6 Expectations of International Student Life in Glasgow

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Ola Elwassify

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27 August, 2018

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University Life

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Glasgow is the third-largest city in the UK after London and Birmingham and by far the largest in Scotland, but that is not all. Each year more than 26,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from over 140 countries study in this buzzing city. Living in Glasgow as a student is always interesting. Here is the list of what to expect as a fresh international student in Glasgow:

1. Glasgow Buses

Bus drivers in Glasgow never really give you any change; they expect you to know what the fare is. So the next time you hop on a bus, make sure you have a sack full of coins so the queue behind you is not irritated. Remember, in Britain, queues are very important and jumping or delaying a queue is considered an evil deed. Do not forget to make use of student discounts on transportation.

2. Glasgow's Clockwork Orange

The Glasgow subway's name is Clockwork Orange, so when you see people referring to it by that name, you can understand what they really mean. The subway's colour is actually orange! Always look up the nearest ORANGE Glasgow underground station and train ones to your student accommodation in Glasgow to transport easily within or outwith Glasgow.

3. Free Museums in Glasgow

So many museums are free to enter in Glasgow, which is truly splendid. As an international student in Glasgow on a budget, this is really a breath of fresh air. The transport Museum/Riverside Museum is a strongly recommended destination.

4. Friendly People

In 2014, Rough Guide readers voted Glasgow as the world's friendliest city. You can actually talk to locals in the streets to ask for help or directions and they are super duper friendly and eager to help foreign students studying in Glasgow.

5. Student-on-a-budget Friendly

A line of second-hand shops is found in the city's West End with nothing but previously-owned treasures. Glasgow Vintage Company, Mr Ben Retro Clothing, Starry Starry Night, Glorious, and more are found there and your student ID could score you additional discounts. University students on a budget in Glasgow find these shops extremely helpful and meet their Glasgow student life needs.

6. Irn Bru & Cheesy Chips Is Life

If the rest of the world is addicted to Coca-Cola, Scotland is surely into the cola's twin Irn Bru. It's mostly referred to as "Scotland's other national drink" after good old whiskey. This carbonated soft drink in its orange bottle melts the hearts of locals from toddlers to grannies. What about an on-the-go snack with this soda drink? Grab yourself a cheap and extremely delicious Cheesy Chips snack and soak in the cheesy goodness. No wonder we say Cheese to smile in photos! Yummy!


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