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The Guardian Best UK Universities 2022

clock iconCreated At:22 September, 2021
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Recently The Guardian released its new rankings! The Guardian methodology of ranking the UK universities is still mostly the same; however, some tweaks have been made, therefore, the universities ranking has changed from the previous version of 2021. The methodology is based upon these metrics; entry standards, student-staff ratio, expenditure per student, continuation, and student satisfaction.

In 2021, competing with St Andrews University, the University of Cambridge was at the 3rd place on the list; however, in the 2022 ranking, it made it to 2nd place. One of England's smallest cities, Loughborough, comes in 10th place after being 7th on the 2021 ranking. Despite being a small city, Loughborough is highly known for its fine education and top-notch university. 

Needless to say, the University of Oxford holds 1st place on the list in both the 2021 and 2022 ranking. UCL has shown a great improvement in the 2022 ranking, climbing up from the 14th to the 9th this year. Another one like Glyndwr University has jumped from 107th place to 66th place. Universities ranking last include the University of Bedfordshire holding its 121st place.  Furthermore, the University of Aberdeen has stood still in 20th place in both 2021 and 2022 rankings.  


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