that is the maximum number of tenants for these room types. Flats are generally fully-furnished apartments with plenty of space, a separate bathroom, and a kitchen while Studios are usually fully-furnished rooms, slightly larger than the standard rooms, with a private bathroom and an open-plan kitchen.

independent student in her student room

3. They Help You Create Irreplaceable Memories 

Sharing a living area with strangers is not the only available option; you could also share your room with your friends or your couple. Your student room could be the place where you form an unbreakable bond with your friend and have fun till dawn. If you and your friend are ready to jump on the plane together, booking a twin student room together is the best choice. Twin rooms usually have two beds, workspaces, and a double wardrobe to fit your clothes.

On the other hand, If you are travelling with a group of friends, it might be better to check out a more affordable option like a quadruple or a triple room where you can all share a room with three or four beds. You could even try sharing a triple room with new students if you wish to form a strong bond with a roommate from a different culture. Whoever you end up with at this student room, you are bound to share a lot and grow closer by the end of the year. If you are open-minded and willing to challenge yourself to a higher level of communication than just day to day communication, these room types are for you.

Another option you could check is the double room. Shared with only one person and one bed, double rooms are a perfect choice for couples travelling together. It is where you can enjoy a journey that is unlike any other with your significant other. It could even be a trial of how you both could manage to live together in the future. Double rooms are generally affordable with a double bed, a workspace, or two, and a wardrobe.

In conclusion, choosing the best room type depends on two important factors, understanding the different room types available and understanding your personality and your preferences. It might benefit you to understand the terminologies you come across in the process of looking for your student room. Try reading What is All-Inclusive Bills? and Student Accommodation Terminology blogs to learn more about the student accommodation world.

students studying together in a shared room


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