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5 Things You Should Know About

5 Things You Should Know About
Created By: Allaa Ashrafon 06 July, 2022

A healthy work environment makes for a productive employee, which makes for high-quality work. When you start working in a place, you’d want to make sure that you’re surrounded by good people and that you’re in a good environment as well. We, at Casita, are blessed with all of this in all of our offices across the globe.

Firstly, who are we? 

Casita is a company that provides student accommodation services for all students across the globe. We offer over a million rooms and a plethora of room types to suit all needs and budgets, along with a wide range of facilities, so you’d have a variety of options to choose from. 

Casita also offers international students the service of free consultancy and guidance through the process of booking and student housing. We have accommodation experts that will help international students with any inquiries and questions they might have. They will also help you with the whole booking process and will walk you through it, as well as offer you support after the booking process.


1. Work Culture

Casita has a supreme work culture; it’s like a second family where all of us are friends. People are understanding of each other’s differences and know how to adapt to dealing with different personalities. The work culture is always positive across all of Casita’s offices, and team leaders and management are always showing gratitude to the employees.

2. Flexibility 

Nobody wants to work in a hostile environment; it directly affects productivity. The quality of an employee's mental health is improved by a cosy workplace. Casita offers flexible working hours and locations. Also, we at Casita enjoy a welcoming and helpful workplace environment. Upper management and team leaders are always understanding of people and their circumstances. 

3. Communication

Any productive and healthy work environment is built on effective communication. In an office, every worker is a member of the family. And for a family to be healthy, everyone needs to be on the same page. Casita gives employees an organised, safe space where they are encouraged to have a voice and to discuss their concerns and opinions and express sentiments openly and freely. The management is always attentive to the employees’ needs. 

4. Fun

We, at Casita, work hard… and play hard. We sure know how to have fun and have a laugh together. A sense of fun helps us have a more positive mindset and allows us to build great relationships with each other inside and outside the office, which improves communication. We have pizza days, game breaks, and activity days out.

 5. Wellbeing

Casita cares about workers’ well-being and mental health and encourages employees to take breaks and vacations when needed. It also cares about the employees’ physical wellbeing, providing them with convenient medical insurance policies. 

And now you know all about us, up and close!

So what are you waiting for?
Let our accommodation experts guide you through the Explore, Discover, Secure process in order to find the most suitable room, close to your institution, within your budget and according to your needs.
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