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5 Weirdest Australian Traditions You Didn't Know

5 Weirdest Australian Traditions You Didn't Know

Created At:01 February, 2019
Created By:Ola Elwassify
Updated At:14 March, 2023
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1. Cabbies’ Chitchatting

One of the interesting facts about Australia is that when you get into a cab it is presupposed that you will start quick chitchat with the driver. If you got off without knowing what he used to do before being a cab driver, you failed it. It is one of the good Australian habits. Drivers in Australia are super-friendly and they understand that one of the cultural norms in Australia is to chat with passengers.

2. Muck Up Day & Schoolies

The former is a celebration that all senior year students participate in and the latter is when graduates set off to the Gold Coast for a vocational week after the muck up day to have some fun and get a sense of freedom. Although it is a strange tradition in Australia, international students always find it the most fascinating.

3. Australia Day & Triple J Hottest 100

This is one of the main fun facts about Australia. On Australia Day, if anyone switches the radio on to any station other than Triple J, he is not a genuine Aussie then. Millions of listeners tune it to know the song that has been voted as number one, even in the middle of their Aussie Barbie!

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4. Traditional Australian Food

An Australian tradition for Christmas is eating seafood. Since Christmas time falls in summer, lobster, prawns, tuna, salmon and abalone are main cuisines. The desert is usually Pavola with its soft meringue with fruit and cream filling. Other Australian famous food is Vegemite. It is a black spread made from yeast extract plus salt put in sandwiches or on toasts. It has a genuine Australian food name. Aussies are also into lamingtons, meat pies, fish and chips, and sausage sizzles. The weirdest food tradition in Australia is the fact that they eat their national animals. Yes! They eat kangaroos! For more information about Australian traditions in Christmas, check our "Various Christmas Traditions Around the Globe" blog

5. ANZAC Day & Anzac Biscuits

Marking the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) in WWI takes place annually on April 25th. One of the interesting facts about Australia is that they make Anzac biscuits (cookies) to recall the diet during WWI at the Battle of Gallipoli. Australian people also do prayers at dawn, Church services and parades as recognition for those who served their country. 

For more weird things, read our 11 Things Foreigners in Australia Find Weird blog article. Have you noticed any weird traditions while residing in Australia? Please share with us your Aussie experience as a student!

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