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Student Accommodation Puerto Viejo

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Once you get accepted to study at a Puerto Viejo university or institution, your next step should be to find a place to live there. This is where Casita comes in! Casita helps students secure their ideal accommodation in various cities across the globe. Our teams of accommodation experts and 24-hour multilingual support are here to help you find the perfect student accommodation in Puerto Viejo that best suits your needs.

Why Book Student Accommodation in Puerto Viejo?

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, simply known as Puerto Viejo, is a coastal town in the Limon Province in southeastern Costa Rica. The town is known for having some of the best beaches in Costa Rica, including Playa Negra and Playa Chiquita. Puerto Viejo is also widely known in the surfing community, as it’s home to the biggest and most powerful wave in Costa Rica, the Salsa Brava. The town is close to San Jose, which makes the commute to and from the city an easy feat by bus. 

Universities in Puerto Viejo

Casita has a range of options for student accommodation in Puerto Viejo near the city’s most renowned universities and institutions. Below are some of the available options you can check out and choose from!

University College of Limon (CUNLIMON)

  • Casita has an option for student accommodation in Puerto Viejo close to this university.

  • Veragua Rainforest and Cahuita National Park are among this university’s nearby attractions.

Educational Centre San Marcos de Limón

  • There is a student accommodation option offered by Casita near this institution.

  • Catedral Sagrado Corazón de Jesús is one of the institution's surrounding attractions. 

Student Life in Puerto Viejo

When you move to a new city to pursue an education, you often find yourself wondering about what it would be like to live there. That’s why we’re here to answer some of the questions you might have about student life in Puerto Viejo.

Is Puerto Viejo Worth it?

Despite being a relatively small town, Puerto Viejo is full of places to visit and activities to participate in. The town is definitely worth the visit if you’re looking for a place to relax while you enjoy nature. Puerto Viejo is a surfing centre in the Caribbean and is known for its stunning beaches, some of which are said to be the best in the country. Chocolate tours, wildlife preservation centres, and several water-related activities are among the things you can do in Puerto Viejo as well. The town also has local markets, eateries, and cafes where you can shop or grab a bite. 

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Puerto Viejo?

Puerto Viejo is a rather affordable town. The average cost of living in Puerto Viejo for a student or a single person is around 600 EUR per month, this should cover living essentials like food, transportation, utilities, and maybe even accommodation provided you get a good and affordable deal.

Transportation in Puerto Viejo 

There are several ways in which you can get around in Puerto Viejo. Since it’s a small touristy town where cars and vehicles, in general, make way for pedestrians, most people opt for getting around the city on foot. Bikes are also a preferred means of transportation in Puerto Viejo. They’re more practical than walking and tend to help people get around faster and with ease. Additionally, most hotels and local shops rent bikes for about $10 a day. Cars are also available and can be rented through different spots across town. Puerto Viejo has an official taxi service, where the cars are red and marked with a yellow triangle on the door. Taxis are widely available in Puerto Viejo and have relatively reasonable fares, but you have to agree on a fare before riding as they don’t use a metre. There’s a public bus service as well that helps take passengers from one town to another within the surrounding area.

Must-Visit Place in Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo, though a small and quaint town, has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, waterside activities, wildlife, adventures, and overall worthwhile experiences. The town is known for its numerous beautiful beaches, as well as the activities you can do there, the rainforests you can visit, and the wildlife you can get acquainted with. Puerto Viejo has a number of beaches that attract tourists from all over, including Punta Uva, which is a white-sand beach with surrounding palm trees and stunning scenery, and Playa Puerto Viejo, which is a small and quaint beach with natural rock pools and several activities for you to partake in. The Jaguar Rescue Centre is one of Puerto Viejo’s most notable attractions; this wildlife preserve houses several species of animals who have been hurt or injured and are in need of temporary or permanent homes. The centre has regularly scheduled tours where visitors get to see different animals, including sloths, birds, monkeys, and a margay cat, among other fascinating creatures. Cahuita National Park is a must-visit destination in Puerto Viejo; this is a protected area with a rain forest, a beach, and a coral reef. You can hike, cycle, or ride a bus through the park and get to enjoy its wonderful views and the wildlife creatures that live there. There are plenty of tours you can go on in the town, including a bike tour where you can cycle along the town’s palm-lined streets, its beaches, and get to experience the relaxed atmosphere of Puerto Viejo. You can also go on a Chocolate tour, where you can learn about the town’s cacao growing history as well as the process of making chocolate from scratch. There are also several activities you can partake in during your stay at Puerto Viejo, including surfing, as the town is known for being a surfing hub, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.  

Nearby Student Accommodation in Costa Rica

Casita has several options for student accommodation in Puerto Viejo in close proximity to the city’s universities and institutions. Additionally, we have a range of options for student accommodation in Costa Rica’s other cities, including La Fortuna, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, Monteverde, Nosara, San Jose, San Pedro, Santa Teresa, and Tamarindo.