Best Universities in UK For Journalism

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30 March, 2023

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Journalism is one of the most highly-demanded professions in the United Kingdom. The history of journalism stems back to 1665, when The London Gazette, at first called The Oxford Gazette, began publication. This career requires passion and talent, and it is definitely not a job everyone can do! Some people enjoy science, maths, physics, and engineering; others love literature, journalism, and creative writing! 

In order for you to be a good journalist, you’ll have to always be on top of the news, events, and new technologies. You also have to have a passion for reading and writing, as you’ll be doing that a lot! You’ll also need to go through multiple training sessions, where you face some criticism that will help you in the long run! In order to find a respectable, high-paying job, you must focus on the university and quality of education you choose. In the journalism field, a degree from a world-renowned university will give you an edge over many others! 

There are specific countries where journalism prevails, with universities that offer a full programme that is packed with knowledge and everything you need in order to be experienced enough. The United Kingdom is known for its high-quality education in several majors, including journalism. 

There are a lot of things you need to consider before choosing a university. First, you need to understand the programme, how it works, and if it’s suitable for your needs. Second, you want to know the fees of the university; the United Kingdom is as good as it is expensive! The third and very important thing is that you need to find UK student accommodation near universities that offer journalism programmes. 

Best Universities in UK For Journalism

Best Universities in UK For Journalism

Students, both local and international, seek out universities in the United Kingdom because of their reputation and high-quality education. Let’s take a look at the best universities in the UK for journalism! 

City, University of London 

City, University of London is a public research university; it is also a member institution of the federal University of London. The university was founded in 1894 as the Northampton Institute. It then became a university when The City University was created by royal charter in 1966. The university is well-known for the great programmes it offers, including journalism.

The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in journalism and communications. All courses are taught by some of the most recognised and respected academics. In addition, the university also provides international academics and experienced journalists to improve the learning experience! 

City, University of London’s programmes include the following:

  • International Journalism (MA)

  • Journalism (PhD/MPhil)

  • Interactive Journalism (MA)

  • Magazine Journalism (MA)

  • Data Journalism (MA)

  • Journalism BA (Hons)

  • Global Financial Journalism (MA)

  • Television Journalism (MA)

The duration of study varies depending on the courses; however, it can go up to four years! For international students, the university’s annual fees are around £22,733. It is also easy to find UK student accommodation near Universities that offer journalism programmes by visiting Casita’s website! Also, if you’d like to live on campus, City, University of London offers its students accommodation option filled with all the amenities and features needed to make the stay easier!

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University of Leeds

Another famous university that offers one of the best journalism programmes is the University of Leeds! It is a public research university in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, and is famous for its quality of research and teaching! The University of Leeds was established in 1874 as the Yorkshire College of Science; it then merged with the Leeds School of Medicine and was renamed Yorkshire College in 1884. 

The School of Media and Communication at the University of Leeds offers a wide variety of degree courses for all academic levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate and master’s degrees. All of the courses are taught by professionals who will help you in your career later on! 

The university’s degree and programmes include:

  • Journalism (BA)

  • International Journalism (MA)

The duration of the programmes varies but can last up to four years. If you’re an international student, the annual fees will be around  £22,250, and it can go up according to the degree you’re pursuing. The acceptance rate for the University of Leeds is 64%, which is selective.  As for accommodation, you will find several UK student accommodation near the University of Leeds. 

Oxford Brooks University 

Highly ranked and considered among the best journalism schools in the United Kingdom, Oxford Brooks University is a prestigious public university in Oxford, England. It is a relatively new university, and it received its university status through the Further and Higher Education Act of 1992. The university is named after its first principal, John Henry Brookes. He played a huge role in the development of the university! 

The department of Communication, Media, Journalism, and Publishing at Oxford Brooks University offers amazing undergraduate degrees for anyone who is interested in journalism! All courses are taught by highly qualified professors who want to help and qualify you for life after graduation! The acceptance rate for Oxford Brooks University is 80%.

The university offers a lot of programmes, including:

  • Communication, Media and Culture (BA (Hons))

  • Media, Journalism and Publishing (BA (Hons))

The programme lasts for three years, and you leave this programme qualified and ready for the next step in your career! If you’re an international student, the annual fees are around £15,200. The university offers accommodation for new and existing students, undergraduate and postgraduate, with several amenities and features that facilitate their stay. However, if you don’t want to live on campus, there are numerous accommodation options for you at Casita, which you can choose from according to your needs, budgets, and preferences. 

Universities in UK Journalism

University of Sheffield 

The University of Sheffield is a public research university in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Dating back to the foundation of Sheffield Medical School in 1828, Firth College in 1879, and Sheffield Technical School in 1884, the university is well-known for its strong reputation and high-quality education! It was founded in 1905, with a total enrolment of over 30,129. The University of Sheffield ranks among the top 50 most international universities in the world, according to data from the 2023 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

One of the main reasons why the University of Sheffield is so famous is that it offers a wide variety of courses in many fields, including journalism, which gives students the opportunity to choose according to what they really like. The university has one of the best journalism departments in the United Kingdom! All courses are taught by professional and respected professors. 

The programmes at the University of Sheffield include:

  • Journalism Studies (BA)

Inside this programme, you’ll learn so much and practise journalism for real, covering your own patch in the city! This will help in your CV and portfolio later on. The duration of study is three years, with an optional placement year. If you’re an international student, the annual fees for this course are around £23,650. 

The university offers student accommodation filled with a lot of amenities and features to facilitate your stay! You also have the option to stay off-campus at one of our student accommodation! All you have to do is look for the accommodation that you feel suits you best. 

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University of Portsmouth 

The University of Portsmouth is a public university in Portsmouth, England. One of only four universities in the South East of England, the University of Plymouth is rated as “gold” in the Government's Teaching Excellence Framework. The university is known for its high-quality education and high acceptance rate! The university is also famous for its teaching methods, employability, internationalisation, facilities, arts and culture, and inclusiveness! 

The university offers a wide selection of courses for students to choose from. This variety is needed as students feel freer to choose according to what they really like, not what is offered. All courses are taught by high-quality professors whose main aim is to prepare you for your career! All of this together makes the University of Portsmouth the perfect choice for almost everyone! 

The courses found at the University of Portsmouth include:

  • Journalism (BA)

  • Journalism (MA)

  • Journalism with Creative Writing (BA)

  • Journalism with Media Studies (BA)

  • Journalism, communication, and Creative Writing (postgraduate research degree)

  • Senior Journalist Master’s Degree Apprenticeship

The duration of study can last up to four years. For international students, the annual fees are around £19,200, and it varies according to the programme you’re choosing! The University of Portsmouth offers housing to its students; however, if you want to live off-campus, there are so many accommodation options offered by Casita to cater for your needs! 

Of course, these universities are not the only options you have! There are several other universities that offer great journalism programmes; all it takes is good research for you to find something that is convenient and suitable. You also have to take care of where you’re staying, as this should be one of the most important steps in your research! This is now so much easier because of the many student marketplaces that will help you find suitable accommodation, so good luck with your journey! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any good universities for journalism in the United Kingdom?

There are several options for you to choose from! This variety will make you able to choose wisely and without any pressure! 

2. Where is the best place to study journalism in the United Kingdom?

The best option for journalism is City, University of London! This university has many options for you to choose from. You will be able to choose according to what you like. Read the course description for each programme for more information!

3. Is journalism a good degree in the UK?

It is one of the best! Journalism is one of the most in-demand professions, and many places are looking for journalism graduates to hire! So yes, if you want to pursue a degree in journalism, that is an excellent choice! 


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