Why should you apply for a student exchange program?

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Samir Badawy

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28 November, 2022

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Applying for a student exchange program is a perfect step for self-development. Many universities worldwide provide the opportunity to apply for student exchange programs and facilitate the process. Many universities also have global partnerships with universities throughout the world. So if you’ve ever had the opportunity to do so, it would unlock great benefits.

At Casita, the student housing company we can assist you in your search for the perfect student accommodation in your next exchange program destination. With over 60 different countries and many partners, we have multiple rooms for your requirements. Our staff is also multilingual and well-experienced, providing a smooth and stress-free experience from when you enquire until you get your room keys.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should apply for a student exchange program:

 student exchange program

Experiencing New Cultures:  

Studying abroad will consist of immersing yourself in new cultures and ways of life you weren’t accustomed. This experience opens your eyes to things you might not have known before and adds to your overall experience and personality. You can try to learn a new language, take part in the new culture’s events, and learn from a brand-new lifestyle. The new experience will give you a more open mind and a readiness to meet new people and different cultures. Experiencing new cultures is a fun experience, as every culture is unique and comes with its traditions, customs, and quirks.

Making Friends and a Global Network:

Making friends is one of the highlights of your exchange experience as it introduces you to people from all over the world who may not necessarily be similar to you but, at the same time, will share something in common. It allows you to open up not just to your host country’s culture but also to the many cultures that your friends have. These new friendships lead to memorable experiences, fun exchanges, and a global network of friends that can later help you in your personal and professional life.

 student exchange program benefits

Becoming More Flexible and Building up Endurance:

At first, assimilating into a new culture can lead to a culture shock, but do not worry, as it is perfectly normal. This culture shock usually happens because your usual way of life has changed, and you’ll have to adapt to new people, systems, and cultures. This assimilation builds up resilience and flexibility. As soon as you know it, you’ll find yourself accustomed to this new environment, especially if you’ve made new local friends who will show you around. Ultimately, we are all unique, so embrace your uniqueness while exploring new ways of living and cultures. After your exchange experience, you’ll find yourself quickly adapting to any unfamiliar situation as you’ve once done.

Experiencing New Learning Styles:

Each country and university has its learning style and system; this is especially useful as you may think and study in ways you aren’t typically accustomed to. Education abroad opens your mind to new thought processes, which can be a great skill later on. It also helps you adapt to new ways of thinking, which will help you later in your workplace.

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Upgrade your CV!

Candidates applying for jobs with international exposure are more likely to get picked for a position as it sets them apart from other candidates. As mentioned, students with international exposure are more resilient, adaptable and open-minded, which are all valuable skills to have in the workplace, especially in multinational companies.

Explore More Than One Country! 

Applying for a student exchange program allows you to travel to neighbouring countries to the country you’re studying in. Countries that were once far from your homeland can now be more accessible, and this is an excellent opportunity to explore these new places. So start building up a bucket list of all the nearby countries you’ll love visiting and start going on new adventures. Some countries, especially in the EU, have the Schengen agreement, which allows free travel in any of the member countries, which means that you do not have to issue a visa to visit these countries if you obtain a residency card.

At Casita, the student housing company, we encourage you to experience education abroad and apply for a student exchange program if given the chance. This experience not only gets you exposed to a different culture, but also gives you an array of valuable skills and long-lasting connections. As soon as you apply for a student exchange program, we'll support you through our multilingual and knowledgeable staff and make use of our 24/7 free service.


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