Weirdest Australian Traditions You Didn't Know

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08 June, 2023

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Australia is one of the best countries that people go to for a better chance of living, and that is because of the average living costs and affordable lifestyle that the city offers! Australia is also very safe, with very low crime rates, which is one more reason why people love this city!

Of course, you have to consider many things before moving to Australia, including whether you’re going to fit in and adapt to the country’s traditions or not. The problem is that sometimes people don’t conduct enough research before they move, so if you’re planning to move, make sure to do your research!

All countries have their own traditions that others are not really familiar with, and sometimes, these traditions can be really different from what you’re normally used to, and that’s okay! Having different traditions in each country is what makes them unique; Australia is one of these countries with traditions you won’t expect, and that is what makes the country special! We’ve gathered a list of the top Australian traditions we’re sure you’ve never heard of; let’s take a look!

Top Australian Traditions You Didn’t Know 

Before knowing these traditions, it’s important to understand that each country takes great pride in their traditions, which means that even if they might not make sense in other countries, they still do to their owners! So, let us show you some Australian traditions you didn’t know! 

australian traditions

Cabbies’ Chitchatting

One of the interesting facts about Australia is that when you get into a cab, it is a given that you will start quick chitchat with the driver. If you got off without knowing what he used to do before being a cab driver, you failed it!  It is one of the good Australian habits that people love doing every day.

Drivers in Australia are also super-friendly, and they understand that one of the cultural norms in Australia is to chat with passengers about anything they like! This tradition is one of the most popular ones, as they show how friendly and talkative Australians are!

Muck Up Day and Schoolies

Muck Up Day is for seniors! It is a celebration that all senior-year students participate in. The main rule on this day is that students should not harm staff, other students, or property. It is a type of organised prank by the senior class of a school, college, or university and is often carried out at or near the end of the academic year and is part of school traditions.

The Schoolies tradition is when graduates set off to the Gold Coast for a vocational week after the Muck Up Day to have some fun and get a sense of freedom after studying all year. Although it is a normal tradition in Australia, international students always find it fascinating, as they don’t have that back home; that’s why a big percentage of students who participate in these two traditions are international students!

Australia Day & Triple J Hottest 100

On Australia Day, there are a lot of things you can do: play backyard cricket, enjoy a barbeque, or watch the fireworks. However, the one thing that you absolutely have to do is switch the radio on the Triple J station! If anyone catches you listening to anything that is not Triple J, then you’re not a true Australian!

australia christmas

Traditional Australian Food

An Australian tradition for Christmas is eating seafood. Christmas is one of the most unique celebrations in Australia, as it ends up in summertime! We were confused about the snow too, but this is what happens in Australia! Since Christmas time falls in summer, lobster, prawns, tuna, salmon, and abalone are the main cuisines. The desert is usually Pavola with its soft meringue with fruit and cream filling.

Another famous Australian food is Vegemite. It is a black spread made from yeast extract plus salt and put in sandwiches or on toast. It has a typical Australian food name. Australians are also into lamingtons, meat pies, fish and chips, and sausage sizzles. The weirdest food tradition in Australia is the fact that they eat their national animals. Yes! They eat kangaroos! There are also a lot of different Christmas traditions that people absolutely love and look forward to!

ANZAC Day and Anzac Biscuits

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) in WWI has been established and takes place annually on April 25th. The Anzac biscuits have long been associated with it ever since. Australians recall the diet during WWI at the Battle of Gallipoli, where they also do prayers at dawn, church services, and parades as recognition for those who served their country.

The history behind these biscuits is that it has been claimed that these biscuits were sent by wives and women's groups to soldiers abroad; this is mainly because the ingredients do not spoil easily, which in turn means that the biscuits were kept well during naval transportation.

Yabby Racing 

This is a race where crustaceans scurry to the finish line. This Australian tradition has been held out for several years. It is held in Albert Street on the doorstep of the Western Star Hotel, and the races draw over a thousand people to come to watch.

The Western Star Hotel dusts off its grandstands and streams the action live onto big screens, so everyone can watch clearly without fighting over front-seat tickets! There are four races that are all named after the local rivers and creeks that run through the place; the Barcoo Bolt, Thomson Trot, Kyabra Canter, and the Cooper Cup.

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Boxing Day Test Match

The Boxing Day Test match is a cricket test match held in Melbourne. It involves the Australian cricket team and an opposing national team touring Australia during the southern summer. It starts on Boxing Day, which is on the 26th of December and is held in the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

This Australian tradition has been around for ages, and playing in the Boxing Day Test is regarded as the highest honour in cricket! It became a day associated with shopping and sporting events.

Vegemite Eating Competition

After the wartime shortage of Marmite in Australia, Vegemite started to become more popular. It quickly became a symbol of Australia that's spread onto toast, added to curries, and even added to ice cream! It is also used on sandwiches, crumpets, and as an ingredient in pastries. The Vegemite Eating Competition is an Australian tradition that has been around for a while in which people finish jars the classic Australian spread for a gift! This competition started in Australia and is now popular in the United States and other countries as well.


On the 26th of January, there is another Australian tradition that takes place; it’s called the “Thong Throwing Competition”. It basically means that you kick off your thongs (flip-flops), stand behind a line, and throw the thong as far as you can. The winner is the one who throws it as far as possible! 

It’s important to know all of these traditions if you’re planning on travelling to Australia, in order to prepare yourself and not look too lost! Each country has its own traditions, and it’s always preferred to educate yourself to avoid any confusion, and you also don’t want to look disrespectful! We hope you found this helpful! 

Student Accommodation in AustraliaFrequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most famous traditions in Australia?

There are a lot of traditions in Australians! They include:

  • Boxing Day Test Cricket

  • Small Talk with Cabbies

  • Meat Pies at the Footy

  • Muck Up Day

  • Schoolies

  • Triple J Hottest 100

  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

  • Bare Feet at the Melbourne Cup

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2. What are some cultural taboos in Australia?

There are some things you have to avoid if you’re in Australia, including:

  • Do not forget to tip if you had a good time

  • Do not pat a Koala Bear 

  • Do not litter or smoke in public places 

  • Do not climb Uluru (Ayres Rock) 

  • Do not joke about Aborigines 

  • Do not boast or act haughty

  • Do not wear too casual to restaurants 

3. What is a fun fact about Australia?

Australia is home to 1,500 types of spiders and 4,000 types of ants. Also, the Australian mammals, Platypus and Echidnas, are the only two mammals in the world that lay eggs to give birth! It’s also not really known that swimming on public beaches was illegal for more than 60 years in Australia!


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