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Sheffield Student Room Report - Casita 2021

clock iconCreated At:15 April, 2021
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India is the top international source market for students attending university in Sheffield, according to data from Casita. The data also found that on average the cost of student accommodation in Sheffield for international students was £112 per week.

The research showed that Indian students (26%) were the top international student demographic in the city of Sheffield, followed by Taiwan (13%) and Malaysia (8.65%). A full list of the top 5 countries can be seen below.

Report 2021

Casita used data from international students of several countries including India, Thailand, China, Taiwan and Egypt, across all major university cities in the UK. 

The research also looked at the average weekly room spend in Sheffield as a breakdown of the international student’s home country. 

Report 2021

Sheffield also came 4th on the list for average weekly spend on student accommodation, from Casita’s confirmed bookings. 

Report 2021

Casita also released interesting information regarding the breakdown of room types that students chose. Data from all bookings showed that 50.9% of bookings were for an En-suite room, 38.60% were for a studio room and 1.37% were for a twin room. 

All of the findings highlighted above are per the data of Casita and is in no way representative of the wider student accommodations market.

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