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Why to Never Study in Glasgow

Why to Never Study in Glasgow
Created By: Ola Elwassifyon 27 March, 2019

One of the most famous universities in Glasgow is the University of  Glasgow. University of Glasgow study abroad reviews show high student-satisfaction rate. University of Glasgow postgraduates and University of Glasgow international students have agreed on having the best experience of being a student in Glasgow.

Glasgow student-life is full of cultural, historical and rather entertaining experiences. But why should you never study in Glasgow?

1.  If You Don’t Like Friendly People

Glasgow is famous for being one of the UK's friendliest cities. You can talk to cappies and passersby about the weather or ask about directions if you're lost. It's daunting if you're away from home, but Glasgow makes you feel less homesick.

2.  If You Hate Green Spaces

Away from being London's shopping, nightlife and culture competitor, Glasgow has less population but more green spaces to enjoy its weather and soak in the sunshine.

3.  If You're Not into Festivals

Glasgow has a different festival every month. from small to medium-sized and even huge ones, many of which are free to attend. The most popular ones are the Glasgow Film Festival, the West End Festival and the International Festival of Visual Art. Every March, there’s the Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

4.  If You Don't Want Higher Salaries

Did you know that student graduates have higher salaries according to the Higher Education Statics Agency HESA? The lowest rates of employment are there, too.

5.  If Great Transport Connections Scare You

From Glasgow Airport to The Clockwork Orange, Glasgow will never fail to meet your expectations. It's the 3rd oldest underground metro system in the world. Go figure!

Subway in Glasgow

Why Glasgow?

A sporting city, fantastic shopping experience, breathtaking nature, lively music scene, Scottish culture, Glasgow has it all. It has some tempting athletic-academic paths as well. There are over 130,000 students and 5,000 HE academic staff living there. From arts, dance and healthcare, to engineering, medicine, and business, Glasgow students are learning and prospering, creating such an inspirational city. University of Glasgow campus welcomes international and local students and there’re colleges in Glasgow for international students.

Our Glasgow university accommodation are modern and affordable, and located near the universities and has great transport links.

How’s your visit to Glasgow? Tell us about your Glasgow student experience.

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