A Day in the Life of an International Student

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Reem Mohamed

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22 June, 2022

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When planning a study abroad trip, it is always helpful to know what exactly you’re signing up for. And while you might have the logistics covered, from Visa to accommodation and university papers, you might be wondering about how your days will look once you land in your city of choice. We, at Casita, recognize that and have thus compiled data from several international students to bring you a detailed overview of a day in the life of an international student. Buckle up and let us escort you through your future days!

8:00 AM, Rise and Shine!

Most students like to start their day bright and early! They wake up around 8:00 Am and set off to start their day. Coffee is an essential part of most students’ day, whether they make it at home before heading out or grabbing one on the way from the nearest coffee shop. Early mornings are the time for students to clear their minds in preparation for the day ahead; some students choose to do this through an early morning run, others opt for making a healthy breakfast with their roommates, while some prefer a cup of tea and a book before the chaos of the day sets in. 

10:00 AM, The Wheels on The Bus!

The commute to university is either a students’ favorite or least favorite part of the day, it all depends on how they choose to spend it. For students whose university or college is a walking distance away, they choose to fill their walks with the sounds of music, an audiobook, or an interesting podcast. Those who cycle to their place of study choose to take the scenic route and enjoy the views before going on with their day. For bus, train, and subway riders, they often bring a book along with them or spend their time-solving crossword puzzles or a game of sudoku. It’s the small things that make the commute a fun, well-spent time!

11:00 AM, Put My Smart Pants on!

Classes and lectures usually start around 11:00 AM and continue until around 3:00 in the afternoon. This time is usually spent in full-focus mode, with students trying their best to concentrate on their lessons, take notes, and get work done! The time spent on campus is also when students get to meet up with friends at university, prepare for a group project, attend a society or a club meeting, or spend some time at the library to catch up on work. The activities they participate in during their university days differ from one student to another and from a university to another.  

3:00 PM, Making The Big Bucks!

For students who have an after-school job, this would usually be the time to get there; right after classes and before they get home. Student jobs can range from being a barista at a local coffee shop, working as a library assistant, bagging groceries at the nearby store, or tutoring young kids after school. These jobs are mostly part-time and are a necessary part of most students’ day; they help pay their bills or save up for future plans. Some students may also use this time to get an internship relevant to their field of study, which doesn’t only help them apply their knowledge in real life situations, it also looks great on their CVs!

6:00 PM, Chores, Chores, Chores!

After a long day at university and work, students retire to their homes and start on their list of chores. While living alone may be beneficial, it also means they have to take responsibility! Cleaning, doing laundry, and preparing for dinner are part of the after-school special for most international students living alone. Some students have set schedules for chores, some do them only on weekends, and others have rotating turns with their roommates, the important thing is getting them done! This time can also be used for grocery runs. A lot of students credit those chores for teaching them indepence and a sense of responsibility.

7:00 PM, Is It Dinner Time Yet?

After they’re done with their daily responsibilities, students often sit back and enjoy a hearty meal at home in front of the TV. This is the time where they get to unwind after an exhausting day. They can choose to spend their free time in whichever way they please. Students often opt for using this time to catch up with their roommates, call their families back home, engage in a fun activity like puzzles or board games, or simply just curl up with a good book. 

8:00 PM, Was Studying on My To-Do List?

Post-dinner time is either reserved for studying or going out, depending on the day. If it’s a weekday, students usually head to their desks or designated study areas after dinner and dive into their books. This is usually when homework or assignments are getting done, and when they prep for any upcoming tests. If it’s a weekend, however, they choose to spend this time out and about with friends. Students usually spend their precious weekend time at a club, a karaoke place, an arcade, at the mall, or enjoying a picnic at the nearby park. 

11:00 PM, Getting My Beauty Sleep!

After a long yet fruitful day, it’s time to get some much-needed rest. By 11:00 PM, students are usually through with their work, studying, and nighttime activities, and are about ready to call it a day and head to bed. They mostly try to sleep a healthy eight hours so they're well-rested and ready to seize the day from 8:00 AM the next morning!

A day in the life of an international student may be packed, but it’s also a chance to get exposed to different cultures, meet new people, and live life independently! As an international student, your days are guaranteed to be full of fun, learning opportunities, and excitement! Pick a destination, pack your bags, and let Casita’s next “day in the life” be about you and your journeys abroad! 


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