6 Things You Should Know Before Studying Abroad

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Ola Elwassify

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06 March, 2020

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Studying abroad is becoming more and more popular because our world now highly appreciates employees who have international experience. Studying abroad helps you with learning new languages, understanding other cultures, and overcoming the challenges of living in another country. But there’re some things you should know before studying abroad, and we’ve gathered them for you below:

1. How to Work While Studying

Part-time jobs

Working while studying is not easy, but not impossible either. If you’re giving it a thought, or if you have to make some cash while studying abroad, you better start digging from now. First, you need to know how many hours your university is allowing its students to work. You also need to take a look at the CV format accepted in the country you’re studying in. Then, you can do some research on the job openings in the city you’re going to. If you think you can only work in summers, so be it. Read our Benefits of Summer Student Work Experience blog article to learn more.

2. Student Rooms’ Types

Since this is what we actually do, we’ve mentioned it a lot before. It’s beyond doubt that knowing all student room types before booking your student accommodation helps a lot in the process of booking your room. Also, deciding on which room type suits you best is not a thing any student accommodation expert could help you with. What our accommodation experts can do is let you understand what’s the difference between single rooms, en-suites, and studios, as well as cluster student flats. If you’re trying to find a place with your best friend, a twin student room might be a good option, but if you’re a group of friends a shared student flat could be a better choice. If you’d like to know more about Casita student rooms, read our Secrets of Choosing Your Perfect Student Room blog article.

3. Opening Your Student Bank Account

Apply for a student bank

One of the most important things to consider when moving to study abroad is opening a bank account that you will use every day. It can be used for international money transactions, paying your bills, and managing your student accommodation payments. Consider opening a bank account with easy student banking services, seamless internet banking, easy-to-download apps and other international student benefits. If you’re in the UK, read our Best International Student Bank Accounts in the UK blog to learn about the best banks. If you’re in Australia, go for Best Student Banks in Australia blog.

4. Managing Your Time is the Key

Time Management Skills

You need to avoid missing a deadline for an assignment because you are busy with other tasks or getting a less score than you deserve for a project you worked so hard for. To be honest, these situations are pretty common in college, and to stray away from them; you need to manage your time effectively. Opt from cramming, not getting enough sleep, and saying ‘yes’ to everything that crosses your way. Learn when to say ‘no’, when to take a break and when to adjust your plan, so it suits any new assignments that pop up. Read our Time Management Tips & Tricks blog article to learn more.

5. Rules & Regulations of the Country You’re Going to

As an international student, you might not fully understand the new set of rules and regulations of the country you’re going to study in. General street rules and regulations are the first thing you should search for, depending of course on the type of transportation you’ll be mostly using. For example, if you’re a cycler and you’re going to study in Melbourne, Australia, you might need to do some research cycling lanes, rules, and street signs in the city. The second set of rules you should look up are general living rules, like noise rules and the sort. To learn more about rules and regulations, read our UK and Australia common rules and regulations blog articles. 

6. Decide on Your Next Step

Let’s face it, we all try to skip it, escape from it, or delay it, but it’s inevitable. Whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate one abroad, deciding on your next step will shape your current studying years and direct you to the right path. This will keep you in control, proactive, having a sense of achievement every step along the way, and enhance your creativity. When you know what you want, you not only stick to the plan but also build on it and find hundreds of way of implementing it with a lot of benefits and outcomes.


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