What Are the Highest Paying Psychology Jobs?

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06 April, 2023

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Wondering how can you secure the highest-paying psychology jobs with your psychology degree? At Casita, we will walk you through the best career choices and psychology degrees and how to secure the highest-paying psychology job. Many focus exclusively on high-paying jobs without considering how to increase their income at their current position; this is why we will also walk you through how to improve your income!

Psychology Sector in the UK 

Psychology is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand professions in the UK, with an estimated 750,000 people employed in a psychology-related job in the UK. According to statistics, 1 in 4 individuals of the UK's population deal with long-term or short-term mental health conditions; this makes mental health a crucial sector in the UK job market. 

The population's mental health was worsened by the pandemic, which also led to an increase in helpline services and mental health applications. The number of psychologists in the UK was reported to be 32,000 back in 2020. 

There are, however, multiple positive trends, such as that psychology-related jobs are expected to increase by 19% in 2024; mental health apps have also increased, reaching between 10,000 to 20,000 apps. Psychology is also being integrated across many other fields, such as business and sports, expanding the psychology graduate's career path. It is estimated that the average salary for psychologists in the UK is £24.78 per hour.

Regarding education, the UK has some of the most prominent universities that offer world-class education and degrees for those looking to pursue a career in Psychology. Let’s discuss some of them!

highest paying psychology jobs

Top Psychology Programmes in the UK

There is no doubt that when considering a programme of study, many things should come to mind, most notably, the institution's ranking and whether or not this degree will ensure the career path you are looking for. The top psychology programmes in the UK are as follows:

Bachelor's Programmes

University of Cambridge

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences BA (Hons) is a three-year programme in one of the top-ranked universities in the world, ranking second in the QS world university rankings.

University of Oxford

Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics is a three-year bachelor's course at the University of Oxford with a master's programme option. The University of Oxford has some of the highest-ranking programmes in the world, with the university ranking fourth worldwide according to the QS world university rankings.

London School of Economics and Political Science

Psychological and Behavioural Science BSc (Hons) is a three-year bachelor's programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science, which ranks 56 in the QS world university rankings.

University of St Andrews

Psychology BSc (Honours) is a four-year programme at the prestigious University of St Andrews, one of the top-ranked universities for psychology programmes in the UK. According to QS world university rankings, the university ranks 96 worldwide.

Master's Programmes

University of Cambridge

MPhil in Psychology, also called Biological Science (Psychology), is a one-year research-based master's degree programme.

University of Oxford

Some of the University of Oxford's master's degree programmes in Psychology include:

University of St Andrews

The University of St Andrew's master's degree programme in Psychology include:

Highest-Paying Psychology Jobs in the UK

The UK has some of the highest-paying jobs in the field of psychology; the salary, however, is influenced by the location, speciality area, and years of experience. Some of the highest-paying psychology jobs in the UK include:

1. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists in the UK can make an average salary of £93,730 a year. Psychiatrists are trained in diagnosing and treating various mental illnesses and their physical aspects. In the UK, to become a Psychiatrist, you must have a degree in medicine, have a two-year general training program, and a three-year Psychiatry training.

2. Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

Industrial-organizational psychology is one of the newest trends in psychology. Industrial/organizational psychologists are tasked with improving work performance and the workplace environment. Industrial/organizational psychologists can make more than £80,000. 

Regarding Organizational Psychology, also known as Occupational Psychology, the UK requires you to achieve a "Chartered Psychologist" status with the UK's British Psychological Society. Once that's obtained, you can register with the Health and Welfare Professions Council to become an Occupational Psychologist.

3. Neuro Psychologist

Neuro Psychologists are specialized in brain and nerve-related injuries. Neuro Psychologists can make, on average, £55,575 per year.

Regarding Neuropsychology in the UK. You must first obtain a three-year psychology degree which meets the standard of the British Psychological Society. Once that's done, you must ensure that your score qualifies you to apply for a "Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership of BPS". After obtaining work experience, you can become a Neuropsychologist through educational training or taking the clinical route.

4. Child Psychologist

Child Psychologists help diagnose and treat psychological disorders in children and focus on children's development. Child Psychologists make an average of £49,500 per year.

Child Psychologists in the Uk must first obtain a Psychology degree that meets the British Psychological Society standards. It would be best to take up a master's degree or PHD later; this depends on your career plans. It is also necessary for you to obtain two years of work experience, either through volunteer work or paid work, to qualify as a Child Psychologist. 

Child Psychologist

5. Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologists help in diagnosing and treating mental disorders. Clinical psychologists in the UK can earn an average of £48,711 per year.

Clinical Psychologists in the UK require a British Psychological Society-approved degree, a graduate degree, and a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. Not to mention that between each degree, you must obtain work experience. 

6. Forensic Psychologist

Forensic Psychologists combine the study of psychology and criminal behaviour; forensic psychologists work within the justice system to aid in criminal investigations. In the UK, forensic psychologists make £48,644 a year on average.

To become a Forensic Psychologist in the UK, you must earn a British Psychological Society-approved bachelor's degree, apply for graduate membership to obtain the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership, and later take a master's in Forensic Psychology. Once that's done, you must take a two-year supervised training, part of the BPS qualification in forensic psychology.

7. Military Psychologist

Military psychologists are tasked with maintaining the psychological welfare of the troops as well as diagnosing and treating psychological issues. Military psychologists can make an average of £44,565 a year. 

To become a Military Psychologist in the UK, you must first obtain a PhD and later take on an internship/training before applying to the military. Most applicants for Military Psychology roles are Clinical Psychologists.

8. School Psychologist

School psychologists help students and staff members deal with various personal and academic-related issues that can impact their mental health. In the UK, school psychologists make an average of £43,040 per year.

To become a school psychologist in the UK, you must have a BPS-approved psychology bachelor's program, apply for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership of BPS, and have relevant work experience. Lastly, you must obtain a doctorate degree in Psychology, prove fit for the job, and apply to be part of the Health Professions Council.

9. Sports Psychologist

Sports psychology is a relatively new addition to the psychology sector. Sports psychologists work with athletes to overcome pressure from the sport and help them emotionally recover after an injury. In the Uk, sports psychologists can make an average of £33,724 a year.

To become a Sports Psychologist in the UK, you must take a British Psychological Society-approved bachelor's degree, a BPS-approved master's in Sports Psychology, and a practice program by the Health and Care Professions Council.

How to Increase Your Income in the Psychology Field

Psychology in the UK is a highly-rewarding field as there is a need for psychologists in the UK, with an expected increase in psychology-related job openings. Having a psychology degree can also open up vast opportunities for you, which can increase your income. Presented are some ways to increase your income in the psychology field.

Take up Higher Studies

Higher studies such as a master's or PhDs increase your job prospects and expected salary. They should be part of your consideration if you decide to study Psychology.

Researching at Universities

Research psychologists can make up to £32 an hour; this depends on the university, location, and whether you have a higher degree.

Create Content

There are various content forms that you can create as a psychology graduate; this includes working on podcasts or writing articles/blogs.

Providing Courses

These courses can either be in person or online; with online courses, you can pre-record your courses which groups or professionals can use.

At Casita, we encourage our students to follow their passions by enrolling in their programmes of choice. When it comes to psychology, the UK market is a very promising one with many career options.

We also help students from all over find their perfect student homes, ensuring maximum comfort while studying. The process gets completely stress-free through our dedicated multilingual staff. We proudly offer student housing options near various UK university campuses offering psychology degrees and in many parts of the world.


1. How much is a clinical psychologist's salary?

Clinical psychologists in the UK can earn an average of £48,711 per year.

2. What is the highest-paid psychologist ob in the world? 

Psychiatrists are the top earning in the psychology field. Psychiatrists in the UK can make an average salary of £93,730 a year.

3. What are some psychology careers?

Psychology is a very versatile field when it comes to career options. Some psychology career paths include psychiatry, neuropsychology, military psychology, child psychology, clinical psychology, forensic psychology, school psychology, and sports psychology.


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