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Secrets of Choosing Your Perfect Student Room

Secrets of Choosing Your Perfect Student Room

10 July, 2019

It is often the norm as an international student to be confused when choosing your student residence. You’ve to consider some essential factors when choosing your student accommodation and your student room.

Carefully choosing the ideal location depending on your university and managing your budget are all known, so here’re some secrets that Casita shares with you to choose your ideal student room:

1. Compare Student Room Types

Mainly, there are three types of student rooms: single rooms, en-suite rooms, and studios. Single rooms come with a private bed and study area, the bathroom and kitchen are shared. The en-suite room comes with a private bathroom but with a shared kitchen. The studios are self-contained and you share the building’s communal areas with others.

To choose what suits you best, you have to consider what your character is like and what will go along with your lifestyle. If you like to share much and socialize, renting a single room or an en-suite will be perfect for you. Student en-suite rooms particularly give you the benefit of having a private bathroom but still share a kitchen with like-minded students. If you think you prefer having your own space with no external distractions, you can book the self-contained studios. You will still have the advantage of joining other students in the communal spaces in the building itself.

2. Compare Student Accommodation Facilities

When choosing student accommodation, keep in mind the facilities you will get and ask about the ones included in the rent and the ones you will have to pay extra to enjoy. Wi-Fi is essential, so also ask about laundry, games area, Netflix subscription, renting bikes, and so on. Just like what the British say: know your onions! If you're into playing the violin, for example, ask where you can practice, and if you're into exercising, ask about the on-site GYM. 

3. Ask about Student Arrival Packs

Some student residences offer students bedding packs, kitchen packs, bathroom packs and even cleaning packs. Make sure to ask what are they offering for free and what’s for an extra charge. Some buildings have all-in-one packs to make it easy for students. Ask and decide. You don’t want to arrive on a budget and then realise that you have to pay extra for an essential bedding pack.

4. Manage Your Student Bank Account

Whether you’re studying in the UK or Australia, it is better to make sure that you know which bank and which bank account to open to manage your finances. You will use this bank account to pay the room’s instalment and any extra charges if there’s any.

To learn more, feel free to read our Casita’s FAQs.

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