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A Guide to Partnering with

clock iconCreated At:29 November, 2022
write iconCreated By:Reem Mohamed
clock iconUpdated At:17 March, 2023
tag iconStudent Housing

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Casita is a student accommodation service provider that aims to help students find and secure their ideal student accommodation in several parts of the world. With properties in over 60 countries and 700 cities, Casita is always looking to expand its ever-growing network of students as well as partners. 

Casita partners with institutions, agents, building owners, clubs, and societies. So, if you happen to belong to any of those categories and would like to partner with this unique service provider, let us tell you how! Here’s a detailed guide on why you should and how to partner with Casita! 

 Partnering with

Who Can Partner with Us?

  • Institutions

  • Agents

  • Building/PBSA Owners

  • Clubs and Societies

1. Institutions

At Casita, we partner with internationally-focused institutions across the globe, offering them a range of service-orientated solutions to enhance their student’s overall accommodation experience.

Why Partner with Casita as An Institution?

As an institution, here are some of the benefits of partnering with Casita!

  • Access to 24/7 global customer service: Casita’s team of accommodation experts is available to provide multilingual round-the-clock assistance. 

  • Wide collection of rooms: PBSAs (Purpose-Built Student Accommodation) as well as private rooms are available on our website. 

  • Access to room management software. 

  • Vetted Buildings: our properties are thoroughly and carefully vetted to ensure a hassle-free experience. 

  • Marketing: you can market your own on-campus rooms on our website as well. 

  • Broker Nominations. 

2. Agents

As an agent, partnering with Casita ensures your students, find a great room, tailored to their needs, close to their institution, and within their budget range.

Why Partner with Casita as An Agent? 

  • Access to round-the-clock multilingual customer service and highly-qualified accommodation experts. 

  • Access to properties in top study destinations across the globe. 

  • Exclusive first access to some of our top promotions, deals, and discounts. 

  • Access to your own Partner Portal where you can easily find rooms for your students. 

  • Commissions with one invoice. 

  • Access to your very own landing page and unique link. 

Partner with Casita

3. Building/PBSA Owners

As a building or a PBSA owner, your experience as a Casita partner will be unparalleled. Casita is the leading accommodation marketplace for PBSAs, and over the past two years, there has been enormous booking growth as a result of our unique channel-led approach and an active and highly engaged global network of more than 1,100 agent offices.

Through partnering with Casita, you’ll benefit from our selection of student and agent-focused campaign activities featuring highly targeted content and cross-media awareness activities. Our regular and tailored partner campaigns ensure that you’re able to reach the right student audience during their stay at different universities.

Why Partner with Casita as A Building/PBSA Owner?

  • Access to over 1000+ education agents. 

  • Access to a global network of students, agents, and partners. 

  • Access to a team of multilingual and highly-qualified customer service professionals that are available 24/7.

  • A diverse network of students from different countries, nationalities, and backgrounds. 

  • Channel Management. 

  • Dedicated marketing from our team for your properties. 

4. Clubs and Societies

Casita helps clubs and society members to find the perfect student home by showcasing thousands of purpose-built student accommodation options, ready for you to browse and book, with round-the-clock support from our accommodation experts.

Why Partner with Casita as A Club/Society?

  • Support for your events. 

  • The chance to earn funds for your club/society. 

  • The chance to help fellow students find their ideal student accommodation.

How to Partner with Us? 

The requirements for partnering with Casita are easy and simple! Just fill in your contact information on our website and we’ll have someone from our team contact you to schedule a call. 

Being a Casita partner comes with plenty of perks and pluses. So, snag this opportunity, head to our partner page, and partner with Casita to reap all the benefits! 


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