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Accommodation Type
Student HousingPrivate or shared living in a house or apartment.
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Room Type
Shared Flat
Shared Room
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Full Year
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Student Accommodation San José

1 Accommodation Options
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Selina San Jose
Selina San Jose
Selina San Jose
Selina San Jose
Map PinBarrio Otoya, Ave 9 - Calle 13-15
Shared Flat
Shared Room
+3 more
Map Pin39 mins by public transport to Central San José
1042 reviews
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Students often struggle to find good and affordable student accommodation when moving to a new city to pursue their education; this is where Casita comes in! Casita offers free assistance to students looking for their ideal accommodation in various cities across the globe. So, once you get accepted to study at a university or institution in San Jose, our accommodation experts will help you secure the perfect student accommodation in San Jose that best fits your needs.

Why Book Student Accommodation in San Jose?

San Jose is the capital and largest city of Costa Rica; it’s the country’s economical and political centre. San Jose is among Latin America’s most notable cities in terms of security, quality of life, environmental performance, and public service, among others. It's considered one of the top-visited and most modern cities in Latin and Central America and has been named the Ibero-American Capital of Culture. San Jose is a fast-growing city in terms of visitors and tourist attractions. Additionally, the city is the nation’s educational hub that’s constantly working on improving its education system and currently has several universities and higher education institutions that provide quality education to local and international students alike.

Universities in San Jose

Casita has a variety of options for student accommodation in San Jose near the city’s most notable universities and institutions. Below are some of the available options you can check out and choose from!

Castro Carazo University 

  • Casita has an option for student accommodation in San Jose near this university.

  • Of the numerous surrounding transit stops, Museo is a train station located a ten-minute walk from campus, while Barrio Chino (Antigua Casa del Tornillo) is a bus stop located eight minutes away on foot.

  • Nearby attractions include The Jade Museum and the Children’s Museum. 

Distance State University

  • Casita offers a student accommodation option close to this university’s campus.

  • There are several transit stops located in close proximity to this campus, including Atlantic Railroad Station, which is a train station located a 15-minute walk away.

  • The university’s surrounding attractions include Plaza de la Cultura and Spirogyra Butterfly Garden. 

University of Costa Rica

  • There’s a student accommodation option provided by Casita that’s available near this university.

  • URC Train Station is among this university’s multiple surrounding transit stops and it’s located five minutes away from campus on foot.

  • La Sabana Park and The National Museum of Costa Rica are among the university’s nearby attractions.

University of Medical Sciences

  • A Casita student accommodation is available in close proximity to this university.

  • A number of transit stops surround the university, including La Salle, which is a train station located a short eight-minute walk away.

  • The surrounding area has several attractions, including Parque Diversiones and the Museum of Costa Rican Art.

Free University of Costa Rica

  • Casita offers student accommodation near this university.

  • Plaza González Víquez is a nearby train station located a short 17-minute stroll from campus.

  • The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum and The National Park are two of the university’s surrounding attractions.

University Fundepos

  • Student accommodation provided by Casita is available close to this university.

  • The nearby transit stops include Cementerio, which is a nearby train station located 16 minutes away on foot.

  • Nearby attractions include the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Jose and the Children’s Museum.

Student Life in San Jose

As a student, moving to a new and foreign city like San Jose to pursue an education could be quite challenging. Worry not, though, we’re here to answer some of the questions you might have about the city and student life there!

Is San Jose Good for Students?

San Jose is a lively city of culture with a vibrant atmosphere and a busy city life. Not only is it home to a number of universities and institutions that offer students quality education and is generally considered Costa Rica’s educational hub, but the city is also packed with museums and galleries that give students a chance to explore San Jose’s culture and history. San Jose’s gastronomic scene with its various restaurants, cafes, and breweries also add to the student experience. Additionally, the city offers a variety of outside studying areas in its numerous local parks, which allow students to study in peace while they enjoy the outdoor views.

Is Costa Rica Safe for Students?

Costa Rica is a country that adopts a culture of peace, and San Jose is a great example of that. San Jose has been recognized as one of the safest cities in Latin America. The city has a constantly declining crime rate and an increased interest in security to adapt to its growing number of annual tourists as well as its rising population of international students.

How Much Does It Cost to Live as A Student in San Jose?

Costa Rica in general is a relatively affordable country, despite its array of available services, good quality of life, increased security, and environmental status. The cost of living in most cities in Costa Rica, including San Jose, averages around 2,500 - 3,500 EUR per semester, this includes accommodation, utilities, cell phone bills, transportation, food, and personal expenses.  

Transportation in San Jose

Navigating the city you’re staying in as a student as well as being able to get from one place to another with ease and affordability is a priority, and San Jose’s transportation system takes care of that. The city has multiple transportation networks that connect parts of the city together, as well as transportation networks that connect San Jose to other parts of Costa Rica. Various bus companies connect different parts of the city as well as with the suburbs, while other companies provide buses that go from San Jose to other cities in Costa Rica. Taxis are easy means of public transportation in the city of San Jose, they navigate the city with ease and can be found almost everywhere. The city is serviced by a railway system, and a couple of airports, one of which is named the busiest in Central America and has received millions of passengers over the years, mostly through international flights. Transportation in San Jose is generally affordable, and you can get monthly transportation passes at a reduced price as well.

Must-Visit Places in San Jose

San Jose is a beautiful city with plenty to offer; it has stunning parks, numerous landmarks, and several tourist attractions. As a renowned tourist destination in Latin and Central America, San Jose’s list of attractions is pretty long, but here are some of the ones you absolutely must visit during your stay there. The National Theatre is one of the city’s most prominent attractions; it’s a prestigious building filled with lavish furniture and stunning marble statues. Tours of this theatre are available and are a must-try during your stay. The National Museum of Costa Rica is another of San Jose’s attractions and one of its many museums; the museum gives visitors insight into Costa Rica’s history and culture. The Jade Museum is another city museum with the world’s largest collection of Pre-Columbian jade. Another large Pre-Columbian collection is that of gold found at the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum. La Paz Waterfall Garden is a wonderful natural site in San Jose; it features a natural waterfall and a huge range of attractions that include a butterfly garden, a bird sanctuary, and a trout lake among other animal enclosures. San Jose is home to several coffee plantations and taking a hike through one is considered a staple activity during your trip to the city. La Chimba Coffee Plantation is a fairly easy hike that takes you to the viewpoint which is shaped like a hand and offers stunning views from above. Art fans would enjoy their time at The Museum of Costa Rican Art, which is an indoor and outdoor museum featuring paintings, sculptures, engravings, and photographs. A must-visit place in San Jose is its Central Market, which houses several vendors and food stalls you could shop at or grab a bite from. The Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the best parks in Costa Rica; it’s a jungle paradise on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, where you can swim, hike, or enjoy wildlife sightings. These barely scratch the surface of what San Jose has to offer, be sure to go on the various city tours offered there and check out all of the city’s hidden gems during your stay!

Nearby Student Accommodation in Costa Rica

Casita has several options for student accommodation in San Jose in close proximity to the city’s universities and institutions. Additionally, we have a range of options for student accommodation in Costa Rica’s other cities, including La Fortuna, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, Monteverde, Nosara, Puerto Viejo, San Pedro, Santa Teresa, and Tamarindo.