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0.9% Drop in Non-EU Undergraduate Enrollments

clock iconCreated At:27 September, 2023
write iconCreated By:Allaa Ashraf

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New data from UCAS in the UK reveals a slight decline in the acceptance of international students for undergraduate programmes in the upcoming academic year. 

The total of 50,860 accepted international students from outside the EU represents a 0.9% decrease compared to the 51,290 students accepted last year. EU student numbers have also marginally dropped to 10,610 from 10,910 in the previous year, continuing a trend that began after the UK decided to leave the EU. 

Irish students, who still enjoy home fee status and UK funding, reached a record number of 2,560 applicants accepted through UCAS. China and India had the highest number of accepted applicants among non-EU countries, with 15,180 and 4,960 students, respectively. 

While these figures represent a decrease from the previous year, the total of 50,860 international students is a 25% increase compared to 2019. Other countries with over 1,000 students accepted include Hong Kong, Malaysia, the US, the UAE, Singapore, Canada, and Nigeria. For the first time, more than 1,000 students from Turkey (1,020) have been accepted into undergraduate courses through UCAS. 

Prior to the release of A-level results in August, concerns were raised that UK students might face increased competition for places due to rising numbers of international students.

The latest data reveals that most international student growth has occurred at the postgraduate-taught level, contrasting with the undergraduate level. 

UCAS's Interim CEO, Sander Kristel, reported that a record-breaking 38,140 UK students secured places through Clearing, with a significant number choosing study options later in the cycle. 

Kristel also pointed out that these numbers highlight the continued global appeal of UK higher education and signify a return to regular growth patterns following the surge in demand witnessed during the pandemic.

To sum up, while 270,350 UK 18-year-old students have been accepted onto courses, there has been a slight decline of 1.8% compared to 2022 but a substantial increase of 12.9% compared to 2019, as noted by UCAS.


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