Secrets of Choosing Your Perfect Student Room

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Ola Elwassify

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28 June, 2021

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Student Housing

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Are you feeling confused while choosing your student accommodation or don’t know how to start looking? It’s the next decision you have to make right after choosing your study destination and your university, and it’s just as critical of a choice. Several essential factors go into deciding where to live while you’re studying abroad. You need to carefully weigh in all your options based on the buildings location, your budget, and more. To help you out, we are going to let you in on few secrets for choosing your student room.

1. Prioritize Location

The most important factor you should consider when choosing your student room is the location. Try to find a property that is located within a short walking distance from your university campus. That way, you won’t have to worry about waking up hours before class to catch a ride to campus. If you don’t find something within walking distance, the next best thing is to choose a student accommodation with transport links located nearby so you can easily take a bus to class. Another aspect about location you need to consider is the kind of neighbourhood you choose to live in. It’s always best to choose a student neighbourhood to find the amenities that every student might need, like coffee shops, fast food restaurants, bookstores, and laundry facilities. It also gives you a chance to meet people your age and easily make new friends.

2. Cater To Your Budget

Money should also be one of the main factors you should consider while choosing a student room. It might be tempting to book a room in the most expensive, luxurious place, but you need to remember that other expenses come with studying abroad. Your parents already pay a lot of money to your university, so the budget they have for the rest of your living expenses might not cover that 5-star hotel apartment. There will also be expenses for food, books, and other necessities. That’s why you should choose a student room in a PBSA that includes utility bills in rent, so you don’t have to worry about any extra fees. Sharing a room or flat is also cheaper than staying in a private studio or one-bedroom apartment.

3. Compare Student Room Types

There are four types of student rooms: single rooms, en-suite rooms, shared rooms (twin, triple, quadruple), and studios. Single rooms are within a shared flat and come with a bed and study area, while the bathroom, living area, and kitchen are shared with 2-8 other students. An en-suite room is also in a shared flat and comes with a private bathroom and a shared living area and kitchen. Shared rooms are the same as single rooms except you will have another student staying with you. The room would usually include two beds, two wardrobes, and two study areas. Finally, studios are self-contained, meaning you have complete privacy, your own bathroom and kitchenette, and you only share the building’s communal areas with other students.

To choose what suits you best, you have to consider what your character is like and what will go along with your lifestyle. If you don’t mind sharing and socializing, renting a single room or an en-suite will be perfect for you. You will get to live with like-minded students and have shared experiences together that creates a unique bond. If you prefer having your own space without external distractions, you should book the self-contained studios. You will still have the advantage of socializing with other students in the communal spaces of the building itself but still have your privacy when you need it. Find out more in our “ A Guide to Student Room Types” blog. 

4. Compare Student Accommodation Facilities

The facilities included in the student accommodation you end up choosing will make a huge difference. As mentioned before, looking for accommodation that offers all-inclusive bills should be your priority because it would mean that your rent fee includes water, electricity, gas, and internet. Some properties offer additional facilities that could need extra fees, like parking and laundry facilities. You could also access perks like bike storage, study areas, a games room, a cinema room, outdoor lounges, and more. Some properties even offer an on-site gym to motivate students to stay healthy and in shape.

5. Ask About Student Arrival Packs

Some student accommodation offer their residents bedding packs, kitchen packs, bathroom packs, and even cleaning packs. Make sure to ask what are they offering and if it’s for free or for an extra charge. Some buildings have all-in-one packs to make moving in easier for students. It comes in handy when you are on a budget and don’t have to pay extra for essentials.

These are all the secrets of choosing the perfect student accommodation that most students don’t know about. The key to picking an excellent student room in an ideal location with modern facilities is thorough research. Researching all your options and narrowing down the ones that suit you the best will ensure you’ve chosen the right student room to spend your exciting new journey of studying abroad. To learn more, head over to Casita’s FAQs.


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