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One Liner 

Casita is a student accommodation marketplace with more than 1 million rooms in Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, the USA and the UK. 

Company Description

Casita is a dedicated student accommodation marketplace aiming to satisfy the needs of both students and parents. With more than 1 million rooms in Europe, Asia, Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK, Casita prides itself on its unique services and abilities. We offer multiple support services for students, including insurance and student loans and travel services. Our multilingual experts have managed to help thousands of students travel and find their perfect student home. 

Management Team

Casita is managed by 3 directors, Leigh Pulford, Mostafa Elaghil, and Arjun Lahiri. All the directors have more than 20 years of experience in the education, finance, marketing and technology sectors, which is why the company excels in its educational partnerships, technology developments and accommodation services. 

Learn more on Casita.com or follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. 

  • 100% Free Service 

  • 24/7 Multilingual Customer Support 

  • 1 Million Rooms 

  • 52 Countries

  • Complimentary Services

  • Easy booking

  • Close to campus

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